Eliz’s Expert Guide to Finding the Best Stuff on Poshmark


If you read my recent Etsy shopping guide, then you’re already aware that I tend to shop with a purpose—I’m not much of a browser, nor do I tend to buy more than one thing at a time. When I find myself on Poshmark, it’s usually because I’m looking for a specific second-hand contemporary designer piece that’s deeply discounted. That’s the site’s gently worn bread and butter, if you will. (Think: a pair of Re/Done jeans or a Ralph Lauren blazer from 10 years back.) Poshmark is definitely designer for bulk buyers (more on that below), I’ve found, but if you’re like me, you can still dig up amazing items if you know how to search cleverly. (One important note, though: Poshmark only authenticates items that cost more than $500 so you’ll need to do all the research on your own—including messaging sellers for details.)


Secret Search Tactics

This may sound insane but sometimes spelling mistakes take you straight to the best items. (For example, results come up when you search “Chanle” instead of “Chanel!”) This goes for obscure searches too. Typing in a garment’s style name makes shopping easy, but if you’re willing to put in more time, some of the best deals I’ve landed on came via a really intricate string of adjectives.

If you’re open to obscure designers or brands you’re not familiar with, try searching sans brand names. “Burgundy french oxford platform” could score you a pair of $100 designer oxfords, while searching specific names you already know might filter that pair out. Sellers who are aware of the most coveted brands will be more competitive about pricing than those who don’t know all the details about the items. I actually got the Carel ones I’m wearing in the feature photo by doing this! I don’t think the seller knew what Carel was and I benefited from that.

If you happen to be looking for a burgundy oxford like I was, I would search a bunch of different terms to see what’s out there and “like” the contenders. For example, I’d search “burgundy loafers” “red loafers” “dark red loafers” “dark red oxfords” and just keep going with slight changes to see the different curations. The final search might be where you find your dream pair!

Costco but Make It Fashion: Use the Bundle Feature

While this doesn’t really benefit someone like me, if you like to buy in bulk or like to get a bunch of items at once from single shops, Poshmark has a ton of benefits for serious bulk shoppers and shoppers loyal to specific sellers.

If you like a bunch of items from one seller—enough to purchase all of them—you should “bundle” them together to save on shipping and have the opportunity to negotiate prices.

Be Patient: Make an Offer > Buy It Now

On Poshmark, there’s a ‘Buy It Now’ button and a ‘Make an Offer’ button. When you make an offer it’s binding if the seller accepts it within the set timeframe of 24 hours.

A “Like” Button Worthy of Your Love

I mentioned the “like” feature up above and honestly, it’s my favorite Poshmark feature. It’s like saving an item on Instagram—it organizes the things you’re eyeing but perhaps not ready to jump on. It also enables notifications on these items like price reductions or sales. It’s really easy to reference on the Poshmark app, so I sometimes use this to curate looks (for styling purposes, too! It’s like a digital paper doll).

Schmooze With the Seller

You should definitely know your measurements or shop with brands whose sizes you’re familiar with. But don’t be uncomfortable asking for measurements from a seller. I’ve found sellers are more than happy to go the extra step and get those to you. You can also contact the seller to check on tracking (since often times Poshmark doesn’t send you exact tracking number but rather lets you know the status of the shipment).

Because you’re working with the sellers, if you don’t like something you should definitely contact them and see if they’d be open to taking the item back. That being said, if they are not so nice as to accept a return, Poshmark will favor the buyer when a complaint about the condition of item or legitimacy of the item is made and will pay for a return label! Honestly, take two minutes and read the Posh Protect policy if you’re worried.

One more thing to note… you can cancel an order placed with the “Buy Now” button within three hours of the order being placed! (That’s enough time for a cocktail to wear off a bit.) And, don’t forget: Like with Etsy, bad photos don’t mean bad product!

Photos by Beth Sacca.

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