16 People on the Dumbest Risk They Ever Took

Perhaps risk is scary because the price of admission is a leap of faith and the cost is unknown until you jump. But consider this: a prize is guaranteed. It may not be what you hoped — it may come in the form of a hard-earned lesson or a really great story, but those are nothing to shake a stick at in the grand scheme of things. They’re kind of the meat of life, aren’t they?

Of course, not all risks we take are so calculated or purposeful; some are simply the result of sheer, unbridled enthusiasm or foolishness, the kind that inspire us to throw caution to the wind instead of turn it over in our minds. Those are the moments we only realize were risky as hell in hindsight. Those ones are almost guaranteed to make good stories, if nothing else. Or in this case, good haikus.

In this round of MR poetry, enjoy a slideshow of prose about dumb-ass risks we couldn’t help but take, penned by the team and community. Click through to read them then tell us yours. The only rule is 5-7-5 and an alarming dearth of forethought.

(If you’re in the mood for more, we’ve also written haikus on identity, birth control, sexvirginity, first kisses, giving birth, pickup lines and puberty.)

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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