Amelia and Leandra Discuss Impulse Shopping and Uniform Dressing

Plaid tibi boots alexa chung supergas pucci sunglasses earrings

On Aug 7, 2018, at 5:54 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

HI so glad you answered your phone I have a weird question for you:

Should I get these pants? They’re marigold toile and confusing me. Why do I think I need them?

I also need this orange drop bead SVNR earring IMMEDIATELY.

…to go with this one.

And this SVNR lifesaver earring

…to go with this one.

I wouldn’t get the pants if I could get all of those and then I’d just wear a white tee and jeans forever.


On Aug 7, 2018, at 8:45 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

What pants? You didn’t link me (dum dum).

But I’m glad you’re here, I’ve been thinking about this skirt at great length as of late. Possibly to wear with a ribbed t-shirt like this or this and funville shoes, like these. My own! Tee hee.

As an aside, I am also suggesting a new summer vibe for myself that includes only fabric bikini tops styled under button-down shirts and full volume skirts — OR! Flimsy ribbed tank tops and similarly voluminous pants.

And if you want to get into it, as a general note, Rachel Comey has me feeling all sorts of ways.

On Aug 15, 2018, at 11:12 a.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

As always, it’s a full week later since I first emailed, but it really shows you the power of what happens when you pause a potential impulse purchase: Even though I also brought them up in this post, I think I’m over the orange pants.

I am more interested in these from Vince, which I styled recently for this MR Partner story, and when it went live, I sort of had a cold sweat because I didn’t own them.

Those Ganni ones you just sent over are great, too. Actually I very much love ALL your links, including your ruffle shoes. Those must make toes feel so special.

Ribbed tanks: I’m about to buy three of these from Brandy Melville.

Do you think it’s stupid to get this dress now, mid-August? I feel like I’ll wear it through September and put a sweater over it.

I’m still shopping like it’s June. For example, I currently have this yellow Fella two-piece in my cart.

And I want to wear them with these massive Pucci sunglasses — perhaps to block out approaching-September denial?

…I’m going to keep denying for a while longer. You’re not shopping for fall yet, right?

On Aug 15, 2018, at 1:16 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Those Pucci sunglasses are a feast for the eyes but exist solely to manifest an Instagram photo, in my opinion. I have been thinking so much about this lately, actually — how I don’t have to want all the clothes and accessories that excite me. As a matter of fact I actually haven’t shopped at all in the last two months. I know I talk about essentialism as regularly as I do my feelings, but now more than ever I am acting up truly madly deeply getting my closet to a place of less. OF LESS! For the rest of summer I will continue exploring clothes I’ve had for years (today I’m wearing this one Rosie shirt with a very dramatic boat neck floppy flap that I bought three years ago and have never worn, and an old pair of Abie’s bathing suit shorts with MR by Man Repeller slides) and now that fall is on my mind, I am thinking two disparate but distinct modes of dress informed by:

Recycled slip dresses being worn as skirts, styled with turtlenecks and cropped cardigans.

(My own shoes are most def coming along for the ride.)

And my usual — mid-rise jeans, crisp tops (this could mean so many things, from sweaters to tees to blouses and shirts), long coats and good loafers/boots.

But wait I take back everything I just said because, hello! Hi. How are you?

Do you have a cow print policy, btw?

On Aug 18, 2018, at 7:59 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

Really so glad you asked about my cow print policy because my answer is that it’s required on others and banned on me, solely because I sometimes am in the vicinity of actual cows, particularly in the fall, and wouldn’t want to confuse them. Also when I was in 5th grade I had a pair of cow-print clogs. It makes me really sad I still don’t own them because they’d be so fun to style with.

As for my zebra stripe policy: I really need that Topshop dress you just showed me. I would say, “WOW,” but I think the word I’m looking for is “MEOW.” Or “HOLY COW” per the above.

Okay so because I can’t seem to handle thinking forward to fall, I asked Spencer to browse (in honor of that time he dressed me, but also in honor of Abie not dressing you).

Here’s what he chose:

This Reformation dress on sale for $153 (I really like this although sometimes I am funny about sleeves this shape).

This Topshop camel coat for $125 (okay I am actually about to buy this right now — my camel coat from forever ago is dead).

Wildcard here: A kind of quilt-printed Stine Goya wrap dress! (I actually feel like it’s pretty Harling.)

