Which Selfie Mirror Is the Fairest of Them All?

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The most spectacular selfie mirror of all time, according to the entire internet and yours truly, is the Ultrafragola Mirror by Ettore Sotsass. It embodies what a truly good selfie mirror should be—not just a reflection of what you are wearing, but also a sublimely decorative frame. There’s only one hitch: They retail for around $10,000 a pop.

But that’s okay! In fact, it’s better than okay. Because the only thing I love more than a $10,000 decorative frame is the impetus to search for a comparably delightful but way less expensive alternative. In honor of National Selfie Day, an auspicious occasion, I did a deep dive on the interwebs for the best selfie mirrors under $300. Keep scrolling to check out the loot.

1. Home Basics Over Door Mirror, $22

Not your average lightweight over-the-door mirror, this one comes in a variety of fun colors like (!!) royal blue and hot pink. If rainbow hues aren’t your jam, there’s also delightful silver and gold options. Ideal for framing your next casual ball gown.

2. Roundhill Furniture Cheval Mirror, $50

I can’t be the only one dying to take a selfie in this mirror while wearing some variety of #prairiecore. It’s practically heaven-sent for this precise purpose with its charmingly old-fashioned aesthetic, optimal for gingham dresses and friendly barn ghosts alike.

3.  Fricke Rose Gold With Solid Wood Frame Accent Mirror, $87

If you’ve ever found yourself yearning to be flanked by abstract rose gold cut-outs, then this is the reflection provider for you. It’s the type of mirror that would make you feel like you belong in a museum on the daily (which, let’s be clear, you absolutely do).

4. Large Gold Antique Style Wall Mirror, $100

Much like vanilla ice cream with actual vanilla bean flecks and freshly washed striped button-downs, this mirror is what they call “an instant classic.” It’s the perfect mix of traditional and slightly over-the-top, which is ideal for sprucing up a white wall and a three-piece suit.

5. Hollywood Regency Palm Beach Style White Wood Wall Mirror, $116

Whether or not you have palm tree wallpaper in your home, this mirror would likely give off an equivalent aura. Ditto for whether or not you’re holding a strawberry daiquiri while taking the selfie it would quickly elicit.

6. Ria Leaning Rattan Mirror, $179

“Get you a mirror that can do both” is a worthy philosophy to adopt when it comes to taking selfies and hanging up discarded bras (or whatever), which is why this dual-functioning specimen is a true superhero of its trade. I’m willing to be out-multitasked by my home decor any day of the week.

7. Gold Art Deco Full-Length Mirror, $199

Doesn’t this mirror look like something Daisy Buchanan would take selfies in if she lived in the age of Instagram? Given that the second round of roaring twenties are right around the corner (shoutout to 2020), it seems like a fitting time for art deco to reign supreme once again.

8. Mid-Century Brass Full-Length Mirror, $290

They say the more symmetrical a face, the more attractive it is, but I don’t buy it. I love asymmetry. Give me an off-kilter nose or a wayward freckle, and I’ll give you a visible swoon. Same goes for selfie mirrors! I love how this one eschews the bounds of your standard rectangle fare and gets fully funky with its perimeters.

Which selfie mirrors are tickling your reflective fancy at the moment?

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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