Leandra and Amelia Debate White Blouses and Following Trends

On May 7, 2018 at 8:07 AM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Should I get these?

Too late! Just did! Call it a late push gift from me to me. Shoes seem apropos under this guise given that they come in twos. (Plus, I have a gift card to Matches, so I paid all of $128 for them). Mostly I am excited to wear them with recklessly loose jeans, teeny tiny tank tops

And so much shit around my neck. The works! Maybe add these earrings too.

On May 7, 2018 at 8:40 AM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Those are GREAT JEANS. And I feel like all feets deserve push presents as some point because they have to push our bodies around all the time.

Also, I’m so glad you emailed — excellent customer service, 5 stars for you — because I actually have some questions about your shoes.

1) I really want these wedges but think I prefer the purple ones — where the hell are the purple ones? Only seeing ivory here.

2) True to size or go a size up?

3) Am I being an idiot by not getting these instead? I just picture more outfits with the wedge.


I’m 30 this month so considering these a push present to myself. SPEAKING OF birthday, I need to figure out what I’m wearing to it, any suggestions?

In the meantime, I’m stocking up for summer. I’m going to get these Kule shirts:

And I really, really want to get this Ciao Lucia Allegra top. This one is an easy yes, right? I can wear all of the above with these Moussy shorts. Maybe I’ll add these sunglasses.

Are these cute or am I on almost-summer high?

On May 7, 2018 at 10:29 AM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

I have so many things to say, starting with thanks for outfitting me, too! I will wear my version of Ciao Lucia’s Allegra top in the form of Doen with these Moussy shorts and the afore-emailed Marni sandals. (And to answer your question, yes, get the Ciao Lucia top. I have the same one in this weird shiny blue from last year and I thought I was never going to wear it, then got pregnant and never wore it and now I can’t wait to glue it to my chest.)

Next thing I have to say: No to those ruffle shorts. Definitively no. But on the topic of your birthday, I have already started bookmarking outfits for you!!! There is no version of reality where you should not look like a disco ball for whatever you do. I know neither of these dresses are your style (I threw in one maternity dress in case you’re pregnant — you never know!!!), and that they’d probably look not great given that they’re so clearly not your style, but you should enter (or I guess exit?) 30 feeling unlike yourself in anticipation that it opens your mind, body and spirit to new opportunities.

Srsly, though, for your Kule Hutton top, how about these shorts? You’ll look like a birthday miracle! I’ll tie this up with a juicy bow by suggesting that the lobster heels will look fab with this outfit. If you disagree, here is another option. I love these a lot. Also, add this bag, you can fill it with confetti to throw around the city on your birthday like you are a flower girl and the sidewalk is this town is wedding. That doesn’t even make sense but who cares.


Where can I find something like this, but cheaper?

On May 20, 2018 at 6:05 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

HELLO I AM BACK, 13 DAYS LATER AND ONE YEAR OLDER. Excuse my delay I fell into quicksand and you know how that goes.

I got the Ciao Lucia top and now, I anxiously await. Those Jacquemus sandals are perfect. I love them. My heart hurts. I also love those massive-sequin-covered shorts. (Also that knit bag is so fun. I want to do a market story about THE SUMMER BAG. This baby should be in it.)

Seeing as I am now 30 and my birthday has passed and I wore a Creatures of Comfort dress that is no longer online but is SORT OF similar to this one (kinda), I shall quickly instead turn my attention to finding you a cheaper version of that Missoni coverup.

Is this one Free People ($298) close at all or is it the rainbow you want?

This pretty boho-y one is $128 — I can’t tell if you’d actually wear it though. It’s also kinda Chloé from that one season (you’ll know the one).

If it’s more of a kaftan situation you’re after, there are some cool vintage Lilly Pulitzer kaftans on eBay. I particularly like this one because its owner titled it the Caftan Kaftan. This person understands SEO and user behavior.

