Leandra and Amelia Discuss $70 Sweaters and Holiday Party Outfits

On Nov 9, 2018 at 1:30 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

Hello Turkey Trot,

Important question: Should I or should I not get this Mango sweater for $69.99 that comes with a matching scarf attached — specifically to wear with my new MR Holiday Buffet tortoiseshell unibrow sunglasses that I have taken to wearing indoors?

Or should I get this one? Little more $ but holy moly is it a good one.

I’d wear either with jeans, obviously (although let me know if you come across a pair of loose check trousers that you like that won’t cost me the skin of both my shins), and these red Miista shoes that Harling got me into one day when I forgot to bring non-commuter shoes and sneakers didn’t go with my outfit.

LMKWUT (let me know what u think).


On Nov 12, 2018, 8:33 a.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Hi Poops McGee! Happy November. Have you started playing the station Holiday Favorites on Amazon music yet? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And that first Mango sweater is the most wonderful knit of the year! I know this opinion is almost obnoxiously biased, but do you find that all the stuff from the Buffet takes a lot of pressure off your closet? I know that was kind of the point, but I’m so impressed that it actually works! I have basically been wearing a version of this sweater and these jeans or these leggings with various forms of footwear:

And then just switching out the earrings and the hats and the sunglasses and especially the bags and feeling like a brand new person every dang day. The other new outfit template I have taken to includes:

So good with the tiger bag, both earrings and navy striped sunglasses (+ beanie if it’s cold).

How are you wearing THE EVENING CLUTCH FOR EARLY RISERS? In my dreams, I pair it with this The Row skirt, an ivory t-neck, some dramatic earrings and red lipstick/a black liquid cat-eye and gigantic black velvet hairbow.

On Nov 19, 2018, 4:46 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

Don’t mind me just jumping in like a guy on Bumble after not responding for a month while pretending that I’m “not on this app that much.”

I’m a Friday-after-Thanksgiving kind of holiday music listener, thanx so much for asking, although I’ve dug out the white lights that I’m going to string on the mantle that holds up my television (almost two years in this apartment and I still haven’t put the TV on a stand, why start now), and I just bought a bunch of red berry branches from the bodega by my apt where I buy all my flowers. Have you started decorating? Can you smell your birthday month from here?

Okay so I get that for you, Buffet is giving you an excuse or a hall pass or just a damn minute to go easy on your other clothes and let the accessories do the talking. It makes sense, especially given all that we’ve been chatting about in terms of editing down our own wardrobes.

But oddly enough, Buffet, when I do wear it, has been giving me the opposite effect — kind of. I think because it’s so “funky” in comparison to my usual style, it’s actually been encouraging me to ask my outfits lean a bit more into the Buffet aesthetic.

For example, today I knew I wanted to wear the blue and red striped sunglasses. Well then of course I also wanted to wear the matching beanie. (If you give a mouse a cookie.) As a base, I already had black leather pants, and a black turtleneck. So normally, I’d probably do a navy sweater to tie in the beanie, but, because buffet is so fun and weird that the sunglasses give me a delightful rainbow shaped unibrow, I ended up wearing a multicolor boucle blazer and clashing on purpose. A true wild woman.

I also can’t stop putting the pearly “Repeller” flagpole a.k.a. barrette in my hair when it’s braided, which is always these days. I wore it last week at the top of the braid, and at the bottom of my bread, a black satin bow.

Actually, that’s how I would kick off my Evening Clutch for Early Risers outfit: The pearly “Repeller” flagpole a.k.a. barrette toward the back of my head, a French braid below it, a satin bow to tie it, plus this velvet suit blazer, no shirt under, belted at the waist, maybe with this insanely 80s Gucci belt for 195 on The Real Real (that may be wayy to much bow-stuff, though) or this Moschino belt with a heart buckle for $85 — how cuteee. I need that no matter what. This Chanel one for $335 is insanely chic. It is, right? Not just because it’s Chanel? With this tartan Topshop skirt that I definitely definitely should buy this second right? (Speaking of tartan how cute/cool/cuole are these tartan and pearl Simone Rochas ballet flats on sale for $287).

Maybe with black strappy party shoes like these Christian LaCroix embellished sandals for $85 on The RealReal … P.S. The RealReal has pages and pages of the shoe equivalent of the LBD right now.

And I’d probably wear the Thinking Cap on my way to the party.

Okay speaking of, how are you wearing that Thinking Cap in a casual way? (Or is there not one?)

On Nov 19, 2018, 5:15 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Look over at my desk! I wore it today as a choker, basically, with this blazer and a navy deep v-neck polo and so many necklaces to punctuate the hat-choker. I also wore these sweatpants.

