Career Advice You Can Actually Use, From the Executive Editor of Teen Vogue

Hello!!! Have you fully recovered from last week’s Janet Mock episode? Me neither, but allow me to present an equally incredible morsel of podcast goodness in the form of episode 4. This week’s guest, Executive Editor of Teen Vogue, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, is, according to host Erica Williams Simon, “really high up in the feminist mafia.” In this episode, Samhita walks Erica through her career path, explaining her work to her parents and how her current role is more of a lifestyle than a job.

Samhita was a public school teacher before she decided to write part time, then full time. She doles out advice about finding the job that’s right for you: “Trust your gut and your instinct about the thing that you are passionate about doing. I for a long time did a bunch of different odds and ends jobs because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do — I just knew I had a message. I didn’t know the mechanism through which I would share that message. So once I found that, and I found it through writing… you could not stop me.” She also gets transparent about working full-time for financial reasons and living that “steady health insurance” life.

Samhita’s writing has focused on race, gender and identity, and she and Erica discuss what it’s like to write about those topics in a time where people are newly “woke” and the news just.won’t.stop.coming. On this, she says, “We are in a time where people are questioning the most basic moral and ethical foundations of humanity… [P]eople are like, ‘We have to hear all sides.’ But if you’re questioning my humanity, if you’re questioning the humanity of children, if you’re questioning the humanity of people because of their sexuality — that’s not an argument. That’s just bigotry!”

She also talks about the multi-faceted interests of Zillennials, which is a word I needed in my life but wow did it make me (a millennial) feel old!!!

Listen to this episode if you are thinking of leaving your job, love your job but are thinking about how to grow, or are searching for an entirely new career path. Spend 38 minutes with two super smart women discussing the highs and lows of making a career you love: “It’s like, you don’t always know where life is going to take you. I was just a really hard worker. I was … really engaged, and I just — everything that, any opportunity someone put in front of me, I took it. And all of that led to something that was much more cohesive that I could have seen.”

On top of all that goodness, Mimi from Chicago has a GREAT question for Erica about dealing with criticism about who you choose to spend time with. Give it a listen and weigh in below and give Erica a call (lolololol) with any questions you may have!

See ya next week you go-getters!

Illustration by Anne Bentley

Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor

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