Another thing I’ve been watching on eBay: Polo Ralph Lauren flag sweaters from the 90s. This one’s under $70 AND it’s ivory (it apparently has a few small stains but who’s counting).

In far less thrilling news, my mom just got me this floor lamp for my birthday. It’s been a top apartment priority. Now I need a headboard. Maybe throw in this plate, too.

Has it been so fun to nest in your new apt with two humans who require permanent coziness?

On May 21, 2018 at 2:19 PM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Did you say headboard or headband?

I was ready to jump down your throat and say something like, “I should have known better than to let you find me an alt. to that coverup!” but the Shopbop one pretty much fulfills exactly the purpose I was looking to fulfill! In other news completely and utterly related to the two annoying ass weeks you made me wait for a reply thus putting a newfangled sense of urgency on what is usually a quite delightful string of emails, here are all the links I kept saved in a draft.

This yellow dress because I think it would go great with your boobs. This top because I think it would really highlight your clavicles. This green dress because I think it would go great with my face. This ruffle collar top because I appreciate nothing more than baby clothes made in adult sizes and these sandals because they seem like the kind of shoes you don’t get excited to buy, but then get because they’re sensible and you’re an adult, then wear every day because they’re comfortable enough and every night because they’re fancy enough.

Meanwhile, Tibi is doing a re-up on the vinyl belt, and suddenly I need a pair of yellow sunglasses.

Also…Matches did just start their sale! Leave it to beaver to choose a pair of still-full-price shorts to need. At least they’re under $120? Then again, these ones are $65. So good with a flimsy tank like this one.

And theeeeeeeseeeeeee are $18.

b) or c)

Can you think of a good reason why I might need this dress? Can you brainstorm a payment plan too?

On May 21, 2018 at 7:05 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:


(Great pearls btw)


That yellow dress is the greatest thing ever. I want it. I’m seriously about to buy it. I feel like I could just wear it with sandals. Speaking of which, those Topshop ones are so good. The Row too (duh).

But I can’t focus on sandals yet when there are swimsuits to be had, like:

This two-piece mix-and-matcher (not sure if I’ll get but I love how athletic and also how high-hipped it is)
This striped off-the-shoulder baby
This navy one
And I loooove this white one that honestly just looks like white underwear and a tank

But I can’t ever really get into the high-waist swim thing. I love how it looks on others just not me. Look how cute this gingham one is!

Also there’s so much swim on sale at Matches, speaking of.

In non-sale land, when is this going to get reduced :(((

Oh and speaking of expensive things (that look like baby clothes) forget the Dolce dress and time-share this with me instead. Those strawberries have hooked me and I don’t care who knows it except for my bank account, who I will have to trick!

Another also: Leandra. Are we going to get sick of these “pretty white blouses”? IDK what else to call them. They’re this summer’s off-the-shoulder top and I am worried they will, as was the inevitable fate of Harling’s OTS top so long ago, lose their spark.

Oh and I said headboard.

On May 21, 2018 at 8:54 PM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

I have so many things to say and none of them have anything at all to do with bathing suits. Just get a couple basic ones, throw some old button down shirts over them, add saucy sunglasses and a shit ton of beaded jewelry, maybe include a hat, maybe don’t, and call it a beach look! It is a recipe as simple to follow as that of banana pancakes (the kind that consist of two eggs and a banana only).

NOW, as far as white shirts go: I was thinking today about trends and buying into them and when they get boring and how they stay good, when they stay good and this is what I have deduced: We all have our own respective senses of style, right? Sure, mass integration of a trend might really ruin something for you (see: cowrie shells — as you know, I have been hunting and wearing them unseasonably since like, 2012) but for a trend to get ruined, it also has to be very distinct (currently, we are over-indexing like mad on all permutations of the seashell. These included, but man they’re good!)