Tomorrow you’ll see me in this sweater with these sweatpants and these boots and probably the thinking cap again. Get that Moschino belt! It is very cute.

That Mango blazer is good too. Would you wear it with knee cap leggings and satin mules? I’m devising something similar for the holiday office party. I just got a great pair of Manolos from The Real Real for $76.

Also caught you looking at these cabbage bowls on Tory Burch’s site… in case you’re wondering, I would love this hors d’oeuvres bowl. You know how much I love an olive/nut medley! I’ll take the pitcher too, but use it for mulled wine.

NOW FOR THE GRANDEST Q: What the hell are you doing about a winter coat? I hate coats so much. They ruin everything. The closest I have come to one I like is this guy by Totême. But now I think I like this black one, too?

On Nov 19, 2018, 10:03 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

The cabbage bowls are for GIFT GUIDE!!!

But UGH, the coat convo. I’ve been wearing this black Ganni puffer non-stop because all my coats are still at my dad’s.

What makes me nervous is it got so cold so early this year that I’m already sick of it, but I feel like I’m just going to suck it up and alternate that black puffer and a navy Tibi coat and focus on the outfit underneath.

I think my focus now is on boots. I’m still into that croc-embossed Trademark pair you showed me last month — now they’re on sale.

And I am watching all the Calvin Klein cowboy boots slowwwlllyyy dip down in price… I swear if I see a black, brown or neutral-y pair get to $400, I’m going for it.

I’m also still on the “LBD” hunt. I didn’t see this ruffle-sleeve slip the first go-around (it’s $325 but it feels like a forever basic). Should I just do that and vow to keep it in my closet forever? I could get the green one (and wear it with the tiger MR Buffet clutch).

In other news, I want this green J.Crew fleece in a completely un-ironic way.

My eyes are crossing.

On Nov 21, 2018, 2:11 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

How long do I think the fleece trend will last? Does it matter? I’d consider fleece half-zips a staple of your style! Truly an evergreen choice for you. For me, however, I’d say the trend is over already.

You know, I used to not care about my coats and just focus on the outfit underneath it, but then I realized I spend more time wearing my coat than anything else, so I wanna feel good about how I look from the outside in. It’s like prepping the wall (my outer-appearance) to defend my shrine (the inside of my look). But I guess the way I’m resolving to do that now is by finding interesting ways to DECORATE my coats. I.e. wearing a cashmere hoodie UNDER said coat? Affixing a belt to the top of the coat? Idk!

Pandora’s vintage shopping story threw me down an Etsy hole and now I have these open in two different tabs. If I’m getting either, I’d probably go for the jacket to wear with like, light wash jeans, beige loafers and a turtleneck under. (Very specific, I know.) Come to think of it, I’d probably wear both this way.

NOW! AS FOR HOLIDAY PARTY WEARS! I have this skirt, which I feel would be perfect for the holiday season to wear with a plain black turtleneck, a jacket like this one, all the Repeller barrettes in my hair (at the top and bottom of a braid) and some CRAZY FUCKIN’ SHOES — or these. Wtvr. The Carry Bradshaw is obviously invited too.

On Nov 25, 2018, 5:49 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

Oh man I am with you on the Etsy tumble — I think it may be the place to FINALLY FIND the replacement to the herringbone blazer I am always talking about losing. Look at this one!! It’s $151, I should do it, right? (Would 100% wear the tiger stripe lunch pouch with this.)

I also accidentally typed in tartan ski when I meant tartan skirt and look what popped up — a tartan ski sweater. Yoink!

While we’re talking tartan, do you think I should get this tartan dress from J.Crew please say yes.

I am also, weirdly, into this camel colored knit turtleneck with metallic flecks and a matching skirt. Looks great online but can’t tell what the deal will be in person, or if it will make me look like a tanner version of naked me once on.

Back to the coat convo, do you think this check coat from Pixie Market is warm? It’s 90% wool. That’s something that’s hard about coat shopping online because how can you ever tell?

OH ALSO I HAVE AN EMERGENCY. DID YOU KNOW THAT TORY SPORT MAKES CASHMERE SWEATPANTS??? The navy ones you keep showing me gave me a craving and then boom, these. In hunter and navy. I think they’re the upgrade I was looking for in the athleisure department (I can’t stop being comfy but can’t stand being schlubby and on true sweatpant days these may be the answer). Add the Goldilocks beanie and who even needs a shirt?

(But do check out this Tory Sport fair isle turtleneck sweater in Slim Aarons green.) It’s like a cozy lollipop.

K I’m off to go on a holiday party outfit hunt, if you’ll excuse me.

On Nov 26, 2018, 1:00 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

I got that Tory apres-ski turtleneck! I can’t wait to wear it with my beanie and sunglasses. I also got this white polo because I felt like it was the shirt to end all others in many ways. Perfect layered over a turtleneck, but also damn good riding solo with like, a brocade mini skirt or high waist jeans.

