Guess What Wasn’t on My List of SNL Season 45 Predictions???


Remember when I published a list of my predictions for this season of Saturday Night Live? Hahahahaha.

Just a few things that I didn’t predict in the list I made last August, as I hotly anticipated the first cold open of the 45th SNL season: Colin Jost’s facial hair on his self-described very-punchable-face, seeing the inside of Pete Davidson’s home via Zoom screenshot, learning a new term called “social distancing” one day in March and then using it upwards of 200 times that week, all of us sheltering-in-place for months.

The elation I felt when I learned that SNL was going to rise to the challenge and put on a remote sketch show in the middle of a pandemic, after the show’s production had been suspended for weeks, was an unfamiliar sensation. Live table reads have quickly become my favorite medium to emerge out of quarantine, and so scrappy sketch shows produced with two tin cans and a spool of twine seem like the logical next step. I’m available to host, as is pretty much every other non-essential worker on earth. Who do you think took the screenshot here?

I’ll admit, the headline of my original predictions story is pressing and resonant, now—as the Greek chorus of contemporary media would say—more than ever. WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN ON SNL?

I’ll be live-Instagram-Storying the show on Man Repeller’s account this Saturday, and hereby invite you to come over to watch with me (in a strictly metaphorical sense).

Feature photo via SNL. 

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