Repeller Product Is Here! Drop #1 Is Live *and* Shipping Internationally

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ue the hot horns! Release the confetti (pronounced kone-fette-ay)! Repeller (née MR’s Holiday Buffet) is here. Again. I mean, not again, but again. Last season, we released a limited range of accessories under the same brand name you know and dare-I-say love to get you through holiday season (I’m being hyperbolic) but this go-around, we dropped the Man! We kept the Repeller! We’re encouraging that you imagine yourself as a painter or novelist, or I don’t know, ceramicist, who is from somewhere in Europe, but heading stateside to spend the summer at a creative colony somewhere upstate where the natural water is tethered to a lake and the napkin print on this one bandana that you can buy literally right now (here’s a link, I will not be offended if you get up before my commencement speech is complete) is commonly mistaken for a real napkin!

You can use it as a hanky if you so wish, but I love it as a ponytail holder, or double-wrapped around my wrist. Another good use for it: as a bandana over your hair, across your neck or simply looped into the arm strap of our matching-print tote. But before I digress (oh, and it’s great as a headband!), there is more.

Namely, the name, now Repeller, no Man. After all, wouldn’t you drop the Man? I’m kidding (kind of), but really, we’ve pronounced ourselves rebellious (Repellious?) in more ways than just the one, so why not formalize it? To be a Man Repeller no longer exclusively concerns itself with the deflection of the male gaze. Discovering yourself and earning your confidence is far more encompassing — there’s just more to it, and we! Are! Here! For! All! Of! It! But our navigation tactics are subtle — and brand of hard-hitting excavation never assumes an interest in anything purportedly superficial (like reading a pharmacy magazine, or watching a Bravo TV show, or caring deeply about owning a tomato charm earring!) as a sign of negligence or weak character. On the contrary, we’re all trying to survive — and if you have built levers to make that easier, congra-tu-fucking-lations. That’s a big, great deal. The lever I’ve chosen is fashion — so here we are.

Repeller. The brand. Continuing its mission of plussing upon all the things you know and like about your wardrobe (and self), with outfit snacks in the form of interchangeable accessories that make it possible to say something different even when you wear the same damn thing every day.

Throughout June and July, we will be releasing a new assortment of decidedly cheerful things that you can wear over your eyes and on your head and looped through your arm and in your earlobes (we have eight, count them eight, charms to show you this season) through our new and improved commerce sitea sensorial internet playground that is a cross between, let’s call it, a digital daydream and our version of what a shopping mall should look like in 2019 (there are no Auntie Anne’s stands, but there is somewhat adjacent ice cream, which I’ll tell you about in a second).

Today, you can expect to festoon your limbs with the afore-described napkin print bandana, replete with a yellow scallop trim and corner-office tomato vine, the matching tote, an earring to tie to the rest of the story and some hair stuff: a couple new Repeller barrettes (we’ve updated the clasp and I dare it to try to slip out of your hair now), an umbrella-print yellow striped bow (which I now so wish we had called the jum-bow), sunglasses and a hat. White with neon pink writing. I’d recommend wearing it with the purple, pink and green Repeller barrette at the bottom of a braid but it’s your life and I can’t tell you what to do with it.

Perhaps the greatest news of all is that if you live in: Canada, Mexico, Europe or Australia, we can ship to you. Getting that together shaved at least a year off my life, but I’m confident it will be worth it. Especially when you get your order because our packaging is soooooooooooooooooooo(o) neat. Nifty, even.

Okay! I did a decent job rambling for 700 words, which, if you read through all of them, amount to time you’ll never get back (I’m so sorry), but it is worth it for what I am about to tell you: in addition to the cool new stuff you could get from our cool new site (here’s a link in case you missed the 15 other times I hit you over the head with it), we’ve also collaborated with New York-based ice cream shop Morgenstern’s to bring you five limited-edition ice cream bars (yes, bars) to celebrate the five different launches that will occur over this month and next. You’ll be able to get them from the flagship shop at 88 Houston Street along with your very own Repeller cap.

Okay, I think that’s it. Here’s that link I keep hitting you with one more time. Cheers! Cin cin! Santé! Shop!

Art Direction/Production: Dasha Faires
Photography & Prop Styling: Leila Fakouri
Photography Assistant: Ben Mistak
Prop Assistant: Steven Cablayan
Production Assistant: Maggie Hoyle
Stylist: Harling Ross
Market: Elizabeth Tamkin
Hair: Tomoaki Sato
Makeup: Maggie Mondanile
Food Stylist: Tyna Hoang
Models: Brianna Cherniak, Elanor Grace Bock, Bianca Valle

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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