This baby blue mohair Jil Sander sweater and ooooh my god is it perfect but a billion dollars.

And these gray pants by The Row (the man has great taste).

…1 out of 5 isn’t bad given that I don’t know what I’m in the mood for myself.

I like this massive green cable knit from Pixie Market, though. Kinda reminds me of Mr. Mittens.

BUT I AM WITH YOU. I WANT TO CLEAN OUT MY CLOSET ONCE AND FOR ALL. I do it often and yet always seem to keep too much STUFF.

On Aug 20, 2018, at 1:50 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

When are you in the vicinity of cows? If this is a joke about your desk being right next to mine, I swear to G…




Sorry, I was collecting my thoughts and letting my frustration work itself out, I’m over it and on to the next. I love that you had Spencer roadmap your fall and actually think you should let him guide your purchase decisions moving forward — he did such a great job dressing you that one and only time you have ever looked cool in your entire life. But then again…I wrote that before I actually clicked on the links and what is becoming apparent is that he is very good at distilling taste that already exists and plussing on it. Feel like you’d have selected most of those pieces for yourself anyway. Also, is he planning to buy those $890 The Row pants for you (and if so, can he throw in the khakis I want as well)? Here they are again as a refresher…

I’ve been thinking about fall a lot because it’s unseasonably cold this week and I don’t even mind (a real miracle if I may!). Every season I say that this is the year I am finally going to commit to a uniform but every season I do what is arguably the opposite and buy fractures of aesthetics across hundreds of style identities then let them coagulate and watch myself turn to curd. This year, I think I mean it though! And without actually making any purchases yet…I also get overzealous and think that by making the dressing decisions three months in advance of actually needing to wear said decisions, I’ll stop thinking about it, but I won’t stop — I love thinking about it in fact, so, here’s where I’m at RIGHT NOW: everyday leather pants and identity crisis cowboy boots (because they’re also kind of motorcycle boots) but also plain and comfortable combat boots (there’s also a Leandra Medine pair for that!) and a gooood pair of tailored trousers and a lone but perfect cashmere sweater to be topped off by the coat to end all others. Also, I’m pretty sure I want to wear these jeans and these only for the whole of winter.

I’ll get wacky in the accessories depot, but I really think I am evolving past loud clothes…could it be? COULD IT? BE? Idk. Hey! Is this worth the price at 70% off?

On Aug 21, 2018, at 10:53 a.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

No hello because fall is drive-out-of-the-city season to pick pumpkins and see literal cows!

(Except of all the real cows I see and have seen, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Holstein Friesian variety, if you can believe it!)

Maybe you’re looking forward to the cold-ish because you have two cooing hot sweet potatoes to hang out with now. That sounds so cozy. When they’re old enough to pet farm animals let me know and I’ll bring them on a city escape with me to do so.

I like your forecasted fall wardrobe and I hear your thinking. And I go through the same thing! The problem, I think, is that inevitably, if you’re someone who gets excited by the prospect of getting D R E S S E D and can’t leave your house without a shiny weird bauble, then inevitably, you’ll get sick of your uniform.

But you know how they say when you’re trying to eat healthier foods more consistently or trying to get into meditating, and you “slip up” and eat a pizza-nachos-pizza sandwich or stop meditating for an entire week, you’re not supposed to beat yourself up but be like, “Okay great, I really enjoyed that pizza-nachos-pizza sandwich/time off — and now I’m ready to focus again”? Well, maybe that’s a more reasonable approach to uniform dressing. And I think you do this anyway! You have a general uniform that you use as your base and return to when you can’t think, or when you need comfort. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pivot at the drop of a big straw hat and decide: TODAY IS THE WAY I WEAR PANTALOONS AND BOOTS.

Speaking of boots, hello Tibi!

I still really want these plaid numbers with the green toe, but also, these navy/black embossed croc cowboy boots are beautifullll.

They’re awfully $$$ though. Should stick to Ariat for now, especially since I’m not THAT in the market right now.

I’m still looking at summer shoe sales. Martha Louisa has so many good things!

I searched size 8 alone and your lobsters are live for $195!!!

and… PRADA BROCADE PLATFORMS FOR $410, HOLY (I mean I know that’s a lot, but comparatively!).

I searched for size 8 in some other shops, too.

Found these groovy-heeled gold Seis Marjan heels for $162

A pair of silver glitter Miu Miu kitten heels heels on sale for $395.

