The Outfit Anatomy of Our Market Editor, Who Basically Shops for a Living

Outfit Anatomy

Welcome to Outfit Anatomy, a series of comprehensive style analyses that aim to break down what we wear by answering questions like: How much did that cost? Where did you find that? Why did you buy it in the first place? Up this week is Elizabeth Tamkin, Market Strategist at Man Repeller.

I wore this on a pretty regular workday last November. As our Market Strategist, I go to a lot of market appointments—sometimes five or more per day. At these appointments, different designers or publicists or showroom runners walk me through new collections. I take pictures to send back to the team and when we’re styling shoots, we review them to determine whether any of what I’ve seen fits with the story. On this day, I went to three appointments. I started my day in Midtown, worked my way over to MRHQ, which is just north of Houston Street, then walked to the West Village and TriBeCa for two more appointments before heading to Chinatown for a shoot.

Outfit Anatomy Eliz

Shoes are often the first thing I consider when I’m getting dressed—I prioritize how they look with my outfit over comfort most of the time, but I’m getting better about that. I’ve made the mistake of wearing insane platforms when I know I’m going to be walking a ton, or wearing flats when it’s freezing cold simply because the shoes looked better with the outfit. But I made a sound decision on this day with these Labucq platform penny loafers. They retail for $350, but I got them at a press appointment earlier this season as a gift from the brand. I wear them a few times a week—they are really comfortable, and not just for a heel. They remind me of a school uniform loafer, but with an edge. I only like loafers if the heel is the same color as the body. Something about a single color shoe design looks more thoughtfully crafted to me.

I know I’m actually excited about a garment when outfits start rushing to my head.

The biggest “statement piece” in this outfit is probably my vest, by Miu Miu, from The RealReal. It is two sizes too big but it was $100 with 20% off, so I call it a great marriage between a vest and a duster for my 5’3″ frame. I purchased it right before Fashion Week in September. I’d been on the site doing some market research for a story and I don’t know how long the vest had been online, but I bought it pretty impulsively because I knew I’d have a million ways to wear it—I could see, like, five exact outfits I’d wear with it from my pre-existing closet. I know I’m actually excited about a garment when outfits start rushing to my head. I thought about tailoring it, but I actually love the oversize fit. This is only the second time in my almost five-year career at Man Repeller where I have impulse-purchased an item while doing market research. Both times the purchases were from The RealReal. (The other time was a pair of Chanel boots three years ago. I still own and wear them.)

I’m wearing a tie-dye dress by Cotton Citizen under the vest. I don’t wear it often, but when I do, it’s usually hiked up like this from the side-line drawstrings so it looks like a top.

Outfit Anatomy Eliz

The newest thing I’m wearing are these $69 knit stirrup leggings from COS, I bought them on my phone when they came out in early October because stirrups make a good case for styling leggings over shoes and it was getting cold. They’re insulated so I don’t freeze when I wear them. (This is actually the second time I’ve worn them this week.) My bag is by a brand called For the Ages—it’s a pretty new brand and they only make one style in a bunch of different colors. I don’t wear it a ton because of the delicate fabric. I’m careful with my shoes but for whatever reason have a terribly difficult time keeping bags in good shape.

These cuffs, by Lizzie Fortunato are about a year old. I first saw them on Leandra when I started working at Man Repeller. She would take them off to hike up shirt cuffs on models when she was styling shoots. I usually wear them at the cuff on my blazer to do the same, but I take them off at the office because it’s hard to type with them. I wear two or three of these necklaces almost every day. The pearl one is by Wolf Circus and retails for $160. The gold chain is by a brand called Missoma and retails for just over $200. I was really drawn to the irregular links on it. Both have super-easy clasps which is probably why I wear them both so much. The two-tone necklace is from a brand called 26 Juin; I love that it goes so perfectly with my two-tone watch.

It’s not flashy and it’s modest in size—two characteristics I appreciate in an everyday item.

This watch, by the way, is easily the oldest item I’m wearing, which I’ve owned for the longest. It’s probably 30 years old—my dad gave it to my mom after they moved from New York City to Toronto–where I was eventually born–for his job. It’s not flashy and it’s modest in size—two characteristics I appreciate in an everyday item. My mom wore it for probably 25 years before giving it to me. When I see it on my wrist I imagine it on hers, peeking out of a sweater set or shirt. She wore it for all occasions. My mom is so powerful and smart and loving and she is always–always–right. Wearing it makes me feel really safe. I wear it every single day and have to reset it every morning because it’s manual. Very old school, but worth it for the sentimentality.

Outfit Anatomy Eliz

The sunglasses are by Apercu. They’re connected to a chain by DONNI. I feel like wearing sunglasses with a chain became a thing in 2017 when Leandra introduced me to a Lucy Folk style. She was into it briefly, but it’s become a staple of my look. This thick chain reminds me of the Gucci chain for the 2020 Spring runway, ka-ching. I wear these with the chain most days–rain or shine. Sunglasses are a comfort for me: they’re like a mask. I think I use them the way a lot of people use makeup–they distract from the physical characteristics that I’m not at peace with, like having tired eyes or pimples.

I measure my love for my belongings by how sad I’d be if I lost them, and though I really like all the “fluff” pieces I’m wearing: the shoes, the jewelry, the sunglasses + chain, I’d survive if they disappeared. The core of the outfit–the leggings and shirt-turned-dress–could be swapped out for a million other items but if the vest or watch were to go missing, I’d be really bummed. I guess because it’s not about what they are but what they represent–my mom on the one hand, and the thrill of my hustle, on the other. As told to Leandra Medine.

Photos by Joshua Aronson

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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