Skincare Secrets From a (Very) Frequent Flier

Jasmin Aujla, Man Repeller’s Director of Partnerships, is constantly on airplanes. She splits her time between her home in London and MR’s New York headquarters, which sounds both glamorous and exhausting, and it makes the fact that Jasmin has gorgeous, radiant, envy-inducing skin all that more impressive. I finally gathered the courage to spin around one day when she was in the office and ask her to spill all of her skincare secrets with the world, so that I (and you! I did it for you too!) could get the great skin of a global jet-setter. Catch me working on the exact routine on a two-hour Spirit Airlines flight to Chicago. Thanks, Jas!  -Nora Taylor

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I’m currently based in London and work for Man Repeller full-time. That means I fly to New York at least once a month for a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Either way, I fly a lot — an arrangement that’s been great for my air miles and less ideal for my sleep hygiene, my skin and the workout schedule I’d like to think I would have otherwise.

My skin is combination with an oily T-zone. Before I started living between two cites and was based full-time in New York, my skin was really struggling. A mix of diet, lifestyle and a lot of self-imposed stress (I wasn’t aware of the true effects of stress until this period in my life) was really taking its toll, specifically with breakouts around my jawline. I was not surprised when it proved a bit sensitive to travel as well. But over the past year, after much trial and error, I’ve finally developed a routine that keeps my skin feeling good and healthy through long flights and jet lag.

For the curious or similarly-skinned, I’ve broken down that routine below.

Mid-Flight Maintenance

I have my airport routine down to a science: I walk straight through security to W H Smiths to buy something sweet and British for Team MR (lately they’ve been digging a variety of Walker’s All Butter Shortbread, but sometimes I mix it up and bring them a box of Celebrations); then I grab two large bottles of water for myself, which must be finished by the end of the flight.

The minute I board the plane, any makeup I am wearing must come off. I use these Simple removal wipes. I’ll then do a heavy dose of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair followed by a dollop of Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream. I do sometimes wish I had the guts to sit on a plane with a sheet mask on like Chrissy Teigen or Eva Chen, but I don’t, so this is how I keep my face hydrated without scaring children mid-flight. It must be said that I don’t look dewy and radiant during the flight or coming off the plane; I look greasy and pissed off that the immigration line is so long. But that’s okay, it’s all part of the process.

Post-Flight Recovery

tata harper

Once I get to my hotel or home (depending what side of the pond I’m on), the first thing I do is unpack my suitcase. I realize this has nothing to do with my skin but I felt it important to tell you. Like making my bed every morning, it’s a ritual so engrained in my being that I do it without thinking. While doing this, I’ll also do a deeply cleansing face mask. There are two that I very much enjoy: Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask and Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask from The Body Shop. I’ll leave it on until all my stuff is unpacked and put away. Then I’ll jump in the shower for a proper once-over – you know, shampoo, exfoliate, shave, deep condition. The whole thing.

And finally, I do my full nightly routine (which I also bring with me wherever I travel):

jasmin face massager

Step 1: Cleanse with Lancer face wash (I’ve been using this for about a month and really like it).

Step 2: I’ll use either one of two oil serums – Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate or, and this is a bit rogue, cold-pressed sea buckthorn oil. Hey, it works!

Step 3: A heavy dose of Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream.

Step 4: Arguably my favorite step: THE FACE MASSAGER – make sure it’s cold. It de-puffs, contours and just feels really damn good.

Regular Upkeep

Whenever I have a few weeks in London, there are a few things that I do regularly to keep my skin in check — drinking lots of water (duh, you knew that already), getting good sleep (sometimes this involves melatonin if I’m really struggling with jet lag) and wearing SPF 40 every day. I use Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen religiously and it’s a great base for makeup, although I also use Smashbox Photo Finish primer because, you know, the T-zone.

supergoop smashbox

Every now and then I’ll also treat myself to a Signature Electrical Facial at FaceGym. Unlike a typical facial, this isn’t about cleansing and extracting but rather about stimulating blood flow and exercising muscles. Also, call me weird but I enjoy having my face vigorously rubbed, prodded and mildly electrocuted. I see an instant visible difference afterwards too –much brighter and more lifted, the dull puffiness of my  skin seems to drift away. Instant gratification at its best.

And that’s it! What about you, what do you do when you travel? Have I convinced you to purchase a face massager yet? Meet me in the comment lounge to discuss.

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