I Copied 6 Street Style Outfits With My Own Wardrobe and It Was So Satisfying

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Every fashion month, after I’ve taken some time to thoroughly absorb each and every street style slideshow, I find myself fantasizing about a xerox machine for outfits instead of paper. One that would make a three-dimensional copy of whatever look I happened to fancy and present it to me fully formed, reading for wearing. Since technology hasn’t quite caught up with this idea yet, I turned to the next best thing: Juliana Salazar, a bonafide whiz when it comes to translating inspiration into a tangible result. Scroll down to see how she approximated six different looks from New York Fashion Week street style, and her commentary on each. —Harling

A Tried-and-True Combination

There’s something innately satisfying about a short-sleeved button down layered over a T-shirt with wide-leg trousers underneath, probably because the proportions are spot-on and the relaxed silhouettes convey an automatic sense of ease. It’s a combination I wear on a regular basis, whether I’m gleaning inspiration from street style or not. However, I probably wouldn’t have experimented with colors as much if not for the look that this outfit is based on, so I enjoyed the little push outside my comfort zone.

A Fresh Way to Wear an Accordion-Pleat Skirt

It seems like accordion-pleat skirts have cycled rapidly ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the fashion trend zeitgeist for as long as I can remember. Regardless of these ebbs and flows, I’ve always had one in my closet because they’re really easy to dress up or down. I was immediately drawn to this street style look because it proves that you can make a really compelling outfit from just two solid pieces. I gave it my own twist with an asymmetrical skirt from Peter Do–I loved how the playfully varied hemline looked underneath an otherwise very serious blazer. I didn’t expect to like it styled with lime green sandals, but ultimately it made the whole look more fun, not to mention more weather-appropriate for the last licks of faux summer.

A Fun Take on the Dress-Over-Pants Trend

I actually wore a version of this a few years ago during NYFW, except with jeans and Converse instead of trousers and sandals. I welcome any opportunity to wear this dress, though, so I apologize for semi-cheating here with a recycled outfit. It’s a classic for good reason though–perfectly showcasing the contrast of an ultra-feminine dress with simple, tailored pants. I opted for a daintier (i.e. barely-there) sandal in my version so as to adequately offset the top-heaviness of the dress.

An Ideal Chill-But-Not Outfit

This was probably my favorite street style outfit I saw all week (my heart jumped when I spotted Leandra walking into the MNZ show). It’s the ideal comfy and chill-but-not outfit, because the overtly fancy sheer dress component is only somewhat toned down by the cardigan and loafers. I unfortunately don’t have a sheer slip, so I went with the next best thing in my closet: a lace dress from Rodebjer. I also don’t have a cropped cardigan (although it’s now definitively on my shopping list), so decided to try this oversized one, which I actually think is the go-to move if you don’t wanna feel too exposed.

A Jumpsuit That Will Rescue You From Sartorial Indecision

I struggled to outfit myself in general during fashion week because every time I got dressed I felt TOO dressed. This jumpsuit from The Frankie Shop would have been the perfect solution if I hadn’t acquired it after the week was already over.  It’s one of those rare pieces that is effortless and cool at the same time. The above street style look inspired me to wear it with similarly-colored boots for a monochrome vibe. Since then, I’ve also worn it with sneakers and received compliments from four random pedestrians! Street style indeed.”

What looks are you excited to copy from this season’s batch of street style?

Street style photos by Karolina Kaczynska and Louisa Wells.

Juliana Salazar

Juliana Salazar is a freelance stylist and brand strategist and contributing fashion editor for Man Repeller.

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