Amelia and Leandra Try to Talk About Clothes, End Up Talking About Feelings

Should I Buy This July 2018

On Jul 18, 2018 at 5:33 PM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

My targeted ads are really hitting me where it hurts! Every time I venture to check the weekend weather, I am distracted by offerings that speak so acutely to my personal style I wonder how personal it really is. How does this algorithm know me so well? Just today, in one sitting, it served me an entire outfit I would wear, starting with this crop top by Red Valentino and these jeans from Isabel Marant.

Subsequently, I fell down a sale rabbit hole on Moda Operandi and now all of these things are in my cart.

Still unclear whether I will end up with none or all of it…

But man, this Margiela dress!

On Jul 19, 2018 at 3:56 PM, Amelia Diamond:

That’s creepy! You just missed a convo in the office but short version: THEY are definitely listening to us. Also did you know that Facebook HQ’s address is 1 Hacker Way?

…But still, whoever’s watching you through your laptop camera has gr8 taste; that’s a cute outfit and I really like those white swim bottoms. You should wear this blue fishnet skirt over it.

Over on my computer, I’m about two seconds away from pulling the buy on this black Solid & Striped x Re/Done one piece. I need to stop buying swim but this one (my last, I swear) is important for a few reasons:

– I love the waist thing and the boob cups

– I need to retire my old black American Apparel one-piece because it’s SO high-hipped and 80s that I feel like I’m going to be over that style soon

– I tried this one on at American Two Shot and it fit perfectly and I suddenly envisioned myself a better person for owning it.

I’d wear it with these tiger print sunglasses, a button-down shirt over if my arms started to burn and then black and white Charlotte Stone sandals that are the same as these, style-wise, but I can’t find the color I want online.

I stopped myself because I had just dropped cash on Biologique Recherche p50. Maybe they’ll go on sale.

Speaking of going on sale, do you think this Elle Dress from Cult Gaia will?

Maybe I’ll just get this visor.

I’m not really “craving” anything honestly, which is a nice feeling! You’re going on vacation like, tomorrow.


On Jul 19, 2018 at 4:32 PM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

A carry-on, of course! But first: How much does p50 cost? I know I could just google it, but I’d rather you have to tell me so that you’re reminded of how much money you’re spending on it.

ANYWAY! I’m taking lots of bathing suits that look like this and this and this.

And a panoply of coverup options, mostly like this and this and this and this.

Real vacation is about not wearing shoes, so I’m planning to freeball my feet to the extent that I can, but these, these and these are the lone three pairs I’m packing JUST IN CASE.

For night lewks, I’m mostly wearing day lewks e.g. button-down shirts and boxer shorts or sheer beach dresses with exposed underwear and bra + some jewelry, like this turquoise necklace by my brother or a set of pearls.

Should I throw in a halter top for good measure? I’m getting srs Tara Reid vibes from this one.

TBH, I’m kind of over cotton nightgown-style dresses and think I’m ready to start wearing real nightgowns. The silk kind! Did I ever tell you about the time I bought one in Paris and wore it to a wedding? This is a dress, but maintains a nightgown feel and because I can’t unsee that other Margiela one, I think I need it? And this kimono is wild!

Also, I’m sups into hats lately. What do you think of this one? I just got a similar one as a gift and appreciate that it can be a hat or a choker depending on how I wear it. It also makes me feel like a beekeeper, which is cool because I’m so fucking scared of bees, maybe this will quell my fear.

Final comment: Can you please glance over to the right (my desk) and tell me that you love my dress? I found it via an Instagram ad. Good targeting, huh.

Jk, one more comment (a question, really): Am I going to hate these in a month? I love them so much today. Maybe these are better?

On Jul 19, 2018 at 7:58 PM, Amelia Diamond:

P50 first because head, shoulders, knees and then toes: According to this Racked Piece that tells you everything you need to know about P50 (which I am very glad for because this stuff is intimidating), you can’t buy it online so it’s actually is hard to find out the price, and “it costs anywhere from $27 for a travel size to $112 for an 8.4 ounce version.”

Speaking of head, what’s that scalp shampoo you like again?

