In Which I Offer to Be Your Personal Shopper Today

Let Me Do Your Personal Shopping

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Leandra likes to say I shop for a living, and I kind of do: sometimes my job is to find best-ever basics (t-shirts, leggings, loafers) and other times the requests are more specific, like, “the best high-waisted trousers that don’t run too long and have notches in the front.” Most recently, I was asked to find: summer cardigans, fancy button-down pjs that “don’t cost $500 to look like Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek,” short pajamas in a similar style, and an upgraded pair of sunglasses round/cat eye. And the hunting was pretty fruitful:

Lately, as I find myself shopping less frequently and more thoughtfully than ever, and with considerable downtime to kill, I’ve been able to tick a few “white whale” items off of longterm shopping list. That’s been pretty satisfying. So now I’d like to extend that service to you: Tell me about something you’ve been trying to find in the comments, and I’ll find it for you. You can specify price points, materials, sizing—whatever you want, there is no request too specific. The personal shopping assistance will be free for you and a load of joy for me.

If you want a taste before you commit, see here for the answers I gave to some shopping questions posed on Twitter, or check out our shopping newsletter, which solves a specific dilemma every Tuesday.

At your service below, my friends.

Photos by Edith Young.

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