Some Seriously Discounted Outfits I’m Scared I Might Buy


This is not new information, I know, but I firmly believe it bears repeating at a high decibel simply because it is a state of digital shopping bliss that remains at the forefront of my frontal lobe while I’m combing the internet for things I want to buy and/or ogle.

There are practical reasons for this sentiment, the main one being that during sale season it becomes significantly easier to justify purchases based on cost-per-wear. Logically speaking, the cheaper something is the more literal bang for my buck I’m getting each time I put it on my person, right? Right.

By the transitive property, that same principle applies to whole outfits. The more on-sale items I stuff a theoretical ensemble with like a Christmas ham, the more justifiable the whole kit and caboodle appears.

Take K&C (kit and caboodle) #1 in the above slideshow, for example. Though not inexpensive even at a 40% discount, the Isabel Marant top gets bumped up to the top of the shopping cart pile of justifiable purchases according to the laws of sale shopping and science due to the potential pairings it portends: an Isabel Marant skirt languishing on My Theresa with the generous promise of a whopping 70%-off. The Prada brogues require further price-slashing before I even consider any wallet-plundering, but doesn’t this cozy Zara sweater clocking in at under $90 sweeten the deal?

Speaking of sweet, I’m really into white sweatpants lately thanks to a little-known sweatpants designer by the name of Kanye West. I already own these Joe’s USA ones but I’m putting them here so YOU CAN TOO. Not only do they basically pay for themselves at the price of $19.95, but I’m pretty sure they also potentially pay for a fair isle sweater, slub cotton henley and quilted coat to go with them. Basic math.

The justification game continues courtesy of these What For boots that I spotted on YOOX during a late-night sale snoop on a recent weekday eve. They look like Marni but they’re under $200 which feels like unicorn territory in my humble opinion, and wouldn’t they go great with this still-too-expensive Protagonist midi dress? I’m bookmarking it for consideration once mega-discount hour hits in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’ve got two eyes trained on these actual-Marni earrings that remind me of fish bait, or in this case, clickbait.

What about you? Where are your sale binoculars pointing?

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi. 

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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