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3 Glittering Ways to Wear Makeup With a Mask for Pride

Fluide Pride Beauty Story

It’s near-impossible not to be enamored with the beauty brand We Are Fluide once you’ve acquired the knowledge that they named the color of their sparkly green eyeliner “Area 51.” But whether you already know the names of their products, you’ve probably already seen their ultra-pigmented liquid lipsticks, holographic lip glosses, or 7-free nail polish all over Instagram or on TikTok.

Born into existence in the year 2018, We Are Fluide’s still pretty sprightly in the world of makeup brands, though over the past two years the company has quickly made a name for itself by amplifying young, queer voices, to promote broad definitions of beauty and to inspire others to create their identities on their own terms. Sweetening the deal, all of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, parabens-free and phthalates-free.

2020 is the year of predicaments, and here’s one that the We Are Fluide team is uniquely qualified to address: How do you do your makeup when you have to wear a mask to any sort of a Pride celebration? Their solution, essentially: Smize.

Three members of the Fluide team swooped in with glosses, crayons, liners and glitter for eye-centric makeup: Hawwaa, Priss and Charlie each walked us through their own beauty looks for a Pride month when masks will be claiming a lot of valuable facial real estate. Below, they prove that necessity is the mother of invention (with directions and tips, of course). Just add a mask.

Hawwaa Ibrahim, in a look tailormade for a face shield

Fluide Pride Beauty Story

Hawwaa Ibrahim is a non-binary, queer, Muslim fashion designer. They love makeup that enhances their whimsical wardrobe and releases their inner child.

How to do it yourself:
“To create this look, I started with Liquid Lipstick in Dalston Superstore, and used a blending brush to work it into my crease. I winged it out at the outer corners of my eyes while also lining my undereye with it.

Then I used Liquid Lipstick in Babetown on a smaller blending brush and blended that into the previous color, working it up toward my brow bone and blending it into the inner corner of my undereye as well. After that was blended, I cut my crease using lipgloss in Oasis, and packed the Aura Glitter in Pride onto the gloss.

After that, I lined my eyelids with the Universal Liner in Area 51 and winged it out. I took that same Universal Liner and created fake eyelashes on the bottom of my eyes. I put the lipgloss in Oasis in the inner corners of my eyes for some highlight, and used a small brush to highlight my brow bone with Universal Gloss in Roxy.

For fun: On my lips, I used the Liquid Lipstick in Dalston Superstore, and layered the Oasis Lipgloss on top of it.

To finish off, I highlighted my cheekbones and nose with the Universal Gloss in Roxy.”

Priss Plastic, wielding proof that eyes are the windows to the soul

Fluide Pride Beauty Story

Priss Plastic is an artist, model, and musician originally from North Carolina. They studied studio art at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. Priss uses makeup as a vehicle for self-expression as well as artistic exploration, drawing inspiration from the golden age of disco as well as the aesthetics associated with 80s synth-pop, dream pop, and 90s house music.

How to do it yourself:
“I love love love shimmer and anything that catches light, so I started with the Universal Crayon in Celestial (which has a gorgeous purple holographic effect) and applied it from my inner eye corner to the center of my eyelid.

Then I went over the entire lid with Universal Liner in Crystal Cluster. After that, drawing inspiration from the Trans Pride flag, I applied the Biodegradable Glitter in Pink to my inner corner, Aura Glitter in Silver on my center lid and the Aura Glitter in Eclipse on my outer corner for a shimmering gradient effect.

Lastly I applied Universal Gloss in Elysium and Lip Gloss in Oasis on my cheekbones for a highlight effect.”

Charlie Fletcher, ready to smile with their eyes

Fluide Pride Beauty Story

Originally from Los Angeles, Charlie is a Communications Design major at Parsons in New York City, and loves using makeup as a form of artistic expression.

How to do it yourself:
“I used Universal Gloss in Roxy on my eyelids. Then, to highlight, I applied Aura Glitter in Silver on my eyelids, Universal Liner in Retrogayz, and Lip Gloss in Wet.

I love a bottom eyeliner moment, so I began by sketching out the liner with an orange pencil liner, and then used the Universal Liner in Retrogayz as a topper. I went in with Universal Gloss over my eyelids for a wet, glittery look, but also as a base for the Aura Glitter to stick and stay.

Then, using my fingers, I dabbed Aura Glitter on the outer corner of my eyes and went outwards, elongating and lifting my lids and brows. Glitter is very important when creating a “pride look,” in my opinion—it just takes your look to the next world. I also used Lip Gloss in Wet to top off my lips. This look was super quick and easy to make. It gives me 80s space vibes.

We Are Fluide has taught me that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do makeup. Makeup is simply a form of self-expression. What’s lovely about their products is that they’re universal—they can all be used anywhere with no limits! I love how much We Are Fluide embraces uniqueness and diversity. I strongly believe that there are no rules to beauty—just do whatever feels right.”

We Are Fluide is donating 10% of sales from their Pride collection to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, in recognition of the founders of the Stonewall movement and the Black Trans community, who have contributed so much to Pride but remain vulnerable and at-risk.

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