IT’S HERE: Man Repeller’s Official Guide to the Next Big Trends

Hello and welcome to the future.

I’m not kidding. As soon as you scroll down, you will be privy to the 12 biggest trends you and everyone you know will be wearing in six months, as predicted by the very reliable crystal ball known as fashion month. I stared into its swirly interior for four solid weeks and recorded my findings from New York, London, Milan and Paris so as to properly gird our loins (literally and figuratively) for wardrobe updates to come.

Be forewarned: Some of them are a little weird, which is why I’m giving you plenty of time to digest. Take a sniff, maybe even a bite, and let it sit on your tongues like an Everlasting Gobstopper until what was once strange or unfamiliar starts to taste like pure thrill.

1. Swap your leopard for tiger in the coat department

Animal prints of all kinds were all over the runways this season, but tiger coats were a standout component, conceivably edging on leopard for the title of Best Non-Neutral Neutral. Honorable mention goes to cow print, an unexpected yet very welcome addition to the jungle that is Fall 2018. (Shop animal-friendly options below).

2. Grab a balaclava and some baklava

I’m convinced there was some kind of balaclava advocacy convention that took place, thus lodging the idea of producing them into every designer’s subconscious. That’s the only logical explanation for the sheer number of appearances they made on the runways this season. I’d also like to think that (at the convention) there was some discussion around how to thoughtfully resurrect a garment that for many people is symbolic of wartime. With appropriate sensitivity around how and why balaclavas came to be (you can read more about their history here), I hope today’s designers can give them a new identity, just as they have done with camo pants, bomber jackets and aviators. When in doubt, pair with baklava.

3. Make a face (or two, or three)

If you’ve ever wanted an extra pair of eyes, you’re in luck. Graphic face prints were everywhere during fashion month. I’d like to think this trend was inspired by that time when Ryan Gosling wore a T-shirt printed with a photo of Macaulay Culkin’s face on it, and then Macaulay Culkin wore a T-shirt printed with a photo of Ryan Gosling wearing that T-shirt, and then Ryan Gosling wore a T-shirt printed with a photo of Macaulay Culkin wearing that T-shirt. Still with me? Great. This could be your fall look.

4. Embrace the rainbow with your kneecaps

Not only were colored tights all over the runway this season, they also made numerous appearances in street style ensembles. A logical question followed: How easily would they translate to everyday outfits outside of fashion month? Haley and I attempted to find an answer via guinea pig journalism, though given that this trend has only just begun to percolate, the jury is still out. I have a good feeling about its potential.

5. Shine bright like a diamond

There was enough iridescent stuff at fashion month to outfit a whole fleet of stylish crossing guards. Given the inevitable Kirakira-induced glitter fatigue, it makes perfect sense that a new and equally eye-catching material would capitalize on the opportunity to make a splash. I wonder if everyone will start turning their phones into mobile black lights. Wouldn’t THAT be a trip.

6. Don’t be afraid of baggy knees

For years, the prospect of a pant knee billowing like a forlorn muffin top sent chills down my spine. I avoided pairing loose trousers with knee-high boots at all costs; it was skinny jeans, skirts, dresses or bust. Even when this photo of Princess Diana wearing blousy pants with cowboy boots came to my attention and I fell promptly in love, I still thought to myself, Just because Princess Diana can pull it off doesn’t mean YOU can. Well…given the preponderance of baggy pants tucked into trousers that paraded down the runways, I guess the universe wouldn’t take that cop-out for an answer.

7. Make like Grover and try head-to-toe royal blue

Are you experiencing millennial pink fatigue? If you’re vigorously nodding your millennial head in reply, I have great news. There’s a new sheriff galloping into town, and its name is royal blue. This particular color wasn’t just everywhere — it was everywhere IN SPADES, by which I mean full looks, by which I mean head-to-toe. Get ready to paint the town you-know-what.

8. Tell your tie-dye to grow up

I’ve been thinking a lot about tie-dye recently and how I want to incorporate it more into my aesthetic. I’m not exactly sure where this impulse stems from, but I’m pleased as punch that designers seem to be on board, as evidenced by the appearance of a highly sophisticated tie-dye variation that comes off as a bit more subtle, not to mention versatile, than the technicolor sleepaway camp productions of my childhood.

9. Quilt yourself!

Like “frost yourself,” the marketing slogan coined by that dramatic party scene with all the diamonds in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, “quilt yourself” is an utterly glamorous endeavor. It’s easy, too. All you have to do is adorn your upper half in a quilted jacket and enjoy the perfect lightweight outerwear experience.

10. Send your sleeves back to the ’80s

Break out your time machine and stick your arms inside it — they’re going to prom circa 1982, so think puffy sleeves rendered in jewel tones with plenty of stiff sheen. For further reference, see: any and all party looks from the show Dynasty.

11. Belt your sweats

If you thought joggers (i.e., pants with elasticized waistbands AND ankles) had no hope of ever looking “put together,” think again. The answer has been dangling right in front of us all along: belts! No belt loops required. Just make sure the joggers in question are high-waisted enough to accommodate a tucked-in sweater and you’ll have yourself the look of the season.

12. Give your dresses more than one option

Thanks to this fall’s impending two-tone dress trend, your frocks can feel free to broaden their horizons and adopt more than just one colorway. Why limit yourself to pink when you can be pink on one side and red on the other? Let me answer that question with another question: Why would you limit yourself to one frozen yogurt flavor when you could order a combo swirl?

Last Q: Which of these are you excited to wear — so excited, in fact, that you may start now?

Animations by Melanie Duran;@melbduran.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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