That dress you are wearing is just stupendous! I almost said “super cute” but then pictured the consequences.

The Margiela dress from earlier is goooooood. Will the gold one scratch your itch or is it the embellished boob cups that you like?

I think you’re gonna hate those pants. The Margiela jeans on sale are similar and so much better. If you’re gonna get novelty jeans, I think you should save your coins for the real Johnny Cash.

Okay speaking of jeans: I just bought a pair of Levi’s Wedgie Straight Jeans and they are amazing. They were in the window of a store that I walk by every day, and I kept assuming they were vintage, which I then promptly ignored because vintage 501’s just do not work on me, I have finally accepted. But I kept passing them, kept being like, “IDK, those ones look like they’d work…” so I went in and they’re a new cut made to look vintage bla bla bla and they are GREAT. Super stiff (in a good way). They need to do this cut, without the knees, in white. I almost want to buy two more pairs because I’m anxious they’re going to discontinue this style and I’m going to shed blood on them or something and then what. AND THEN WHAT, LEANDRA?

(Although these Raey ones on sale for $60 are pretty good.)

Because I hope it stays too hot to wear jeans, I’m hunting the sales for skirts. What do you think about…

This yellow one from Mango for $39.99 or this gingham one for $29.99?

And unrelated but should I get these metallic bow mules by Rochas for…just in case?

Definitely getting this black dress on sale from Mango for $8.99. That’s one of those things you buy, save, pack for every trip even if you’re like “meh” and thank your lucky stars you did.

I know, snooze. I can’t believe you’re able to have so much restraint when packaging for a week away because don’t you feel like you want to get there and let your outfits EXPLODE?

Or do you do that so much during the week that you prefer to generally go nude?

On Jul 19, 2018 at 8:31 PM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Did you mean to write “packaging” re: a week away or was it a typo? I’m so hoping it was not (a typo, that is). You know, I used to turn into one of those 360-degree rotating heads when I was packing for vacation because I thought I wanted to let my outfits explode, but I do think there’s something to your follow-up question re: going balls to the walls during the week. More than anything that makes a vacation relaxing is actually not thinking about what I am going to wear. Don’t get me wrong here — I value what I look like (because it reflects how I feel) more than many things and there is no exception to this rule, not even one that finds me deserted in the Himalayas with nary a camera in plain view, but I am also comfortable, for the first time ever, committing to a single look and sticking with it. Like, if I end up wearing the same bathing suit styled with a cover up the same exact way the whole seven days that I’m gone, that’ll feel like a coup because it’ll mean that I appropriately encapsulated my ~feelings~ in outfit form for long enough to satisfy a whole trip, where experience babies are born. I don’t know if I am describing what I mean acutely enough — there’s more to it but I just swallowed a fruit fly and am really distracted by it zipping down my throat.

Hold please.

That was weird. NOW! Don’t get those Rochas shoes, you’re never going to wear them, but what about these Manolos for $182? I hate myself for wanting these. Hey, these currently-unseasonal but no-doubt-responsible boots by Mansur Gavriel seem pretty awesome, too. They’re on sale for $268.

Moving on: get that gingham skirt! Actually don’t. But did you buy the jeans? If you get this top and these sandals you’ve been whining about for the last two weeks, you will probably never have to wear another outfit again, which I salute. (In line with what I was getting at before the great fruit fly snafu of 2018.)

They really are the best sandals ever. I might want them in lilac to wear with this tracksuit. BUT WAIT! SIDERAIL! (siderail?) Forget the track suit, this dress is ***it.*** So are these earrings. Why are they $18?

I don’t feel like talking about clothes anymore. Tell me about your feelings. How’s your heart?

On Jul 19, 2018 at 9:14 PM, Amelia Diamond:


Talking to myself here for a moment so, I think I don’t wanna talk about clothes because it’s summer and the weather is so nice outside and my apartment window faces the backyard of a restaurant where at least two birthdays occur a week. I’m so used to these birthday parties that I feel like I should be invited next time. Sometimes I sing the HBD song along with them in my apartment. Anyway, all of that makes it annoying to talk about clothes because you’re itchy to just get dressed and go the eff outside!

