In partnership with Samia Kamar

From Hot Sauce to Crayons, Spill Your Clutch Guts

In partnership with Samia Kamar.

Samia Kamar is a London-based designer whose bespoke handbags are handcrafted in Florence, Italy. Her clutches do what all good clutches do: accessorize outfits while carrying your essentials — phone, wallet, keys. All it takes is a savvy packer and creative thinking, however, to use the clutch as a vessel for your personality. For example…

My friend Rachel likes to sneak-attack sleepovers on me. We go out for a drink, she comes over to grab the thing she inevitably left at my place last time and then, next thing I know, there she is: in my bed with brushed teeth and an eye mask, ready for me to tuck her in.

We both turn 29 this year, if you were wondering.

The Sleepover Surprise

Samia Kamar April 2017 Man Repeller-0044

Samia Kamar Red Carpet Collection, featuring SKIN underwear, Essie nail polish and Marvis cream

Rachel and I were college roommates so the routine is equal parts separation anxiety and habit. What surprises me every time is how prepared she is, and how stealth she is about it. She packs a clutch with evening essentials: a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss (she’s the kind of person you see brushing her teeth in airport bathrooms), a clean pair of ‘dwears, aspirin and her contact case. I wouldn’t put it past her to sneak a tiny deodorant in there, but she knows I tend to have an extra stocked.

“Isn’t that annoying to pack over and over,” I once asked. The key, she said, is to dedicate one clutch to be your permanent life carry-on and to never unpack all the stuff. Hard to argue with as she always has great breath.

Another friend of mine carries ketchup in her bag.

The Condiment Queen

Samia Kamar April 2017 Man Repeller-9921

Samia Kamar Mijas Collection

She never leaves the house without hot sauce or a shaker of specialty salt. Where most people keep ketchup, mustard and soy-sauce packets in that ubiquitous household mess drawer, she keeps her condiments in her go-to clutch. Let me tell you: She is the person to sit next to at brunch.

The Gamer

Samia Kamar April 2017 Man Repeller-0776

Samia Kamar Red Carpet Collection

I’m not immune to this “phenomenon,” only the way I pack is way less useful. I’m the girl at dinner or drinks who is always ready to play a game, so it’s not uncommon for me to have cards, crayons, teeny tubes of bubbles or other distractions in my clutch.

It’s considered rude at some restaurants, I guess, but why else would they give you a giant canvas on top of your table if they didn’t want you to draw portraits of the surrounding patrons or invite neighboring diners to a game of poker?

Our visuals team styled the above Samia Kamar clutches to illustrate the kind of clutch carriers in my life. But these three just scratch the surface. For example, what about the one-woman beauty shop, who has everything in her purse, from eyeshadow to tweezers? What about the friend who never leaves the house without a bevy of pocket-size, gourmet snacks? Between the lot of us, we’ve got to know someone who has found a way to cram in workout clothes too, right?

So what about you? What kind of clutch carrier are you? WHAT THE HECK IS IN YOUR BAG? And can I sleepover tonight??

Photos by Edith Young.

In partnership with Samia Kamar. Follow Samia Kamar on Instagram @SamiaKamarHandbagsOfficial.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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