Bon Weekend, We’ll Be Right Back!


Ah, Labor Day! Weirdly, it’s one of my favorite holiday weekends. Every year it feels like the big, delicious, final inhale before the months-long exhale of winter. It’s the kiss summer blows to us before exiting stage left. It’s a chance at a new beginning, a moment to emerge from your emotional chrysalis.

(And I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight the origins of Labor Day, honoring the US laborers who fought for livable wages and acceptable working conditions. Crack a cold one, eat a veggie burger, and decline to labor in their honor!!!)

Anyway, a little FYI for you: Over the past few months at Man Repeller, we’ve been working hard to renovate from the inside out. If you’ve been with us you’ve hopefully felt some of it, and seen it.

But there’s more TK! And by that I mean “to come.” (Editor lingo.) We’re putting a few final touches on some renovations starting—right now!—and we’ll be back on Wednesday with some shiny new updates for you.

This means it will be quiet on the site for the next few days. (I hope you’ll be so busy cannonballing into the body of water of your choice that you don’t even notice.)

In the meantime, here’s a list of ~fun~ things you can do this weekend:

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