An Oakland Boutique Owner Who Isn’t Afraid of Lime Green

I met Sherri McMullen during Paris Fashion Week at a dinner thrown by Tamu McPherson. I went for Tamu, but knew no one else — until I started chatting with Sherri McMullen, that is.

Sherri, who owns and does the buying for her eponymous Oakland, CA boutique, McMullen, is dedicated to supporting women in the arts and black women in fashion. She uses her store as a platform to provide more accessible internship opportunities, and speaks on panels to discuss the lack of representation within the industry. Where community is concerned, McMullen throws an annual fundraiser to support local organizations.

“We have a distinctive point of view and like to tell a story through the designers we carry, promoting positivity and female empowerment,” states McMullen’s website. It’s clearly a point of view her shoppers appreciate: McMullen recently celebrated 10 years in business.

In addition to being driven by a strong sense of purpose and mission, Sherri has plain old style. It’s the thing that drew me to her initially, because I had to ask who made her necklace, pants, top, shoes, etc — none of it over the top — and even though I didn’t know her, it all appeared so instantly personal.

I asked Sherri to chronicle a week of her outfits, and chronicle them she did. Below, five days of outfits to inspire, while I sit over here and plan my next trip home to visit my mom/this boutique.

1. Monday

I flew into NYC to celebrate Lizzie Fortunato, one of my favorite labels, as they celebrated 10 years in business. One of the best parts of my job are the relationships that I build with designers. I’ve been carrying Lizzie Fortunato for seven years.

2. Tuesday

This was taken in my neighborhood. I was heading out for an art opening event in San Francisco and dinner with my team. I love that the skirt and top are made of this terry cotton fabric that takes me back to my childhood running around in terry tube tops and shorts.

3. Wednesday

A sweater is necessary for Bay Area springs and summers. I had a design meeting for my new store that is opening this fall in Downtown Oakland and this dress happens to be a part of the color pallet. I like to “dress” for the occasion!

4. Thursday

I was heading out to see the new Rene Magritte exhibit at SFMOMA. I’m mixing prints and wearing lots of color in this photo, which feels perfect for an art opening.

5. Friday

Ganni top, SEA pants, Givenchy shoes, vintage earrings -- similar here, purse gifted from Fiji made from a Mulberry treeGanni top, SEA pants, Givenchy shoes, vintage earrings -- similar here, purse gifted from Fiji made from a Mulberry tree

Off to work with a busy day ahead with clients and wrapping up my fall buy for the store. It was a warmer day, which meant no coat necessary, and I felt inspired to wear bright colors.

Photos courtesy of Ameenah McMullen.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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