The Best Anti-Aging Product is Actually For Your Hair


According to Sienna Miller’s head, which attended the Golden Globes last night and delivered a truly dazzling performance — festooned by clusters of diamonds pinned into her earlobes and a strand of large pearls delicately draped across her neck — the best anti-aging product is not what skincare technicians and experts (and regular dermatologists, too, I guess) have heretofore led us to believe.

On the contrary, it’s not even a product that goes on your face. Instead, it’s quite simply a ribbon.


Tied into her hair. I noticed it last night when she was presenting one of the awards. She had two black velvet bunny-like ears sticking up at the top of her ponytail. This random guy who sleeps next to me in my bed every night turned over and commented on how young Sienna Miller looked. He asked what I think her skincare regimen looks like. I told him I didn’t know who he was but also that it didn’t matter because the reason she looked so young was simple. There was a ribbon tied into her ponytail that harkened back to being a young girl, possibly headed to her first day of elementary school. Couple this visualization with a decade or two and you’re left at the intersection of Too Young for Da Club and What’s Your Secret?

So there you have it — hide your cream, hide your serum, throw away that electronic thing that looks like a flying saucer (but maybe keep your retinoid). The most effective anti-aging product we have in this day and age comes literally and figuratively like all the best kinds of gifts. Wrapped to perfection in a bow.

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Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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