My heart is doing well, thank you for asking! I just ate some salmon so that should help it further. How’s yours? Do Madeline and Laura miss their umbilical chords or not really?

I did get the jeans! The Wedgies? They’re mine. I can’t believe I never bought that Pixie Market shirt a few rounds ago. It still looks so…right. Guess that’s a sign. And I KNOW those Emme Parsons sandals are so damn perfect it hurts my hear– oh, there’s your answer to that question, huh?

And here I am, talking about clothes again. Probably because someone started laying on their horn for 100 years, also by window. Hello, New York!

In my current shopping cart, because I’m not DYING for anything but am also, simultaneously, a sucker for these sales, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to want forever.

I always am down for a new white crispy blouse. I like that this one’s a pullover.

This one’s a little fancy but it’s Carolina Herrera on sale and so beautiful so, hello.

And this green-and-white striped complicated neck-thing shirt…this is really speaking to me.

Otherwise, I want magpie stuff I can’t afford LIKE THIS ALTUZARRA HUMAN DISCO BALL DRESS WOULD YOU LOOK AT IT?

…I take back the dying thing because I now am suddenly, desperately in need of the following:

This Pepto-pink Staud top (to wear with those same jeans, and the perfect sandals)

This black Staud dress, instead of the Mango one. And this Pop & Suki bag.

Last question: Do you think these multicolored Tabitha Simmons shoes will scratch my rainbow Chloé sandal itch?

On Jul 20, 2018 at 8:35 AM, Leandra M. Cohen:

Currently it’s 8:20 a.m. and I just sent a long winded calendar email to Nora and you. Do you think it scares her when I ask 101 questions? My delivery is kind of erratic, right? And I have a tendency to make everything seem so urgent? I think I need to re-read that book, Radical Candor.

Anyway! My heart is doing pretty well! The kinderlach (yiddish for kids) ate at 7 a.m. and now they’re taking a short nap. Abie is behind me reading the newspaper which I only know because I can hear the pages turning, there is also a cover version of Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York playing in the kitchen, where I’m sitting and eating a vanilla oatmeal cookie from Maman. You know what’s so great about babies? The only thing you have to do to make them so-happy-you-would-think-Amelia’s-dad-bought-her-a-unicorn is show up. Like when I go to their room in the morning they just start cracking up and doing the dead beetle (that thing when your arms and legs flail while you’re on your back). It’s been such a good reminder for me of how little I need in order to feel so much.

Maybe THAT’S why I don’t feel like talking about clothes. I also haven’t shopped in a little while and I think the vicious cycle of shopping is such that buying perpetuates more buying. The less you acquire, the less you need. It’s counterintuitive surface-speaking, but makes a lot of sense. You know this. I know this. Bla bla bla.

Because it is Friday, tho, and that means Net-a-Porter and Matches just dropped batches of !new goods! (I know too much about the backends of these properties by simple virtue of spending so much time on the front end…its embarrassing), here are some cool things I would consider buying if they were free. Insane Gucci jacket. More reasonable tartan jacket. Absurd superman earring that I wouldn’t wear, but am so excited to see.

I feel like these are the kinds of pants you don’t get excited at all about buying but feel really, really great about owning once you have them. $800 is so much but if I can get 30% off and use the remains of a giftcard…what say you?

Btw, baby Gucci. Do you think size 10 is sold out because adults bought it for themselves?

On Jul 20, 2018 at 12:05 PM, Amelia Diamond:

Kinderlach! That scene you just described sounds like a really specific kind of heaven.

Re: Kinderlach Gucci, yeah, 100% people are buying the 10s and somehow squeezing their heads through the neck holes. That’s literally like stealing candy from a baby, only instead of Twix, it’s Gucci. Don’t babies barf on everything, though?

Although, who am I to judge given that everything white I own is covered in coffee and ketchup.

$800 is way too much for Row khakis even with the discount!! They are beautiful, though.