Anyhoo: No one is going to care about, for example, tiny sunglasses in due time because it is such a distinct, identifiable trend, except for those who cared about them before they were a trend. This brings me to my next point: If the trend in question is a member of your style’s true DNA, you always come back to it. This is why I never tire of utility jackets, why denim cut-offs paired with ballet flats are such a default outfitting choice for me and why even through the Coachella craze of the late aughts, I can’t shake my love for flimsy white cotton two-piece looks. Can you even imagine a reality where Harling doesn’t love caftans and satin flat mules? Me neither!

Oops, just fell down a rabbit hole and now need to find these in my size or I might die.

BUT I DIGRESS! Re: “pretty white blouses,” yeah, they’re members of a big ass trend sweeping the nation like eagles overhead but your style is also very much such that you love a cocoon shoulder and slim waist. This is my long-winded way of saying buy the damn shirt!

In other news: I want these, to wear with this Courreges skirt I just bought from Moda Operandi on sale and this cute-ass top by my new favorite brand, Innika Choo. (See what I mean about the flimsy whites?). Also obsessed with this tote, but recognize that it’s excessive.

On May 24, 2018 at 3:28 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

You are so right about a trend not mattering if it’s part of your regular style. It’s like having a standout signature perfume but in clothing form. And the nice thing about that is that if you really drive home that THIS IS MY THING, then others associate that thing with you rather than the trend. In fact, I associate flimsy ruffled summer whites with you (and those ruffled-ass sandals that make it look like your feet are in bloom) first and foremost before I think of Coachella. Isn’t that nice?

We are over-indexing on shells, yes, but A) guest bathrooms worldwide have been doing that same damn thing forever and B) this is my favorite necklace of the summer and I am trying to wear it with everything so I can’t give them up yet <- I took the anchor off though for today’s fun fact.

Please definitely do get those Oscar de la Renta slides! They are $68 and beautiful!

You’re also v. right about decking out a solid swimsuit rather than getting all foamy at the mouth about NEW DESIGNS. I can’t help it though! They’re so damn fun.

BIG NEWS: Went into Moussy the other day for a press preview. Thought I was going to see all denim. Came out with a dress and the best button-down ever in white — but now I kinda want to go back for the khaki one. It’s ideal for the coverup situation you described above. I Guess that means I need this black Hunza G suit to wear under it, huh?

Back to my focus beyond swim this summer: dresses. No more getting dressed, baby. Just slip on, and I’m off.

I like this Topshop one in a grooOoooovy floral print
This red-and-pink polka dot one is very much not my style but I’d like for someone I know to own it.
I also think this gingham pinafore is cute but I’d need to wear bike shorts under it as it’s shoooort. But for $50 hey sure why not?

Here are some dresses I need to go on sale before I panic:

This Cult Gaia one that dreams are made of (a similar version but even more dramatic because it’s yellow — or rather, BUTTER)
And this orange mini with little buttons down the front. UGHHH.

As for summer shoes, you know what I have not been able to get out of my head? Those strappy rainbow ones by Chloé from forever ago that Harling owns. Not owning them has ruined five outfits in the past three weeks. I found them on Tradesy in a 10 but I need an 8. I genuinely don’t know what to do about it and don’t think anything comes close.

You know what else I need? The black satin Miu Miu ballerina shoes that I decided would solve a lot of outfit problems after I saw Preia Narendra, who works at Miu Miu (same woman whose perfume I copied a few years back), wear them with really casual chino-esque pants. Which means I need something like these but lighter and longer.

Here’s something I need to own immediately: a white poplin utility shirt. I just put it in my cart and will likely have purchased before you say anything because it’s 40% off with the code ” getaway”! AHHH I LOVE SUMMER SALES.


On May 25, 2018 at 8:35 AM, Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

See, I associate that Cult Gaia dress with how you evergreen dress (so, nothing to do with a current trend hype). Structured shit and shit. Also, GET that Hunza G bathing suit! You can wear it with everything but honestly, if you refer to old button-downs as a “coverup situation” ever again, I am going to have to shave your head while you’re sleeping and leave just some a speckle of gelled hair at the top so you look like The Situation.

