A Spring Trend to Cure Your Denim Doldrums

coloured jeans for spring

I haven’t been subtle about the fact that I’m experiencing a period of IDC (Intense Denim Confusion, proper noun, a sartorial crisis in which jeans suddenly don’t make sense anymore, and thus, getting dressed is immensely confusing). The side effects of this inner turmoil have included:

a) Craving every single type of jean silhouette from bell-bottom to straight

b) Avoiding jeans altogether

c) Entertaining a return to normcore

d) Leaning hard into corduroy

I was able to coast on the coattails of corduroy until the end of March, when it dawned on me during a particularly muggy walk to the office one morning while wearing my favorite pink corduroy flares, that the delight of this particular fabric would be compromised as soon as temperatures crested degrees, maybe sooner.

Later that same day, I received two very serendipitous emails. One was from Net-a-Porter announcing the the exclusive launch of Danish brand GANNI’s first-ever denim collection featuring five pairs of pants, three of which were rendered in spectacularly saturated shades of yellow, orange and lavender. The other was a summary of spring denim trends from Gap, spotlighting the news that their Mid-Rise True Skinny Ankle Jeans were now available in lavender, pink, blue, yellow, green and red.

As I took in the array of ROYGBIV in the pipeline from these two very distinct brands, I could feel my months-long denim fog lifting. Apparently the antidote to my IDC was a little color, because just like that, I was excited about jeans again.

Once my little revelation occurred, I actually found a whole slew of retroactive evidence that colorful denim is the THING for SPRING: Tibi’s indubitably cool pedal pushers, Zara’s sorbet-pink Ripped Mom Jeans and Vermont-red culottes, Simon Miller’s painted jeans, Loewe’s tie-dyed jeans…the list goes on.

In terms of what this influx of colorful takes on an old classic says about our current fashion climate, I have a hunch it stems from the reality that our nearly insatiable hankering for newness demands an unending conveyer belt of fresh trends and ideas and interpretations on which to snack. There are times when that hunger can feel exhausting or confusing or both, but the moment something uniquely delightful comes along and feeds the craving you didn’t know you had makes the hours (upon hours) of Intense Denim Confusion worth it.

What do you think? Are you into the idea of colorful jeans? Haley mentioned colorful jeans had a big moment in her wardrobe from 2011-2013, and this resurgence seemed like a rather early return. Perhaps some fresh silhouettes (like Ganni’s ingenious bellbottoms) have the power to make it feel brand new again, though, eh? Let’s discuss.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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