(Out of) Office Apropos: 5 Outfits We Wore Working From Home This Week

It’s officially April, whether you can believe it or not, and spring feels 100% sprung. Last week, six members of Team MR shared how they got dressed for a day that involved work but no commute or IRL meetings. Below, Harling, Mikaela, Sabrina, Mallory, and Edith do the same while discussing the shoes they miss, outfits they’re planning for (maybe) May, and the art of taking a one-legged selfie in non-stretch denim. Behold, another edition of Spring Office Apropos, extremely shaken, with an unprecedented twist.


I didn’t feel like wearing a practical WFH ensemble today, so instead I styled myself in an outfit I would like to wear on the first 70-degree day in May, safety protocols permitting. It was nice to clothe myself in items that aren’t conducive to wallowing around in an apartment (see: denim shorts that dig into my pelvis every time I sit and a linen crop top that is prone to wrinkles, not to mention the completely ancillary purse and sunglasses)—it ‘s like holding a plank for 60 seconds, just to prove to myself that I still can. I will admit that I changed out of the shorts after an hour or so, but their effect lingered on. For all of the limitations of homebound dressing, I do think it’s worth celebrating the fact that you can wear exactly what your gut wants or even needs, completely independent of whatever the weather outside happens to be doing.


Aside from the fact I had to heavy-duty clean this entire countertop and put my bevy of drugstore makeup ~just~ out of frame to take this photo, I’m relatively proud of my ability to one-legged-selfie while in non-stretch denim! Believe it or not, these jeans are actually comfortable WFH wear, probably due to the massive rip in the right leg. I wear the same set of earrings every single day: my vintage Oscar de la Renta hoops and two Repeller charm earrings (without the charms, which are currently hanging out on some necklaces of mine). I doubled up on the scrunchies because we all have to find a way to put a little pep in our step these days.


Girlfriend bike shorts, vintage shirt -- similar here, vintage boots -- similar hereGirlfriend bike shorts, vintage shirt -- similar here, vintage boots -- similar here

I’ve worn a variation of this very outfit almost every day while working from home. I recommend bike shorts for two reasons: in case halfway through the day you get the urge to do jumping jacks, and because wearing them almost feels like you’re not wearing pants at all. The other part of my WFH recipe includes a button-up. This one is on rotation because it reminds me of my dad. And if you know me, you know these boots. I don’t wear them at home, but damn do I miss how they feel on my feet.


A.P.C. cardigan, vintage Hawaiian-print shorts -- others here and here A.P.C. cardigan, vintage Hawaiian-print shorts -- others here and here

I’m currently staying at a friend’s place, in a bedroom that is almost entirely different shades of green—it’s on the walls, carpet, bedding, etc. as you can sort-of see. It would be fair to say that this is my most compelling source of inspiration right now, since I have not seen much else in the material world for the past two or so weeks. Anyway, on deck we have my trusty A.P.C. cardigan, vintage Hawaiian-print shorts I purchased at Brimfield last year (which have a matching shirt I didn’t pack), and super-soft Hansel from Basel socks you can’t see, which I bought in just about every color during the holiday sale season. The only other thing I can imagine I’m drawing inspiration from here is that Simpsons meme where Homer disappears himself into the bushes.


This morning, I got up early to write a draft of a story and then went for the briefest and clammiest of runs, after which I looked into my closet and thought it might be refreshing to see my form in something other than extreme loungewear. It was a thrill, and lovelier still, to wear something that’s been waiting out the winter in my closet, saving itself up for summer. A wrap dress is like a glorified robe, so it didn’t feel like a tremendous commitment. I was adamant that the socks match. This whole ensemble didn’t last long, though: It had the life span of a few professional tasks. I eventually set out to write another draft and wanted to exercise one of the perks of working, and therefore writing, from home, which is to type with your feet up. And that’s when my sweatpants found me crawling back to them.

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