In any case, Outdoor Voices launched these mini dresses yesterday which dutifully took me down a little baby-hole made of bunnies where I found this delicious polo! Which I would be thrilled to wear with these shorts! And probably my own wedges from the most recent MR drop! Or the loafers if I’m trying to look more literal! Or both!

Also, Warby Parker sent me these sunglasses and I’ve very much not taken them off. Do you think Wayfarers are due for their return?

While you noodle on that profound question, I’d also like to veto the dress selection you displayed (minus the Cult Gaia number) and offer this in retaliation; you could wear it with those Miu Miu ballet flats, which are adorable. I love when people make you look at certain items differently in a positive way. That happens to me with Juliana and Ramya all the time. It’s such a satisfying experience, no? This “medicine bag” from The Row is still $$ but I like it so much.

AND IN NEWS RELATED TO THE HAPPENINGS OF MY CHEST, behold this silver jacket. In news related to the happening of yours, this new Kule shirt.

Have you also noticed that woven basket bags are now very much a thing? This is the one the Reformation just launched, and then I came across this one on Net-a-Porter. I bet Etsy is the best bet for this trend, tho. I am all about the luxury tote, but my money is still on an obnoxious one, like the aforementioned Prada one (just found two on sale! One in red and one in pink).

Meanwhile, I am also contemplating with great concentration this skirt from Realisation Par. I think I saw it on Sabina Socol on Instagram or something — it’s just that every time I pass by Cha Cha Matcha (a coffee shop that formally specializes in alternative drinks and redefining millennial pink, and informally serves as a platform to display the most recent fashion trends to sweep the Internet, for uninitiated readers), I see at least three people wearing it. I’d probably do it up pretty literally, with either a tank and ballet flats, or a tank and these Jacquemus shoes.

Oooo, btw! There is still some Hanes x Karla left on Matches!!

And finally, before I bid you adieu, I ask one question: Why the FUCK don’t they make these for adults?

On May 25, 2018 at 3:20 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

THANK YOU FOR THE HANES x KARLA heads up. I fear the day those are gone. And I actually haven’t noticed the woven bag thing specifically but you’re right. The evolution of the straw basket. That pink Prada bag is so ridiculous you should definitely get it. Do you know what’s so fun now? Everything you buy can be purchased with “It’s for the two human appendages I made. When they’re older, of course.”

Get the Realisation Par skirt. I know what you mean but it’s not the ubiquitous teeny floral print that’s everywhere so you’ll still look Unique New York in it. Bless that OV polo and that Kule shirt.

In non-related news, Harling’s tie-dye story got me in the the mood for a tee of tie-dyed variety. I like this ASOS one. In ma cart. (I could, however, probably tie-dye one of my Hanes x Karla tees that have seen better days…)

While on THAT soft bunny rabbit hole, I found this tie-dye slip dress on ASOS that feels very Harling. You’d have to pair it with something that clashed, shoe-wise, though. Probably ye old raffia loafers of yore (slash the links above). Those really are the shoe savers this summer, huh?? Good job, butt farmer!

And because it’s hard to get off ASOS once you’re on it, look! Cher’s back-to-school plaid look, designed for summer. Plus matching sunglasses if you want ’em.

So that I can live vicariously (I’m really just talking to myself here since you’re offline, aren’t I?), I need someone to get this Marques’ Almeida skirt. It’s not not expensive, but it’s also a pink satin skirt with a pink feather trim and it’s on sale, so do with that what you will.

What I may actually do is get these Stella Jeans shorts on sale for $140
And wear this green striped bikini top with lemons on it.
Or this solid green Mara Hoffman one.
With these out-of-character-funky sunglasses.

And go barefoot then call it not just a day, but a summer’s day!


Photos by Suzanne Saroff; Art Direction by Emily Zirimis.

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