How was your Thanksgiving, btw? Mine was decidedly perfect. I spent so much time with my kids, finished two books that I was reading simultaneously, had a a hilarious encounter with Abie when we both woke up from nightmares that were SO us (mine was that my dad left my mom, had a new girlfriend who hated my kids and my dad chose her over us when I gave him an ultimatum and Abie’s dream was that it snowed 100 inches in NYC). I still cackle thinking about it. It’s like when our Amazon orders are bundled together and mine contains books about managing yourself and emotional agility and his contains humidifiers.

Speaking of humidifiers, it was g-dang freezing this past weekend. I almost staged a closet upheaval and threw away everything that was not a gigantic knit, but I’m glad I didn’t because things like this exist to wear over regular clothes and make them feel like cozy knits.

Have you also figured out any alternative uses for your barrettes? I’ve been wearing them 5 at a time in my hair but lately am also clipping them into the straps of my tank tops or button holes of my shirts. It’s weird, but supes fun. My holiday party look is this top with barrettes clipped into the straps with black tights and velvet heels. Where am I going dressed like a cross between Shirley Temple and Edie Sedgwick? Good question. Who cares.

On Nov 26, 2018, 3:33 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

I don’t love nightmares and in fact I am staunchly against them BUT I do love how, as you said, both your nightmares were very “you.” (Just like that polo is! Very you, and very Abie! Three thumbs up.)

My Thanksgiving was a non-Thanksgiving in terms of the classic celebration, but it was so nice to spend time with my mom. We did a lot of eating and a lot of walking around — shoutout to Blundstone for making comfortable walking-around boots that can get wet — it rained a bit. They were all I had — those and a pair of pointy black heels from Topshop. You’d be so proud of me: I packed the smallest carry-on you’ve ever seen, which felt like a way to dip my toe into the pool of eliminating that which I don’t really wear/getting over the fear that out of nowhere, I might be invited to a party for which the dress code is polka-dot black-tie dress on top, ski-chalet on bottom (or something), and not be prepared. I do think this eventually means that sometimes I’ll have to accept some outfits will feel 85% complete, or like missed opportunities entirely. That might be worth it for the headache.

I started two books but didn’t finish them: Elena Ferrante’s “My Brilliant Friend” — I’m “late” to the wagon, of course, and not totally sure if I’m on it yet, and “Emma,” (Jane Austin, obv) which ended up winning the majority of my attention. Of the two you read, which was your favorite?

For the MR holiday party, I think I might do the classic black Sleeper pajama set, maybe with this sequined Tibi turtleneck shell underneath.

I think the Carry Bradshaw would go great with this outfit.

These wouldn’t go but I am about halfway to pretending otherwise in the name of 50% off blue velvet Balenciaga mules. Or these Marni flats on sale that are so weird.

So far these navy croc-embossed mules on sale for $210 are the winners, though

Can’t tell if these Miista flats (also croc-embossed, black) will work with the sleeper pants but I just got them am I’m really into them.

OR SHOULD I GO FLUFF ON FLUFF with these Manolo Blahnik slip on mules.

And how am I wearing the barrettes, you ask? Eitherrrr two of the pearl-y versions on my left side at once, which is where almost all my hair is, pulling the curtain back, or, toward the bottom of my head, top of a French braid, keeping all the whispy bits from falling into my face.

Last question for you before I get back to work: should I get this sweater or do I have it already?

I just feel like it would look great with the Goldilocks beanie.

And the matching sunglasses.

…And the rooster earring.

And the red glitter Flagpole.

Oh for heaven’s sake! I GOTTA WORK, BYE.

On Nov 27, 2018, 10:39 a.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

OMG those Manolos — but anyone who gets those is being severely blinded by holiday party season, no? A former me would have pulled the trigger already, but come January, February, March…will I ever actually wear those again? Idealistically, theoretically, romantically, of course I will, but realistically, will I?

I never used to think like this! Am I becoming practical? I scoff! Scoff, I tell ya. Hmmph. Anyway, I see you are v into velvet shoes right now but can’t actually imagine you wearing either of those so I say don’t get them. I also say that lately I have been wearing kitten heel pointed-toe booties with white jeans and silk button down blouses (when I say lately I mean that I wore this exact outfit to Thanksgiving dinner and then again the following night to dinner at my mom’s house). It makes me wonder if we’ve reached peak poplin and whether silk shirts are coming back. They feel so good, but they’re so hard. I don’t think I’ve ever had one that didn’t contract an oil stain within one wear.

Meanwhile, I think I found the perfect t-shirt, but I don’t know why it’s $363.

G2G 2! Bye!!

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