Celeb Look of the Week: A Young Royal Masters Transitional Dressing

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This installment of Celeb Look Of the Week is less about a lewk and more like, “Look! Baby Archie, formally known as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, made his big face-showing debut in South Africa this past week.”

The good news is he’s cute.

The best news is he’s cute and he’s wearing overalls.

Our big beautiful bouncing boy met Desmon Tutu in a pair of seersucker overalls from H&M, the stripes of which draw the attention to Archie’s perfectly chubby and occasionally flailing legs, an indicator that he already knows how to use what he’s got to make an impression. He is truly a tiny man of the people. It is currently spring in South Africa, so Archie, or “Bubba,” as his perfect mother calls him, has mastered transitional dressing. All you need to do to get through the in-between weather is pair a crew neck shirt with a bottom of a not-too-heavy material and you are good to go.

As with any simple outfit, accessories are key. Archie is sporting a perfect amount of baby drool on the collar, some spectacular joie de vivre, and a perfect chubby babyface. And in a stunning show of five-month-old grace and refinement, he kept his booties on the entire time. While he sported no visible makeup, he looked freshly moisturized and completely unbothered.

He was also joined by his parents, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, dressed in plain yet stylish clothes, clearly knowing better than to pull focus from the true star, Perfect Baby Star of Our Hearts, Archie. At one point on the tour, Meghan referred to him as an “old soul,” which must be why he looks so dapper.

I am unable to offer much context around the political goings-on of this magnificent bebe, his stunning mother, and his red-headed father, as I know very little about the Royal Family. Not because I don’t want to or think it’s trivial, just that I only have time for one horny/messy British dynasty right now and I have chosen Love Island.

Comment below with your favorite thing about Archie, the human version of the sweet feeling you get when hearing the Downtown Abbey theme song, even though you stopped watching after season three.

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Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor

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