In partnership with Ralph Lauren

What Your Sweater Says About You (Literally)

In partnership with Ralph Lauren

I always thought mood rings were a bit limiting. The moods they claimed to express ranged from Happy to In Love to Sad to Mad, otherwise known as a trajectory of my former dating life in NYC, and once that stone ran through its limits of emotional intelligence it inevitably, always, settled on a permanent eggplant brown, never to predict a mood beyond “blah” again.

Which is why I much prefer sweaters to do the mood-telling for me. MR partnered with my true and forever life aesthetic brand, POLO Ralph Lauren, to celebrate the launch of its Custom Shop and all-new Custom Crewneck Sweater for the 2017 holiday season, and let me tell you: While customizing a sweater is key so that you don’t lose it in the pile of knits that’s sure to end up on the couch of your best friend’s festive party (WHY. DOES HER. APARTMENT. GET. SO. HOT. AND WHY. DOES SHE. REFUSE TO OPEN WINDOWS?), it’s also a fantastic way to showcase your mood, as the kids on the internet say.

For example…


When you don’t want to bare your soul but need to let the world know about your star sign just in case it helps your Secret Santa figure out what gift to get you and/or the host of a holiday dinner with strict place settings know where in the galaxy of personalities to seat you.

Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Crewneck Sweater styled with Roxanne Assoulin necklaces as belt and Mimilore earrings, Ralph Lauren sunglasses and Walk of Shame sequin dressPolo Ralph Lauren Custom Crewneck Sweater styled with Roxanne Assoulin necklaces as belt and Mimilore earrings, Ralph Lauren sunglasses and Walk of Shame sequin dress

Keep it simple on the front (in POLO’s Custom Shop online, just delete all the letters that appear by default) and let the back do the talking. The font, style and choice of color is all yours, you celestial wild card. (This is your choice too, but I added white cuffs for a little bit of snow-dipped detail.)

Alternative emotions: Business in the front, party in the back, human disco ball. Yes those are moods. I told you that ring was limiting!


When you want to make a bold statement, you’re feeling post-collegiate, but don’t want anyone to ask you about your future and you want to rep your Gen Z status (even if you’re technically a Gen-X or Y-er).

Emblazon a massive letter on the front — one that claims a generation by the alphabet or not — and really wear your heart on your chest. Make the sleeves two-tone for added interest. Pair it with funky paints and a leopard print coat to make it “not so literal.” (You already know!)

And finally…


When you want to let the world know your initials, the monogram of your favorite human, or want to confuse ’em with two arbitrary letters that you chose on the whim of your desires, just because you can…but you also still planned to wear a dress that day.

Use the POLO Custom Shop (online and exclusively at the Ralph Lauren Prince Street store) to stitch a few letters at the stage-right or center on the bow of your sweater, wear your dress over it and then adjust the (in this case, suede) window accordingly.

The best part about Polo’s Custom Crewneck Sweater is that they have a way of adjusting to your million moods with millions* of design combinations (variety: sartorial and emotional) without needing to change a thing once you customize them. You could call it magic, I guess! ‘Tis the season, after all.

Don’t forget, elves! You can create your own Custom Crewneck Sweater online or at the Ralph Lauren Prince Street Store (109 Prince Street, NY, NY, 10012), where The Custom Shop will be open throughout the holiday season. We just had a community event there where MR friends came and made their own sweaters, so maybe you guys can have a chat in the comments and match? The good news is your sweaters will be monogrammed so you’ll know whose is whose.

*I’m being a little dramatic but there are a lot of options.

Photos by Edith Young; Modeled by Urvashi Umrao at Elite Model Management; Makeup by Regard Tang. 

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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