The Best Sparkly Jewelry to Wear This Holiday Season

When Emily pitched the idea of photographing jewels alongside Jell-O I had an immediate gut reaction of pure and unadulterated joy. Upon unpacking said gut reaction I came to the following set of conclusions:

1. My maximalist tendencies are such that when I hear the word “jewels” I immediately feel delighted no matter what the context.

2. I haven’t thought much about Jell-O since watching the very first episode of The Office in which beloved prankster Jim Halpert fossilizes his nemesis Dwight Schrute’s stapler inside a big, wobbly, yellow mold of it.

3. I haven’t consumed Jell-O since college whereupon I was introduced to the phenomenon known as the Jell-O shot, and to be honest I haven’t been tempted to consume it ever again.

Looking at it, though, is a different experience entirely. It’s such an eye treat — all soft and wobbly and glistening, like the underside of my left bicep fresh out of the shower.

I’m not sure who actually eats Jell-O as a casual and voluntary snack these days, but I think it will always retain some appeal on the basis of kitschy sophistication, much like bejeweled accessories do. There is a great deal of pleasure to be had in frosting yourself with something so ostentatious, so over-the-top, that your appendages look like serving trays for a dessert so out of vogue it’s in vogue.

Said pleasure is especially relevant this time of year when the holiday season’s mood-cocktail is brewing in the fat cauldron of drugstore aisles, store windows, West Village stoops and music playlists alike, and really all you want to do is lean hard into the atmosphere. There’s no easier way to do so, sartorially at least, than via jewelry that literally sparkles.

I always find myself entering magpie mode in the week following Thanksgiving. If you feel the same, please enjoy this selection of spectacularly splashy baubles, curated by Elizabeth and hyped by yours truly for ultimate party season satisfaction.

As for the Jell-O? I dare you.

Market by Elizabeth Tamkin; Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Creative Direction by Emily Zirimis.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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