Open Thread: What Do We Do With Summer Fridays Now?

Open Thread: What’s the Lockdown Equivalent of a Summer Friday?

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I don’t know if you’ve realized this yet, but it’s almost summer. It’s a fact that’s making a lot of people feel a lot of things, especially in New York.

As The Cut’s Bridget Read perfectly put it this week: “Summer has functioned, as it always does in New York, like a promise—one that is now broken.” This is true for many places, of course, but the thought of spending the city’s stickiest—and most eagerly anticipated—season inside my apartment.

But, this is the reality of our situation. And it’s also, ultimately, the right thing to do.

Memorial Day weekend is the striking of the match to light the sparkler that is summer. It also signals the beginning of my favorite seasonal adjustment: summer Fridays. But, how does one have a summer Friday without afternoon walks home from the office, outside seating at a bar, or blankets spread in parks? Without everything that makes a summer Friday a summer Friday, how can we possibly celebrate the best afternoons of the year? Well, I actually have a few ideas.

Throw a Summer-Themed Movie Night

Watch Call Me By Your Name. Wear a linen button-down. Make a runny egg.

Wear a Bikini Top as a Going-Nowhere Top

Going-out tops are so 2019. But that doesn’t mean you can’t revel in the joy that is repurposing swimwear as daywear.

Put Fruit in a Salad and Have It for Dinner With the Spritz of Your Choosing

Try this aguachile recipe. Or this spicy watermelon chaat. Have it with a glass of prosecco or a can of LaCroix—I don’t care, it just needs to have BUBBLES.

Finally Pack Away All Your Winter Coats and Light a Summer-Scented Candle in Celebration

This New York City candle smells like lemon, grapefruit, and concrete. It doesn’t smell like garbage, the subway, or urine. Basically, it’s what you’ve always wished summer in New York smelled like.

Make Your Usual Summer Playlist, Even if You’re the Only Person Who Will Hear It

Harry Styles released “Watermelon” Sugar for a reason, you know.

That’s five things, but what else? How are you planning to make your summer Fridays—or summer weekends, if they’re what you’re thinking about more—feel special this year?

Feature Image Via Tory Rust

Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is the Managing Editor at Man Repeller.

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