Leandra and Amelia Debate Their “Summer Looks”

Should I Buy This june 2018

On Jun 13, 2018 at 2:21 PM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Happy Should I Buy This week! Up first in contestants unrelated to the contents of my closet but still incredibly lucrative, these mules by Tory Burch!

Speaking of mules, the following has nothing to do with them! I have a hunch that d’Orsay sandals are coming back. (A d’Orsay shoe covers your heel but shows the sides of your feet.)  I’ve been trolling The Real Real for old ones by Manolo Blahnik. Finally found a pair for $95 this AM and bought them with a credit so ended up paying $60, which I feel great about! Some restaurants charge that sum for like, a shot of tequila! Anyhoonie poonie loony tang, here’s another pair in case you want in.

Planning to wear them kind of ironically with spaghetti strap dresses like this one. I’ll add this necklace and these sunglasses and ba da bing, ba da boom. THANKU for helping me through this!

Meanwhile, have you discovered your ~summer lewk~ yet? I just bought these shorts and am planning to wear them with more or less everything, including these loafers, this tunic and this hat.

On Jun 20, 2018 at 9:29 AM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Those Tory mules are really good and I’m so happy for you and your D’Orsay heel kick but I mostly can’t focus because the print of that Tara Jarmon dress you sent me is sooo similar (I think, from my memory) to those cool fruit-print shorts I mentioned yesterday that I haven’t been able to get out of my head.

(Remember I told you about that that girl I saw wearing those stretchy-waist — which I normally hate — shorts, they were almost like boxers, with hand-drawn-looking fruits on them? And she just wore this simple white tee and ugh it was weirdly perfect. Anyway consider that a clue while you’re looking around the ‘net in case you see them!)

My summer look is simple: either…

A dress that is light and long but not long enough to fit the title of “a maxi,” like this Ganni one.

A lot of white and light khaki (speaking of khaki, should I get this Nanushka dress?).

I have this Mango skirt — which just realized I should wear with this white Donni “Tini” top — and it’s quickly becoming the only thing I want to wear so I need a few more scratch-the-same-itch options).

This necklace as often as I can.

This marigold shirt dress, which is breaking my heart for being out of stock.

I’m also really tempted to get this Desmond & Dempsey short sleeve/short short pajama set and wear it “out”?

Or this SZ Blockprints for J.Crew one even though I don’t normally wear pink (it must be this particular print because I love this sarong, too)

I need to think about sandals, maybe. They don’t feel like high priority, although Moda has good ones on sale — I’ll start hunting and report back.

Tell me more about your summer look. Are you giving her a name?

On Jun 20, 2018 at 2:11 PM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

But can you explain the MECHANICS of your summer look? Why do you want to wear the offspring of caftans? Are you trying to look like a lady of leisure, hoping that the state of mind will seep through your outfits into your brain? Lately I have been finding that I dress for the opposite state of mind that I am in. Actually, I first started noticing this last summer when I would wear caftans to offset my anxiety, sequins when I felt like I was too relaxed (Lol! What a thought!), structured ballet flats when I was feeling especially “downtown,” and the kind of French fare (brown leather sandals, light wash jeans, flimsy white cotton shirts) you expect of provincial towns when I was doing anything super American (see: hot dogs on the 4th of July). Not trying to psychoanalyze you or anything, but maybe you’re just in I-have-too-much-on-my-mind-don’t-make-me-think-about-my-clothes mode?

Although I have to say! The weirdest part of being on maternity leave was that because I had so much mental space, I found that I never actually dressed like me, because I had all this time to dream up “cool outfits.” Usually when my mind is just like, “Okay! You have to be somewhere! Throw something on!” is when I look the most like myself. Case in point: this morning when I had to get my gurlz out for their walk before feeding time:

This evening, when I literally had 2.5 minutes between their last bottle and a dinner meeting:

Neither outfit at all illuminating. Left to my own devices, I probably would have worn this, which in life-after-selfies, would probably make cringe.

