Penn Badgley Got Married Again; Is Even Less Lonely Now

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You know what they say about Lonely Boys: they’re so nice, you better marry them twice. Fortunately for all of us, Domino Kirke, legal partner to Lonely Boy kingpin Dan Humphrey (née Penn Badgley), took heed of this ancient adage and engaged in a second wedding ceremony over the weekend.

If you will recall, Domino and Dan got surprise married for the first time on Monday, February 27th, 2017 in a Brooklyn courthouse. It was a low-key affair with the teeny-tiniest of restaurant receptions to follow. The bride wore an understated, above-the-knee lace dress. The groom wore a midnight blue suit. The vegan, gluten-free cake wore large figs and very little frosting. It was all very casual and hush-hush and not a single rep responded for commentary.

The internet still exploded the next day though, because what else is a good little internet supposed to do when a once-lonely boy finds the doula wife of his dreams and the only media coverage we get are a couple of cryptic instagrams dispatched from a frustratingly intimate guest list?

Left with no other choice, we contented ourselves with the limited instagrams and the lack of proper wedding hashtag protocol and took comfort in the knowledge that Serena van der Woodsen didn’t show up and light the cake figs on fire.

And lo, we were rewarded for our patience. This past weekend, Lonely Boy and Domino Kirke re-tied the knot. The affair was decidedly high-key, and the guest list was much less intimate. Attendees included Zac Posen, Mariska Hargitay, Debra Messing and Heidi Klum.

“You only get married twice, once,” Kirke captioned a shot of her doubly rendered husband at the ceremony — a playful twist on the aforementioned ancient saying.

In keeping with the doubled-up nature of the occasion, she wore two wedding dresses this time around — one for the actual ceremony, and another for the after-party. Both were floor-length — the first, a white, gauzy number with a long train and a matching head piece worthy of Carrie Bradshaw’s most stressful romantic kerfuffle, and the second, a cafe au lait gown fit for a Shakespearean fairy queen. According to secret sources, the flower girl, Domino’s niece Rafa, wore a white suit with red cowboy boots that matched the roses intertwined in the couple’s ethereal-looking chuppah.

I’m personally advocating for a Gossip Girl spin-off and/or reality TV show following the lives and marriages of Lonely Boy and Domino Kirke, loosely titled Dan Humphrey’s Love Life: A Domino Effect, but I’m still waiting for the CW network to get back to me.

Harling Ross

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