We Obsessively Categorized All the Podcasts You Recommended

Most addicting podcasts graphic

Listening to a podcast often falls at the very end of my to-do list, somewhere between taking off my chipped nail polish and checking my inbox for DSW promo codes. I should probably go listen to Democracy Now or something, is a thought that often plays at the fringes of my mind, usually right before I do anything else. Something about the podcasting world–the sheer abundance of podcasts out there, maybe, or the gratuitous way they can be name-dropped in conversations–makes the barrier to entry feel deceptively high to me. But I know it only takes one good story, host, or topic to get sucked in. I just need to find the right one.

A couple months ago, in the interest of making the podcasting world more approachable, and in order to cut through the aforementioned noise, Harling asked the Man Repeller community to help her compile a list of the most addicting podcasts. And 240 comments later, we commissioned the following infographic based on your suggestions. If you’ve felt a little wayward like me, I can confirm the below will offer you a healthy head start. (If you’re reading on your phone, just pinch to zoom, and feel free to save the whole image to your camera roll for life-long perusing.)

Happy listening!

podcast infographic

Infographic and feature graphic by Alyssa Frazier. Research by Medgina Saint-Elien.

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