Tbh, I’m srsly considering buying that Rachel Comey top anyway. Do you like it? Also v into this pant suit. So good with sandals like-a-these.

Hate u for throwing me down a Frankie Shop rabbit hole, btw. Currently cannot unsee:

But question: does this site make you feel like you know yourself (as informed by your style) so well but also like you don’t know yourself (as informed by your style) at all? I can expound, but I’d rather let you interpret that question as you please.

On Jun 20, 2018 at 11:39 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

All of those outfits feel like you to me — including the one that’s all sequins. Definitely get the top.

That Topshop pantsuit is amazing. It looks like something straight out of Pretty Woman but somehow it’s not too literal. Also what the heck is that 6PM site and do you think my (“my”) rainbow Chloé strappy sandals are on it?!

Okay, the mechanics of my summer look…I think it’s a few things: I don’t want to have to think and I like the idea that a dress is an outfit (I know that when you LOVE to get dressed-dressed, dresses can feel like a cop out, but I’m into it). I like to feel put together, and I’ve very much been into the whole “dressing pretty” thing rather than cool. I think for a while I had this weird alternative style persona in the summer where I’d do the baggy surfer-y look, and that’s because it felt easy, but I never actually liked how I looked.

You know, you shop online really efficiently because you think in terms of outfits in your head. I’m not like that unless I’m doing market for a styled story. You know what I do?

Open up a ton of tabs, select “what’s new,” then choose “Lowest Price to Highest” and scroll until it gets too expensive. Here’s what 15 minutes of that resulted in on Moda:

These cool serving spoons
These Roxanne Assoulin earrings
These insanely beautiful Rebecca de Ravenel earrings
These braided Sanayi 313 sandals

…This is in “too much money” territory where I normally click out but oh my god what a perfect dress there is a ZEBRA ON IT.

And this is for you.

Then I was like “too much to look at!” and went to see what Pixie Market had (this white denim skirt is the only thing I’m into on that site right now, besides all the white tops that we talked about last time, though no purchases were made).

Then I went over to Cult Gaia, which is where I feel like I keep going recently when I get online shopping fatigue, because it always feels like discovery — and there’s not too much to look at. Granted, it’s expensive, but it gets me thinking…

And currently I’m thinking that I need this hemp dress.

To answer “does this site make you feel like you know yourself (as informed by your style) so well but also like you don’t know yourself (as informed by your style) at all?” You sound like Yoda. You’re talking about Frankie Shop, right? If so(da), and if I’m understanding you right, then yes: this site makes me feel like I know myself because at first glance, I don’t see a lot of things that look like “me,” but I can quickly identify the one thing that does. And then of course, I’m always surprised when I find myself attracted to the thing that very much does not feel like me, and wonder if my self-imposed limits of personal style help clear the noise and keep me focused or if they’re unnecessarily restricting.

What did you mean?!

On Jun 21, 2018 at 9:07 AM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

How funny! (The way you shop online) — we should totally turn The Thought Process of Online Shopping into a story. I would eat that shit up. Speaking of: it’s 8:51 a.m., I’ve been up since 5:30 and am currently consuming breakfast no.3, which is a “healthy” chocolate pudding (avocado, banana, cacao, chia seeds, almond milk) with crushed walnuts inside of it.

Per your Moda picks, get those Sanayi 313 flats! I feel like you will wear the shit out of them? Actually I take that back so fast because I just found these.

Meanwhile, that Attico dress is giving me so many ideas for weird creatures to tack on to MR merch in random places!!!

Do you own this? I’ll be surprised if you say no.

Meanwhile, I am inching toward these, and don’t know why because I am always drawn to clogs, then I get them, then I realize I don’t like/want them. What is that?