These funky/pretty wrap sandals on sale for $139 by Marques’Almeida.

These reallly pretty Tory flats for $154.

Or these big ribbon wrap-around sandals by Brother Vellies for $128.

Although, you know, it’s funny (or not really) but I’ve basically worn the same two pairs of shoes all summer so I don’t know why I’m pretending now to need a million more — although it would make dressing more fun. Ergh. Back to your point about not being able to stick to the uniform.

On Aug 21, 2018, at 3:06 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

I feel like you just therapied me and I am here for it. Also, I’ve never had a pizza nacho sandwich and I know you made up the concept for the purpose of your therapying me, but I am really intrigued! Maybe when you are back from your ~remote month~ we can find some, or create the killer combo ourselves and Dominique Ansel it up in this club? See ya later, Man Repeller! Gastro gators here-2-stay.

Now I am going to ignore everything you said about clothes because I have more pressing things to talk through including but not limited to these insane tiger-print mary janes which are expensive for stuffed animals that strap to your feet in my opinion. I also feel like now is as good a time as any to tease one of the clutches that we are launching for holiday. Tigers-4-lyfe! But I digress, I’d wear them with these rolled cuff plaid pants. They are a Céline knockoff, but seeing as the brand identity at that house is about to undergo violent change, I see them more as a charming homage now. I’d wear them with this sweater. Tbd on where I’m going but I have to say the vibe feels very…executive leadership team at FAO Schwartz-chic.

If you’re really still thinking about sandals, I like these for you from Pixie Market. Not as much as these Trademarks, especially to hold with this bag…and wear with this caftan…I just fell down a rabbit hole, I need these patent leather Supergas.

And for my final trick! This might be my end of summer lewk. My shoes are slowly launching all over different corners of the internet, but feel especially good about pairing these with said lewk. I’ll add these earrings, too.

Last thing! You know I loooooove thinking about sunglasses when everyone else winds down wearing them (but why! You need to protect your eyes no matter the time of year!) so in my cart currently are the following:

On Aug 26, 2018, at 9:36 a.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

Oh man, I don’t even know where to begin other than thank you for your rabbit hole and I would love to hunt for pizza nacho sandwiches with you when I’m back. You know what I’m craving? A cool bagel and deli iced coffee. Wanna grab one after Labor Day and take a buttcrack-of-dawn walk?

That yellow satin Topshop skirt really is pretty. I’m also so into this Kule windbreaker. I feel like Kule keeps getting better and better. Look at this perfect striped turtleneck, for example!

I’m about to set up my OOO but I’d love to know if you think I should go for this Club Monaco red dress with white polka dots on sale for $179?

Also, I think I’m in denial but I can’t stop thinking about swimsuits, still. Should I get this two-piece from Solid & Striped (they’re having a Labor Day Sale) or does it kind of look like underwear and a tank?

Or should I get the “Hollywood” in white? (I have it in black.)

I think without a doubt I need this hunter green Lizzie Fortunato belt with an acrylic ring — it’s actually getting me excited about things I already own.

Also look at these beautiful leather Chloé sandals. Maybe I get these and then swear to never think about another pair of sandals again.

These ruffle shorts are for you.

I’m all over the place! Now I’m looking at Carolina Herrera on sale because it’s so damn pretty! This skirt is expensive but it’s gonna hang out in my cart for a while, just to make me feel special.

I also want this Isabel Marant puff-sleeve shirt because I think it would be fun for a birthday dinner (not mine).

White cotton poplin shirt alert on sale btw — I might stock up and get at least two.

And with that, I bid you adieu.

…But before I go: Here’s a bocce ball set. OKAY BYE, SEE YA IN THE “FALL”!

On Aug 27, 2018, at 11:26 a.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

You are so super about to be OOO, huh? Please, don’t even answer this email! Marvel in the away message while I delight in end of summer cardigans, such as this one, and early fall cardigans, not unlike-a-this.

To be worn with skirts like this and this respectively. And shoes like this.

…Is that shoe scaring you? I just have a feeling! Also curious about foot furbies and metallic hoods, but we can talk about it another time. All praise the OOO!

Feature photo by Louisiana Mei Gelpi featuring Tibi boots, Superga x Alexachung sneakers, Emilio Pucci sunglasses, Marni charm pendant earrings and SVNR earrings.

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