3 Spring Outfits I Can’t Stop Thinking About

It was 73 degrees for ONE DAY last week, and my shopping cart took that as permission to spin its wheels straight into a spring state of mind. I know! It’s absurd! March is still basically winter in New York, after all, and shorts should technically remain a twinkle in my closet’s eye until at least the end of April, but the bandwagon has already been loosed. There’s nothing I can do at this point except whisper soothing nothings to the weather app in my phone and daydream about potential outfits to wear once the temperature catches up to my kneecaps.

Outfit #1: Barefoot Menocore Mania

You heard me: BAREFOOT. This springtime fantasy sprouted in my psyche following Ralph Lauren’s latest collection wherein models were sporting nary a t-strap across their insteps. There wasn’t a shoe in sight, and it looked damn relaxing.

Relaxed feet demand a relaxed waistband, which I will curate courtesy of a drawstring situation. Then, in my dreams at least, I would add the perfect butter-colored coat from Ganni that I’ve been quite literally eyeing ever since I saw it in their showroom and snapped a photo of it on my phone to gaze at lovingly on gray winter days. With the addition of rhinestones around my eyeballs, I’ll be ready for a fancy stroll around my apartment.

What? You didn’t actually think I was planning to walk outside without shoes in New York, did you??

Outfit #2: The Return of 90s Drew Barrymore

I told my boyfriend recently that I think I want Doc Martens and he didn’t believe me, which only made me want them more. He’s not typically in the business of weighing in on my style decisions, but I guess I understand his surprise in the sense that Docs are a pretty drastic departure from my typical style inclinations. What can I say? The toes want what the toes want, and my toes have been hankering for some kind of combat-looking shoe situation to complement a series of wispy floral tea-length dresses that I have yet to purchase but plan on collecting with a vengeance.

Outfit #3: Confused Cowgirl

I really want to dress like a cowgirl this spring, except one who wears tiny gym shorts and matching polos and long trench coats and glittery earrings and carries a purse that looks like a piece of candy wrapped in netting. A little confused as far as style personas go, perhaps, but isn’t that what the best ones are always like? Rhetorical question the answer is obviously yes BYE.

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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