Block Heels Are Out, Personality Heels Are In

While some trends have the luxury of dying at will (flower crowns, choker tops, ear cuffs, etc.), others linger out of obligation. Block heels fall into the latter camp. They are sensible to the point of treading a rare fine line between trendy and timeless, and yet, Leandra predicted their imminent fall from grace during a recent editorial meeting:

“We’ve over-indexed,” she said. “What’s next?”

I’m not positive, but I have a hunch: personality heels.

“Personality heels” is a term I’ve coined to describe the outcome of a recent phenomenon in which block heels aren’t dying but rather evolving and multiplying. They bear some resemblance to their predecessor of yore in that they are not stilettos. They are also not content with the practical simplicity of block-shaped life. Psh. They’ve got shapes of their own! They’ve got personality.

Below are five big ones (big personalities, ahem) clamoring for attention in the fertile landscape left behind by block heels’ long-deserved retirement.

The Idealist

These heels have their heads in the clouds — they’re *almost* too beautiful for the real world. While perfectly capable of walking, their true calling is to be photographed, preferably upon a pedestal in a museum.

The Pragmatist

Back earthside, we have the idealists’ practical counterpart. Equally eye-catching but slightly more utilitarian, these heels are lower to the ground and a bit sturdier.

The Psychic

These heels have an uncanny ability to predict that you, at some point, will likely be sprinting across a subway grate while balancing a tote bag and a box of donuts on your head. Ergo, they have the foresight to sway you on days you’re considering kitten heels and sweetly volunteer their slightly more substantive physiques.

The Class Clown

Always ready to entertain, these heels will gladly take on the identity of a zoo animal or rollerblade if it means successfully tilting the corners of your mouth dimples-ward.

The Cautious Risk-Taker

As close to a stiletto as a block-turned-personality heel will venture, these spindly creatures are willing to walk on the wild side, so long as they can take their dime-sized security blankets with them.

Never mind your feet — which of these shoes fit your personality best?

Photos by Edith Young. 

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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