(Out of) Office Apropos: 7 Ensembles We Wore While WFH This Week

Spring is finally here, and in New York, you can feel it in the air—even if only when you’re poking your head out your apartment window. Blossoms are dotting tree branches that were bare all winter, each day lasts a little longer than the previous one: bright spots during a strange and difficult time.

One constant? A new season means a new installment of Office Apropos. Of course, we’re not in the office right now—so, below, six Team MR members share what they wore while working from home on Monday. (Next week, we’ll discuss what the rest of the team have been wearing while OOO, so keep your peepers peeled for that.)


A couple summers ago, I wrote about the outfits I wear to go out and get my morning coffee, knighting them among the best things I wear. It occurred to me sometime this weekend that stay-home-but-take-selfies-and-publish-them fashion basically calls for the same style cues—they’re fleeting and inconvenient and relatively impractical to the extent that they don’t hold up if you’re spending too much time outdoors. On the flip side, they’re very comfortable—the essence of getting half-dressed. So as I continue to ease into finding myself through my style in the washing machine of my jumbled feelings, I’m landing on this how-to-dress formula that might even trump the old way. That’s a silver lining, right? Here’s looking for more.


I went on a walk at 6:25 a.m. this morning in my pajamas. I saw one person, about twenty-feet away from me, which I was thankful about for reasons beyond the fact I was in my pajamas. The difference between pajamas and day clothes is beginning to blur so much that when I do get dressed, it feels like a small win. Getting dressed, even just to take a selfie or have a video call (which I don’t always do, sorry coworkers) simply keeps the muscles moving in the shit I own. And in my creative brain! Today I had two video calls and did floor exercises in front of my mirror, so I saw myself and I wanted to see ME, not a shell of me wearing mismatched pajamas to avoid my building’s communal laundry room. When I put on something as simple as a headscarf or necklace, I’m legitimately happier all day. And right now, seasons don’t matter as much, so I can wear items like I did here (shorts and a sweater) with added said headscarf and necklace as if it’s a perfect 72-degree day of Office Apropos when I didn’t even realize the value of a sidewalk photo.


Zara shirt, Levi's jeans, tie-dye socks—similar hereZara shirt, Levi's jeans, tie-dye socks—similar here

This is the first time I’ve worn jeans in over a week, and you know what, it feels really good! Like I’m strapped in and ready for Monday morning. Some rigidness to whip me into shape for the week. The good thing about staying in, though, is that I’ve only had to do up one button on this shirt. I’ve also thrown on some different earrings today, which feels like a nice change. And these socks, you ask? These I tie-dyed with my own two hands at a Man Repeller event last summer. What initially looked like a right mess has now manifested into some mood-lifting footwear.


I’m tired of dressing in sweats (for today). I’ve been the one on every Google Hangout with her hair splayed in a knotted bun, no bra, and a ratty T-shirt from my PJ drawer, stained with lunch. It was time to give the work week the dignity it deserves. I opted for the softest denim in my closet (scored this pair from Poshmark) and wore it with a tank top and STILL NO BRA! (My mom is mad. “Keep the girls up,” she always said.) Anyway, I’ve really been feeling spring on all my long walks, seeing the cherry blossoms open early for us and the snow-white Callery pear trees lining the streets in Park Slope. I’ve had this floral quilted blazer in my closet for months and finally felt inclined to wear it. I put blush on my cheeks and washed and combed my hair. Added a clashing sock. I’m comfy all day, and somewhat professional. A win-win-win during a series of days that never feel like wins.


Today I’m doing a version of what Harling dubbed “google hangouts couture”: properly dressed up top, sweats on the bottom. The shirt is from Kwaidan Editions, a London-based brand I have an unhealthy obsession with. In my very humble opinion, the husband-and-wife duo are helping to fill the “interesting clothes for adult women” void left by Phoebe Philo.

After months lusting after this collection, I pulled the trigger when this shirt went on sale on Net-A-Porter. (I was missing smart, work-appropriate tops.) The shirt arrived as we were all heading out to WFH, so it’s been lifting my mood while it awaits its debut in the MR office.


Mango bell bottoms -- similar here, Extra Vitamins T-shirtMango bell bottoms -- similar here, Extra Vitamins T-shirt

I’ve been trying to keep things simple—the less I wear, the less I have to wash. After lounging in pajamas for a whole week, I decided I needed to properly get dressed to feel like a human again. I’m also itching for spring—so I felt my outfit should reflect that eagerness. Bright on top of bright! These are one of my favorite pairs of jeans because they’re so stretchy and never lose their shape, even when I’m sitting cross-legged on the couch, hunched over my computer. As for the top—another favorite—I’ve recently become obsessed with long-sleeve T-shirts and insist on wearing them for every occasion. In fact, I’ve worn almost this exact outfit out dancing—true duality in a time of crisis.


Vintage tie-dye T-shirt—similar here, vintage knit tunic—similar here, vintage Fair Isle vest—similar here, hand-dyed bike shorts—similar here, Roxanne Assoulin necklaceVintage tie-dye T-shirt—similar here, vintage knit tunic—similar here, vintage Fair Isle vest—similar here, hand-dyed bike shorts—similar here, Roxanne Assoulin necklace

When selecting today’s WFH outfit for quarantine day ~infinity, two guiding principles came to mind: cheery colors and comfort up the wazoo. I began by fashioning my own tie-dye unitard, complete with a vintage long-sleeve tee and coordinated bike shorts from Etsy. I then layered a vintage sleeveless sweater tunic for good measure (i.e. suitable pelvic coverage). To finish, I threw on my prized vintage Fair Isle reversible vest to combat the late-March draftiness and double-wrapped a favorite Roxanne Assoulin necklace as an anklet for extra pizzazz. Foot jewelry = the ultimate sartorial savior when going absolutely nowhere. Ta-da!

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