Ugh: Why Is STAUD’s Spring Collection So Good?

I’ve found that crafting a good outfit is like assembling a well-rounded and delicious meal: variety is key. Whether I’m dealing in labels or food groups, incorporating different elements often results in a more satisfying outcome. I say “often” because there are exceptions to this approach. Sometimes a lunch spot starts serving a particular kind of soup that’s so freaking good I want to eat it exclusively for weeks on end, and sometimes a brand puts forth a collection that’s so freaking good I would happily outfit myself in it from head-to-toe for an entire season.

I offer this as explanation for the following statement: STAUD is so, so good right now.

Though I’ve always been a fan of the brand, I hadn’t fully absorbed the excellence of its current offering until just yesterday when I was scrolling through the “Just In” section of Net-a-Porter and realized that every single item I’d opened up in a new tab on my laptop just so happened to be from STAUD. I also realized that every single item I’d opened up in a new tab filled in the blank for the elusive descriptor, “The Perfect Spring ______”

Allow me to illustrate what I mean:

The Perfect Spring Sundress

In my humble opinion, the perfect spring sundress is made of breathable cotton (check), is flattering and comfortable (check check), aesthetically interesting but not so much that you’re tempted to save it for special occasions (check) and looks good with a sweater or light jacket (check). Need I say more??

The Perfect Spring Work Dress

I’ve been eyeing this gem for a while now because not only do I love a statement sleeve, I love a dress that can easily transition from a day at the office to an evening of frolicking (margaritas, hanging out with friends, a work event, etc.) with ease.

The Perfect Spring Blouse

Can you tell I’m obsessed with white cotton clothes for spring? This blouse looks like something you’d find at a beachside flea market in the South of France, which is pretty much my #1 sartorial fantasy.

The Perfect Spring “Going Out” Top

A perfect going out top looks good with jeans or a skirt and this one undoubtedly meets both of those requirements.

The Perfect Spring Weekend Outfit

I’m typically not a romper person but I would gladly change my tune for this button-accented playsuit. I would wear it with raffia loafers for brunch and errands, a big sweater and socks for at-home lounging, and kitten-heeled sandals and big-ass earrings for a night out. That’s the thing about perfect spring weekend outfits — they spontaneously induce a perfect spring weekend’s worth of activities.

The Perfect Spring Pants

Linen blend, khaki-but-not-quite-khaki, high-waist, slight flare…I would continue listing all the attributes that prove how perfect these pants are, but I’m starting to feel like an admirer turned creeper. Instead, I’ll tell you what I’d wear them with: the aforementioned perfect spring sundress unbuttoned from mid-sternum to hem and orange driving moccasins.

The Perfect Spring Skirt

This skirt deserves to encase every pair of hips from here to Neptune for a number of reasons including but not limited to the fact that its slit is the perfect length and it comes with a built-in belt which is basically like ice cream coming with its own sprinkles.

I would say something like “I rest my case,” but since I’m not a high-powered attorney (just a writer with bad knees), I’ll rephrase my original thesis and call it a conclusion: STAUD’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection is crushing it like a vat of grapes in Napa.

Photos via Staud.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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