Shop With Me in the Comments (and Over Video Call!)

Shopping for the MR Community

For “Whatever You Want” week, I’d like to hang out inside your closet, if you don’t mind. Consider this fantasy an extension of the comment section underneath this story, where I had the pleasure of assisting MR readers with a litany of shopping inquiries, from the perfect big-boob-friendly red one-piece swimsuit to tapestry loafers you can wear at home.

I had so much fun, I’m doing it again, so feel free to leave shopping requests in the comments. Here are three questions to answer if you do:

  1. What are you looking for? (Send me a link to something similar, an inspo image, a description, etc.)
  2. Are there any challenges or specifications I should keep in mind? (Price, sizing, material, etc.)
  3. What’s one word that describes how you want to feel when wearing this item?

Keep checking back to see my response! I’ll be answering all week.

Here’s something new, though: I’m also extending my services beyond the comments–which is where the aforementioned closet hangout comes in–with styling tips and wardrobe curation advice via video call. During a 30-minute session, we’ll go through your closet together, focusing on items you wear often but want to bring new energy to, and items that are neglected but you’d love to wear more. I’ll suggest some styling ideas on the call, and within 10 days of the appointment, I’ll also send you a packet of shopping links to items you might like to round things out, with a focus on Black-owned businesses.

The first five people to ask for a video session in the comments will get one for zero-point-zero dollars. Be sure to include your IG handle (or email if you prefer) and I’ll get in touch to schedule it.

Can’t wait to hang!

Update for Tuesday, 7/7: In Solidarity with Blackout Tuesday, today I will exclusively suggesting Black-owned brands for all shopping suggestions in this story. —Elizabeth

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