I guess it’s kind of what I meant when I asked about Frankie Shop, only I have an opposite reaction to the site, where I click into the What’s New section, get overly excited like I have just consumed a 16 oz. espresso, immediately remark that there is not a single garment I wouldn’t wear as I start filling up my shopping cart, then as I continue scrolling, I begin to feel a strange sense of like, numbness or lackluster emptiness wherein I question what the point of it all is. E.g. how will that khaki shirt and pant-look actually change my life? Do I really need another striped shirt dress? How many pairs of sunglasses can a single woman own? Will any of this make getting dressed easier? Do I really care if getting dressed is easy or hard? Does it actually enhance my mood? Bring me joy?

And then, suddenly, I am reminded I need a belt. What do you think of this one? To wear over this top and these shorts (yes, they are fitness shorts), this bag and oh oh oh these shooooz.

Really anticlimactic conclusion, huh?

On Jun 23, 2018 at 3:13 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

What you just described with Frankie Shop is a lot closer to how I get with Reformation. Currently sitting my shopping cart over there:

This white eyelet top, which is so pretty but annoying at $90 because I feel like it’s the thing you’re supposed to “discover” for three Euros in a vintage store in Italy.

This white Clueless dress (IDK what else to call it — minus the ruffle, it reminds me of the white Calvin Klein one Cher wears underneath that sheer white shirt with the cuffs.)

– And this two-piece situation, only I can’t decide between the blue and white flowers, or the black with red strawberries, but mostly, I’m wondering where the Ref stylist found those white flat espadrilles because I love them and haven’t been able to find a flat pair like that this summer. These are sorta close but not. They’re still heeled, and I already have a (taller) heeled pair.

– I’d also like to know what sandals these ones are, too (ignore the dress no offense to the dress!)

I can literally hear you snoring. Allow me to wake you up with all the Dries Van Notes on sale at MyTheresa:

– These DVN x Linda Farrow sunglasses that will give you an orange sorbet-colored unibrow

– This belt since you’re on a kick (although DVN or not, $253 is still too much for a belt)

– These gold glitter heels (although honestly I might get these — and let me tell you why: they are the perfect wedding shoes in that they are outfit-neutral given my leg coloring and also, they have a thick heel that can walk on grass…although real talk am I going to get sick of the square toe sandal thing)

– These amazing lady of leisure (for you) printed trousers

– This hot pink silk skirt that is so 90s it hurts

– And this very dramatic-shouldered top!

Oh and just in case, here’s last season’s floral Miu Miu shower cap to go with my fancy tambourine and cherry shaped drink holder for the pool.

Crap. The Miu Miu sale section is a whole other rabbit hole…

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

…Get me out of here!

Also re clogs: I think it’s because you like the idea of their proportions but they’re not exactly whimsical shoes and your shoes somehow always are! Like these which are cool!

On Jun 26, 2018 at 2:09 AM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Unrelated to your email because it was a snore and I’m starting to feel like you don’t know me at all (those printed Dries pants suck), but I’m in the airport, waiting for my flight home from Paris and just thinking about how yesterday I walked into like, three luxury brand shops and the racks were full of fall clothes and salespeople were encouraging me to purchase various permutations of sweaters and jackets and wool pants before they “sell out” and all I could think was: This is why the damn system is broken. Here you are trying to force me to buy something out of fear that it might sell out even though I can’t wear it for another four months! Makes me feel like summer is over before it has even started, which is depressing af. To be clear, I bought exactly nothing that could be conceived as winter wear, but I did find a pair of cotton paisley walking shorts! Anyway, what’s this brand? These are good.

