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Every Sex in the City Post by Man Repeller

During particularly obsessive eras, Man Repeller’s domain name could have changed from to without our editorial ethos wavering all that much. That’s how thoroughly and completely we have plumbed the depths of Carrie Bradshaw and her compatriots over the years. The resulting syllabus is worthy of a university classroom, or whatever the media award is for asking yourself, “Too far or not far enough?” more times than Carrie started a sentence with, “I couldn’t help but wonder…”

In honor of the series’ delightfully arbitrary 21st anniversary, please enjoy the below compendium of every Sex and the City-related story ever published on Man Repeller, in order from oldest to most recent.

Carrie Bradshaw Asked the Hard Hitting Questions

Carrie Bradshaw was the queen of cornball rhetorical questions (i.e. Can you ever really forgive if you can’t forget?), which begs a decidedly non-rhetorical thought: What would it be like to actually answer them? Thank goodness for Amelia Diamond, who not only forgave Carrie for wearing tie-dye spandex once upon a time but also graciously took it upon herself to field some of CB’s most absurd concluding punchlines.

The Sex and the City Diet, Round 1: Miranda Hobbes

Along with wearing pantsuits and expressing strong opinions, Miranda was wont to sit in parks wearing bucket hats and gripping indoor mugs with a knowing smirk. These are the important things you learn and embrace when taking guinea pig journalism to a place where it’s never gone before (in 2015, at least).

The Sex and the City Diet, Round 2: Charlotte York Goldenblatt

Leandra committed to a laundry list of endeavors in her efforts to become one with one Charlotte York Goldenblatt, and I won’t spoil the entire list but please be advised that she did, in fact, wear a blazer with pearl buttons un-ironically over a button-down shirt and fitted jeans. She also emailed Ralph Lauren to inquire whether they were in need of new models, since Charlotte was a teen model when the new store opened in New Haven. Still waiting to hear back.

The Sex and the City Diet, Round 3: Samantha Jones

In which Amelia begins a story with one word (“cock”) and ends it with the revelation that getting anything done in a pencil skirt is impossible.

The Sex and the City Diet, Round 4: Carrie Bradshaw

Abundant Cosmopolitan orders aside, the Carrie Bradshaw diet turned out to be more challenging than initially anticipated. Carrie Bradshaw’s lifestyle is impossible to encapsulate in the span of one week. Some might say it takes a lifetime. But at least we have a photo of Leandra with a gigantic flower tucked beneath a tooth-filled smile as proof of a job well-attempted.

Is Personal Style Thoughtful Anymore?

When Carrie Bradshaw shows up at a janky wedding dress shop in a button-down shirt tied into a crop top with a gingham skirt and a matching belt fastened around her bare waist, it’s unclear whether that outfit was born in 1999 or 2016. Does personal style of this echelon still exist? Am I starting to end paragraphs with rhetorical queries like you-know-who? Feel free to answer that last one.

Carrie Bradshaw Almost Screwed Up Relationships for Me

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who cheered when Carrie ended up with Big, and those who rued the day she broke Aidan’s heart for the second time. We can debate their merits in the comments down below, but first reacquaint yourself with Leandra’s reasoning behind why she’s glad she married a man whose essence leans “cherry wood love seat” instead of “red bedroom wall.”

We Gave Carrie Bradshaw’s Best Outfits a 2017 Makeover

Few humans can successfully wear belts across their bare torsos on a casual afternoon or giant flowers on their shoulders without feeling costume-y, but honey badger just re-watched seasons 2, 3, and 4 of Sex and the City and don’t care. So why not attempt to give her best ensembles a more current update for more easily-imagined approximation, hmm?

Did Anna Wintour Inspire Carrie Bradshaw’s Style?

I may be biased, but this is one fantastic conspiracy theory. A photo speaks 1,000 words, though, so I’ll shush and let the (copious) evidence gloat for itself.

If ‘Sex and the City’ Came Out Today, Miranda Would Be the Protagonist

The cool thing about this hypothesis is that it’s only acquired more evidence since I first penned it, thanks to Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial bid. There’s nothing more worthy of a modern-day protagonist than political engagement with a side of post-Hollywood intrigue.

Meet Carrie Bradshaw’s New Alter Ego

Dan Clay, the man behind the Carrie Dragshaw Instagram account, is one of my favorite people I’ve ever interviewed, full stop. His story is the perfect combination of surprising (he has a very traditional corporate day job) and delightful (his overarching mantra is, “do not take yourself too seriously.”) He also looks fantastic in a tutu.

Reimagining the Best Summer Scenes (and Outfits!) From ‘Sex and the City’

Because one effort to recreate the best outfits from Sex and the City was clearly not enough, we did it again — this time specifically for summertime. My favorite? The group ensemble culled from the four friends’ stint at a rooftop barbecue. Sing it with me now: hot child in the city! 

What’s Your Secret Single Behavior?

Carrie likes to make a stack of saltines smeared with grape jelly and eat them standing up while reading fashion magazines. Haley likes to talk to herself. I like to put on my ugliest, comfiest clothes and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls. This post is worth revisiting for the (157!) comments alone.

I Wore Fake Nipples Like Samantha Jones for a Week

Ah, the things we do for journalism.

Patricia Field on What It Was Like to Style Carrie Bradshaw

If you’re obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s style, then by proxy you’re obsessed with Patricia Field, the costume designer who dressed Carrie (and all the characters, for that matter) on Sex and the City. This interview is full of incredible tidbits, from her favorite Bradshaw outfit to the one she totally regrets (you can probably guess — hehe).

I Need to Talk About Carrie Bradshaw’s Wedding Guest Attire

Deciding on wedding guest attire is hard, but Carrie Bradshaw has a knack for it (COLOR ME SURPRISED). I compiled a definitive roundup of her best wedding guest looks, from a classic LBD to an impeccable dress-coat pairing, for all our sakes and the sakes of our future progeny. This work is my destiny.

Are These Shoes the Last Frontier of Carrie Bradshaw Style?

Remember that episode when Carrie Bradshaw enters the home of an old friend and is asked to remove her classic silver Monolo Blahnik Orsay pumps at the door? If the answer is yes, and you haven’t stopped thinking about them since, then this is the exposé for you.

How Have We Never Discussed Carrie Bradshaw’s Home Decor?

Since we’ve pushed the limits of Carrie Bradshaw style unpacking to the last frontier or Orsay fame, it only makes sense that we would turn to her apartment next, right? Here, I put the Sex and the City home decor under the microscope it deserves and, to my delight, a lively discussion commenced in the comment section regarding fun topics such as: Is Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment normal or absurd? And, why the hamburger with pickles is Charlotte’s apartment completely devoid of art?!

I Went to a ‘Sex and the City’ Conference in a Basement

Sure, I’ve dreamt about going to a Sex and the City conference in a sprawling basement in Shoreditch, but kudos to contributor Hannah-Rose Yee for actually doing it. There is much to cherish about what ensues, but I’m personally fond of the takeaway that most of the women in the room self-identified as Mirandas.

Is there any stone (or pebble) Man Repeller has left unturned when it comes to Sex and the City? Tell us in the comments.

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