How to Feel Good: 11 Small Victories Worth Celebrating


When I’m sick, I spend a lot of time resenting my former self for failing to celebrate my good health. Do you do this? Sometimes I have a headache and I wonder internally, almost genuinely, if I’ve ever not had a headache and what that must have been like. Why is it that I only think to cherish normalcy until it’s gone?

These past couple weeks I’ve been feeling pretty blue. Revise that: I’ve been externalizing the 60% of my body that is water. Through my eyes! Like magic. While it’s really special and cute that emotional tears contain a natural painkiller called leucine enkephalin, I think I’m in need of something a little stronger. No, not alcohol! But JOY. In the little things, since some of the big stuff isn’t exactly lining up right now. (You can put that on a pillow if you want.)

Imagine if we celebrated all the times bad shit didn’t happen. Would we all be in a constant state of gratitude? That fact that you’re even reading this sentence means that your computer is neither on fire nor at the bottom of the ocean. What a gift!

Maybe let’s tell our heartbreak, our melancholy, our ennui, our anything, to go ponder itself today. Let’s celebrate the small stuff.

1. When you don’t have a stomach ache.


If you’re stomach is not currently making its existence known to you, you should probably go light some candles, make a wish and blow them out.

2. When you haven’t lost your phone.


If your phone is sitting somewhere in your vicinity that means it’s not currently in a mysterious cab driving across town without you. Text someone you love!

3. When you have toilet paper.


Toilet paper at your disposal during a time of need is such a life-saver. Imagine what you would have done had it run out! Lucky lucky you.

4. When you get to the subway station just as the train arrives.


It’s almost like the intricate gears of this wild and chaotic planet are turning solely for you and it’s not even scary like The Truman Show.

5. When a zit pops.


Right away! Like, you didn’t even have to dig and consider four times whether or not you should stop and analyze what it is that makes you do this in the first place.

6. When you don’t fall down stairs.


You walked down those stairs like a gifted baby! So steady! So self-assured. Damn, girl!

7. When your period comes on time.


You spent no time wondering where it was, why it was, who it was, how it was. You’re alive and you’re bleeding like a powerful adult woman. Let’s hug.

8. When you’re not hungover.


Isn’t it so wonderful that you don’t want to throw up right now? You could even eat something if you wanted to. It would be no big deal at all.

9. When your favorite t-shirt is clean.


It’s so ready for you. Whenever you want. Just say the word! It’s like a good mood button you can press at any time. YAY!

10. When you have another two hours to sleep.


How fun and wonderful that you get to lie cuddled up with your blankets with your eyes ever so delicately closed for another 120 blissful minutes. Everyday heaven.

11. When your ears aren’t plugged.


The lack of pressure in your ears is deafening. How terrific that you can listen to music and watch movies and talk to people without giving your ears a single damn thought. Drinks on me!

Illustrations by Emily Zirimis.


Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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