I’ve Been Thinking About These Sandals for 3 Solid Weeks

I have found the most perfect sandals in the world. How I found them is not important (fine, I saw them on Nicole Warne’s influential feet — what she wears frequently sways me), but what is important is that they wrapped their perfect sticky tentacles around my brain and squeezed the part of it that tells my otherwise logical self, “Have to have, or else.” They are a brand called Emme Parsons.

Why are they perfect? Good question thanks for asking.

Susan in gold ✨@birdbrooklyn

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First of all, they are simple. There are no bells (sad for cats, I guess), no whistles, none of the unnecessary baubles that always seem to get added last minute to things I’d otherwise like a lot.

The straps are super spaghetti-noodle-thin. Sometimes I want a thick chunk, a substantial wrap around the foot and/or leg — sometimes that heft helps support and hold down the otherwise-flimsy nature of a “this doesn’t quite feel like me outfit because it’s so delicate.” But almost always, in the summer, what I want most is to be barefoot — comfort-wise, and for the sake of let’s-pretend-even-this-city-street-is-a-beach aesthetic. And because I can’t handle the blistery risks of a plexi-plastic clear sandal, this spaghetti situation is exactly what I’ve dreamed of.

Susan in gold, meant for balmy weather

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The zig-zag of the straps across the foot is, to use a probably-antiquated term, so damn flattering. I have a particular preference about how I prefer my foot-to-ankle-to-knee-to-hem area to look, and often, sandals interrupt it. But these dart and dance across the foot in a way that keeps the eye moving upward: from bon-bon (new and improved name for bunion) to outside to instep to heel and woosh! Up to the ankle before that bell-less cat has a chance to pounce on it. Allow me to be hyperbolic for a moment, if you don’t mind: Visually, this sandal is poetic.

These sandals are handmade in Tuscany, which adds a little oo-la-la; the brand itself is committed to giving back to its community, which makes me want to support it; and — I know this is weird — but I find the info page straightforward, honest and helpful. They’re like: Yeah, these are flimsy sandals made of materials that warp over time. Here’s how to care for it. Enjoy the ride.

…And now for the rub, because every sandal eventually causes a blister: the pair I want, Susan (great name), in gold, are $395.

I could buy a plane ticket for that much money to somewhere I don’t have to wear shoes at all. I could put it toward my rent, groceries, or a bunch of other smaller items that are currently hanging out in my cart — because of course I want these when seemingly everything else is on sale.

There are also similar, lesser-priced options, of course:

For $19, a close-enough gold option from Urban Outfitters.

The Bradshaw sandal by Michael Kors (I found a 36.5 in silver on sale for $147, and a size 7 in black for $74.15).

These non-wrap but super-simply-strapped black sandals by Mango for $29.99.

These red calfskin sandals by CoRNETTI for $250.00 — a bit of a departure but I keep seeing them on Rocky Barnes and they have the same effect I’m after.

For $99, these Loeffler Randall wraps — but I’d cut the pom pom off, so not sure that’s worth it.

I have thought about these sandal for three solid weeks now. That’s saying something. I’d wear them with everything through September, I’ve decided, so the cost-per-wear would be fairly low (plus, I think they’re pretty enough to wear with a dress at a summer wedding). And I truly do believe this: I think with proper care, these are the kinds of sandals that last “forever,” the kind that would allow me to sell a bunch of unnecessary filler shoes (which could, perhaps, earn me some money back), and the kind that might encourage me to pack less.

What do you think? Have you found any other similar options humming around the internet? What’s your idea of the perfect summer thing that you can’t stop thinking about? And do you need help finding it?

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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