Lauren Chan Found the Best Shearling Jacket But WHERE Is the Perfect Makeup Bag?

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Sometimes I lay restless in the night, wondering about other peoples’ hyper-specific search terms, guarded like sapphires at the Smithsonian. What first editions of books do my contemporaries find worthy of rooting around the Internet for? Whose bedroom will finally feel tied together if they have a Valentine Olivetti typewriter perched on their desk? Who will swear off all other vessels if they can carry their wallet and keys in a Christopher Kane jelly clutch? What else do they find on their journeys down these rabbit holes? My curiosity became so overwhelming, so egregious, so probing, that I caved and just asked.

And aren’t I glad that I did: I heard stories that were the 21st century equivalent of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road—the road, in this case, is the information superhighway—and so we’ll be publishing these ditties as a series over the course of this week. Ruby Redstone was first up in the series, with her tale of tracking down a 2013 pair of Acne Studios glitter boots, followed by Tatiana Hambro in her ongoing quest for the Boyy Wonton bag in Olive and Lea Carey who trails flight attendant uniforms by Emilio Pucci and wooden puzzles by William Accorsi. Come back tomorrow for more where this came from!

Lauren Chan, Founder and CEO, Henning

Your shopping rabbit hole: A shearling aviator coat in plus-sizes—I’ve been on a serious hunt since fall 2019.

Can you walk me through what going down this rabbit hole entails? First, I looked across womenswear and menswear categories with the help of shopping aggregators like and trusty retailers like Then, I opened my search to resale platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and The RealReal. Finally, I downloaded apps for those platforms and turned on notifications for those that allow it. Still, I check all of those places manually in the hopes that something might have slipped through the cracks.

What ultimately satiates the quest? At first, I tried purchasing the biggest sizes from obvious brands like AllSaints and Acne Studios, but they were returned because they were much too small. I did buy and keep an asymmetrical Fendi version from The RealReal that was mistakenly labeled as a size small but measures more like a size 14. And lastly, I made a motorcycle leather jacket for Henning that I’ve been wearing all season.

Intrigued? Start your own rabbit hole here.

Tafarii McKenzie, Digital Product Manager at arfa Inc.

Your shopping rabbit hole: I cannot for the life of me find a makeup bag, but not just a bag that holds my makeup: I want a bag that is as timeless as a pair of Levi’s, as chic as a Cartier Tank watch, and one that is not emblazoned with the brands’ monogram. I want it to be demure—when you see it, you know it’s something special, but you can’t identify where it came from.

Can you walk me through what going down this rabbit hole entails? I’ve been tricked into thinking the epitome of the makeup bag is a monogrammed Louis Vuitton pouch. I have also been tricked into thinking there is an epitome of a makeup bag? I respect the case for $5 pouch—it makes sense… but still I want something more! I will say the Takashi Murakami take on the monogram is still in the back of my mind. The Goyard Boeing 25 Trousse De Toilette travel case also feels close to what I want, but also very far away from my wallet. I appreciate the Cuyana leather travel case, but something about the way the gold zipper just hangs off the bag like a limp arm (and not an opportunity to enhance the design of the bag) irritates me. I’d say I go down this rabbit hole maybe once a week. Search terms often include “pebbled leather” or the many ways you can refer to a makeup bag: “toiletry case,” “dopp kit,” “pouch,” “carryall.”

I’ve dedicated a few saved searches on The RealReal, but nothing has come up that I’m in love with.

What ultimately satiates the quest? Ultimately, what will satiate this quest is the moment I’m in front of a mirror with my makeup bag set in front of me. It’s looking up at me, a piece of art! Containing all the tools I need to become the person I want to be that day. I hope for the moment someone asks, “Where did you find that amazing makeup bag?” and I get to be the one with an answer!

Intrigued? Start your own rabbit hole here.

Graphics by Lorenza Centi.

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