Good News: The Best Resort Trend Costs Nothing

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As we come to the close of resort season a.k.a. cruise season a.k.a. the fashion collections that show between spring and fall and land in stores around November/December, a standout trend has come to my attention. Not only does it bear all the requisite cool factors of something poised to grab the zeitgeist by its horns, it’s also something you can DIY yourself–probably without spending a cent.

Behold: the stuff that style movements are made of courtesy of Bottega Veneta Resort 2020. It needs a fun term, doesn’t it? How about Ancoils? Get it? Ankle + coils? Just kidding that’s obviously terrible. Hmmm. Paper Bag Ankles?? I like that. (Alert the media!!!) The verbiage is already overdue as it’s already manifesting off the runway….

Yes, per Tibi founder Amy Smilovic’s caption, Paper Bag Ankles are more than just a trend; they’re also a valuable solution to making too-long pants look intentional instead of sloppy, which is something my 5′ 4″ self is very keen to capitalize on. Here’s my first attempt, using a pair of puddle hems and a Repeller shoestring chock full of charm earrings:

I won’t make you guess how long it took me to whip up this outfit hack because the answer is two minutes and therefore too fun to sit on. You know what also looks cool? Using a silk scarf to procure the same effect, which we actually did with Sir Scarf-a-Lot during the Repeller shoot.

A classic case of “great minds think alike.” Or great ankles, I guess. So give it a shot! Grab the nearest piece of string or ribbon you have lying around and use them to cinch the bottom of your pants legs like the sweetest of presents. Paper Bag Ankles are about to be A THING and I’m so glad we’re getting ahead of it together. I’m also glad the hems of my too-long pants will be abdicating the role of New York City street sweeper–and chicly at that.

Feature Photos by Madeline Montoya, Repeller Product Photo by Leila Fakouri.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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