This Vintage Website is Basically Selling Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet

The Jersey Shore was never better than in its first season, when the castmates were so far away from even an iota of fame that they were at their most authentic. They were so themselves that the question of whether they were hamming it up “just for the cameras” didn’t exist, and there was never any doubt that Snooki was “a real person.” Of course she was, even if the Snooki she portrayed on the show already was a character of her own making.

(Aren’t we all, in some way?)

There was an innocence to their unapologetic ridiculousness, which is almost exactly how I feel about Carrie Bradshaw’s early Sex and the City fashion. Before she was pegged as a style icon, Bradshaw was a New Yorker who dressed well — a sub-plot shoe-fetishist. She wore incredible things throughout all of the seasons, of course, but there’s nothing like stylist Patricia Field’s early flexing. I remain charmed by Carrie-the-character’s “young writer budget,” no matter how unrealistic. Suspend your own disbelief for a moment (okay, I know, her apartment…) and consider that she dressed as though she were a fantastic thrift store/vintage shopper on a scrappy budget with a cool aunt who passed down a few key pieces.

Another part of the fashion charm is that the show first aired in 1998. Things were a little tacky back then, and it was great.

It’s a hard look to shop for, even though I’ve been “craving” it lately. 1990 metropolitan kitsch looks too contrived when designed in this part of the 2000s and I am a bad/impatient shopper of vintage boutiques. So god bless the internet: Re-sale site Vestiaire Collective has a whole collection of 90s vintage, and when I say whole I also mean hole, as in, get ready to fall down it and never come out.

Here are a bunch of examples to get your heart racing:

+This floral Versace Jeans dress (that’s on sale for $174).

+Or this one!

+This Thierry Mugler tea dress (for $139.70, attn. anyone with a summer wedding!)

+This Lanvin LBD with built-in floral brooches!

+A Gucci one-piece anyone?! (It’s $244 but you can also wear it as a shirt.)

+Or Hermès?

+What about these Céline earrings for $81.49!!!

+And if this Christian Dior saddle bag is sold out by the time you click it’s because I bought it, so what about this Céline bag for $75.00 (YUP) or this velvet Miu Miu bag for $90? Forget your man, come get this Gucci bag with a bamboo handle for $100!

I AM HAVING AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS OF JOY. Come join me. It’s very Carrie Bradshaw/Snooki of us.

Photo via HBO.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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