Meanwhile, I’ve been over here trying to think about why online window shopping hasn’t been feeling as fun as it used to and I think that’s because it’s kind of like Instagram now. It feels like an obligation to scroll through all your posts, to scroll through all the pages of a sale — the intention of both being so that you don’t “miss something”… whoa I’m gonna interrupt my first train of thought with this one: I have digital FOMO. I thought I grew out of IRL FOMO, all self-righteous like “look at me, I’m so mature now, I don’t care about not going out!,” but in reality, I developed a fear of missing something ON OUR PHONES….

… And now a fear of missing out of something on sale that I didn’t even know I needed before!?

Although, I suppose that whole not knowing you needed something, and then realize you very much did in fact need it, is part of the fun. So maybe what continues to make me annoyed about the online shopping thing, really, is just pages and pages of TOO MANY OPTIONS.

I think that’s why I’ve been having a nicer time just going to one website with a not-overwhelming amount of product. Like, going to during a sale (right now!) is fun. I have these things saved in my cart:

This white snap dress (I have it in navy and feel soooo cool — physically cool — and elegant — emotionally elegant — when I wear it)

These “sunray” colored sandals

This silk slip (that I know I have talked about before but it’s so on sale I really should get it)

Or maybe this blazer

Lizzie Fortunato’s website is fun for that same reason. I love these earrings.

It’s why Frankie Shop feels like a brain break rather than a to-do list. And speaking of, my brain is interested in:

This green and white polka dot jumpsuit, not for me to wear but to style for a story. It’s so fun

This pink and lavender gingham dress is pretty, too.

I L O V E this khaki skirt. I actually want this really badly, suddenly. I’d wear it the same way it’s styled in the photo, with a breezy white button down shirt.

Here are high-waist khakis for $130, by the way, not sure if they scratch your itch.

And before I need you, I need the hat here more than anything, I think.

The dress is good too — think we talked about it last time. But that hat! It’s so simple and not obnoxious if you wear it in the right context. A whole other thing to think about in a whole other email chain I guess.


On Jul 20, 2018 at 1:41 PM, Leandra M. Cohen:


Feel like you just had a coming-to moment and I am grateful, humbled, honored, etc. to have been on the receiving end. Isn’t it cool that you are able to distinguish precisely what you like for yourself vs. what you’d like to style? My own sense of style is so enmeshed with the way I like to style that sometimes I feel like I end up with a closet full of one hit wonders because I’m an impulsive shopper who has until very recently lived by the tenet that if it excites you, you should buy it. (Not all the time, obviously, but as I said re: those The Row pants, it is always the most boring purchases, or least eventful ones that yield the best wear-results.) And while we’re on this topic — those khaki pants from Frankie Shop are my solution to The Row version, huh.

I get what you mean about Frankie Shop, btw. Last time we spoke about it, I told you it confused my style because it made me feel like I both know and don’t know myself but I think you touched upon a much more accurate portrayal of it in that it is exciting not because it makes you feel like you know yourself but because you can actually process it. Here’s my evergreen summer lewk in a nutshell:

And here’s my I-loved-this-Céline-collection look. I really like this dress with the belt, too, and this model is making me want to cut my hair again.

Hey, Creatures of Comfort is also on sale, btw; that’s another relatively absorbable site to look at. I know this sounds like a stupid sentence, but I’m really into tank tops lately and this one is a great shade of Miranda Priestly blue. It comes in black and white too. $36! This top is so great too, and I am ABOUT these Mary-Slanes (a term I just coined for Mary-Jane slides).

I’m thinking…if I get that ribbed tank for $36, plus those ridiculous crystal Isabel Marant flat sandals I mentioned earlier in the thread (I found them on another site for $355) and just wear them with high waist ecru pants that are cropped enough so you can see the entirety of the shoe, I won’t have to wear a single ‘nother outfit for the rest of the summer and possibly fall. This is also, I suppose, my version of that outfit you wrote about that went viral at Couture Week.

I have to go, my lip is ready to be OOO again. Don’t bother responding. Love u, bye!

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi. In feature photo: Marni crystal embellished satin shoes via, Balenciaga Superman earring via, Pop & Suki navy and white embossed bag, Lizzie Fortunato heart drop earrings, CHIMI tiger print cat-eye sunglasses, Adam Selman x Le Specs black frame cat-eye sunglasses, Onia chili pepper panama hat, DONNI woven tote.

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