8 Spring Outfits I’m Stealing From ‘Pretty Woman’

Among the things I love deeply in this world (waffles, well-dressed toddlers, the end of allergy season, scalp massages), movie makeover montages are certainly up there on the list. I recently re-watched Pretty Woman, which happens to have one of the best movie makeover montages in the history of movie makeover montages (“You people work on commission right? Big mistake. Big. Huge.”) and realized that Julia Roberts’ 90s L.A. wardrobe is the ideal inspiration for my Spring 2018 wardrobe. Below, I’ve delineated eight of her outfits I would like to copy posthaste.

1. A Non-Boring LBD

julia roberts in pretty woman wearing a black dress

I’ve always thought of myself as anti-LBD (too boring! too classic!) until I reacquainted myself with this particular scene. An LBD with a dramatically ruffled hem, pumps with ribbon ties, a string of chunky beads and bedhead to the max is anything but boring.

2. A Striped Skirt Suit and White Tights

I really like how her sheer white tights correspond with her sheer white sleeves in this outfit. I, too, would like to obtain a striped skirt suit to wear this season with loafers and a toothy smile.

3. A Button-Down Dress

julia roberts in pretty woman walking down the street in white dress

I’m especially excited about recreating this look because I found a dress for $134 on Pixie Market that resembles it perfectly. The only hitch is that the dress is sold out but rest assured I’ve put myself on the waitlist to be notified when it is restocked and in the meantime, I am considering its navy twin. Important question, though: How do we feel about white gloves and sun hats? I think I’m into both, but I need moral support.

4. A Braless Polka-Dot Ensemble

julia roberts in pretty woman wearing a brown polkadot dress

This polka-dot outfit is one of the most iconic in the movie, perhaps even more so because Julia Roberts noticeably doesn’t wear a bra with it, ergo convincing me that wearing a swishy silk polka-dot dress with no bra is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest pleasures. The accessories in this get-up are almost as important as the main event, though: white kitten heels, white gloves, a wide brown belt and a straw hat. I’ll take the lot.

5. A Fire-Engine Red Ball Gown

julia roberts in pretty woman wearing a red dress

HUMMINA HUMMINA. The black-tie look to end all other black-tie looks. To be perfectly honest I don’t have any occasions coming up at which I might even entertain the idea of wearing something like this, but I’m pinning it to my vision board just in case.

6. A Caftan and Scrunchie

julia roberts and richard gere in pretty woman

This is the scene when Richard Gere says, “I never treated you like a prostitute,” and Julia Roberts responds: “You just did.” BOOM. It’s also possibly the most important caftan + scrunchie moment in the history of cinema. I would like to wear these things simultaneously on as many occasions as I can from now until pants season.

7. A Bermuda Shorts Suits Set

julia roberts in pretty woman wearing a co-ord

Julia Roberts’ Bermuda shorts suit might be my favorite ensemble in the whole entire movie. As I type this sentence I happen to have no fewer than nine tabs open on my laptop to various eBay searches for “Bermuda shorts suit,” in case you needed further evidence of my enamor. I’m also in the market for round-frame sunglasses and a Western belt, because attempting to recreate this outfit without them would be a sartorial crime.

8. A Classic Jeans + T-Shirt Combo

julia roberts in pretty woman wearing a blazer and jeans

This is the last outfit Roberts wears in the movie and though it is definitely one of the simplest, it still holds its own kind of special appeal. For a maximalist like myself, it serves as an important reminder that sometimes jeans, a white T-shirt, a black blazer and a black belt can say just as much as a fire-engine red ball gown.

Now it’s your turn: Do you have a particular movie you reference for spring style fodder, or are you planning to cop any of the above?

Feature image by Hulton Archive/Handout via Getty Images.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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