Do you ever find yourself in the heat of a style-identity-crisis? Not so much crisis, but I am feeling somewhat removed from the “flow state” of my lewk. What I mean by that: At some point early last summer, I surmised that cotton boxer-style shorts and flimsy but loose fit shirts were all I would wear. I don’t know why but I didn’t challenge it as it gave new dimension to a lot of shit that I had owned for a really long time and made all the other clothes (and shoes!) I already had seem new and vast, etc. This summer, I kind of feel like I’m employing all the same tricks (cotton boxer shorts, silk boxer shorts, old provincial tops, etc.) but it’s just not scratching the itch of newness. I feel like a dated version of me, not a refreshed one. I keep finding myself wanting to pair literal undershirts, like white spaghetti strap tank tops, with dramatic, high waist pants and loafers, but then from a practicality stand point, I am also like: Leandra, you hate pants, and your feet are swollen because it’s hot. (#neverforgetanklegate2018). So I stand in front of my closet and put on boxer shorts and add fancy jackets because buffet dressing, but it still doesn’t feel RIGHT. Here’s a dream lewk if I didn’t hate pants in practice:

And a hat because it’s regal!

Maybe if I try for some tank dresses that are also kind of nightgown-y, I’ll satisfy the hankering for something new. Can still add loafers and never mind blisters then perhaps consider your unibrow sunglass suggestion and be on my merry ass way.

Oooo, but also I just found this one and like it so much.

I’d wear it with clogs


(P.S. BYE!)

On Jun 26, 2018 at 4:11 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Cool it with the clogs! They’re tricking you.

I know what you mean by the style-identity-crisis-ish thing, i.e. the fact that you don’t think those Dries pajama bottoms are cool. The way THE SYSTEM is set up also, clearly, isn’t working.

But also because I go through something similar (similar in that it’s a kind of style-identity-non-crisis, but it’s different than what you experience) when I feel the insatiable desire to buy new stuff without being able to identify what it is I definitely need. Or without being able to identify what I want, even! I just know I want, period. That’s kind of a gross feeling. This happens every summer, just before vacation. Now, if I go away, it’s not like anyone I know is going to see outfits I’ve worn before, or if they do, so what? And though I’m still working through my own hang-up about not wanting to post the same outfit twice…I don’t like to post the same outfit twice, and posting outfits on vacation is a key highlight of vacation!!!

I’ve finally scratched my itchiest itch of the summer so far — until the mosquitos start having at me (I feel like you never complain about mosquito bites I just realized) — which is that I felt like I had “no new swimsuits.” Again, who cares, I know, particularly not the ocean, but this weekend, I found another Hunza G suit on sale and swiped it right up. They are just so comfortable and flattering but also cool, literally and figuratively. I’m weird about where suit hips sit on me and I like Hunza G cuts a lot.

I also LOVE the Outdoor Voices swimsuits!!! I want the Dip Bottom and Glide Top, tbd colors — although I’ve been “really into black lately,” which is a dumb sentence to write but also a real thing since I have historically shied away from it ever since working in PR 100 years ago. Not that I wore a swimsuit to work event doors but whatever.

I’m turning the rest of my attention to dresses since I stand by what I first said, that I’m gonna be on a dress kick this summer, and part of why I like dresses, I am now realizing, is they eliminate the whole THERE IS A HOLE in my summer wardrobe thing — because really, the dress is its own puzzle piece.

(The Topshop dress you found is amazing — the yellow one. It reminds me of Kate Hudson’s yellow dress in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, only if that movie were set in the late 90s.)

Over here in Mango-land, this striped silk-y dress is pretty.

And this crochet dress is srsly cool. Navy might be better though?

Look at this pink slip! Sort of like the pink answer to your yellow…

And this is still kind of expensive, but for $279.99 this could be one very chill bride’s gown.

For my next act, I will stock up on 50 of these white tops.

I also stand by my hunt for summer shoes. Something feels like it’s missing. That’s because wrap sandals aren’t totally doing it for me now…

Unsure if that means I should go with a “statement” (back to these Sanayi 313 ones again, this time in gold…are the red ones better?).

A slide?

Go super super super simple?

Orrrrrrrrrrrrr…. make like a cat and meow?

Maybe I should just put this hat on my head with these sunglasses on my face (this hat and these sunglasses for you) and go barefoot. Ugh, you’re not even going to respond to this. BYE.

Photos by Madeline Montoya; Art Direction by Emily Zirimis.

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