The Cool New Brand for You, Based on Your Personality

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In an ideal universe, the outfit you choose each morning not only perfectly encapsulates your truest self to the extent that people just know your favorite Google Image search is “basset hound running,” it also elicits at least three “Where did you get that?” inquiries in a day. If you have the first part of that equation locked down (my congratulations), but could use a little assistance with the second lately, I sympathize.

That’s why I rounded up five under-the-radar brands designing outfit-making pieces your friends probably haven’t seen before. Close your eyes, think “Who am I, really?” and get scrolling.

Pura Utz: For the Person Who Elevates Açaí Bowl Construction to an Art Form and Considers Removing a Friendship Bracelet an Act of Treason


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There are people who like to accessorize, and then there are people who sleep, shower, and hit the beach in their bracelet stacks—only changing them up when it’s time to invite a new guest to the arm party or when a clasp finally breaks. Pura Utz’s creations—designed in Copenhagen and hand-beaded by Mayan women in Guatemala—are adorable on their own, but really shine when layered (pick up a trio of banana, strawberry, and cherry-themed bracelets and make yourself a fruit salad).

Henning: For the Person Who Gives “Any Given Sunday”-Level Pep Talks and Makes Blazers Look Like Modern Superhero Garb


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Former Glamour editor Lauren Chan was frustrated with the lack of luxury workwear for women sizes 12 and above—so she launched her own line, based on the premise that everyone should have access to high-quality staples. Styles run the work-to-drinks gamut from tailored power suits and classic trench coats to the perfect turquoise silk cocktail dress.

Still Here: For the Person Who Can Convince You to Take a Glass-Blowing Class, Scam Your Way Into a Hotel Pool, and Order That Third Drink—All in the Same Day


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If you’re the type who asks themselves, “Would I be able to hop a fence in this, if I had to?” before getting dressed, but finds athleisure a step too far, then a top-notch denim stash is essential. Designed in New York City and sustainably produced in Los Angeles, newcomer Stay Here pairs vintage-inspired silhouettes with standout details, like hand-painted back-of-the-leg stripes (as seen on their signature “Tate” cropped jeans) and chain-stitch embroidery in a color theorist’s dream palette. All the better to make your exit a memorable one, right?

Nana-Nana: For the Person Who Remains Ironically Detached About Almost Everything… Except Y2K-Era Fashion


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Tokyo-based accessories brand Nana-Nana pulls off a nearly impossible trick: emanating early 2000s Lizzie McGuire vibes (that cartoon-bright vinyl!) while serving jokes (that “Trash Box” bag). Their iPhone cases—especially the ones designed to look like suddenly-retro iPods—are also worth checking out.

Coperni: For the Person Whose Daydreams Almost Always Involve Vespas—But Only as the Driver, Never the Passenger


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Courrèges alums Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant may have designed Instagram’s next “It” accessory—the “Swipe”, a structured oval shoulder bag that kind of looks like the tip of a thumb if you squint (their Spring 2020 collection has a running tech theme). Modern-day flair aside, Coperni also turns out some really on-point 60s mini dresses, adding up to the perfect wardrobe for swiping right, then planning a Fellini-inspired date.

Any other cool/small/new brands tickling your fancy these days? Tell me in the comments, and don’t forget to ascribe them a personality type so your style soulmates can flock like moths to the appropriate flame.

Feature photos via Pura Utz and Henning.

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