What Should I Watch Now That Succession Is Over?


I love Succession. I love the tweets. I love the theories. I love analyzing the unconventional crushes we’ve all seemed to develop on a group of objectively deplorable people. And, up until very recently, Succession caused me to cherish my Sunday nights—because I knew I’d be delivered a new episode at 9 p.m., quashing even the slightest whisper of the Sunday scaries. But this Sunday was different.

The Succession-less Sunday Sads first struck at around 6 p.m., when I decided to make an impromptu sweet potato and chickpea curry. Normally, I’d find immense delight in discovering that I already have all the ingredients to cook dinner. Last night however, I felt nothing. Even when the curry turned out perfectly, I was physically full but emotionally hollow. My early-dinner routine was so much less appetizing when it wasn’t setting me up for a blissful distraction-free evening in front of the TV. As 7 p.m. and 8 p.m rolled around, it was as though nothing could cheer me up: not fresh pajamas, not TikTok teens, not anything. By 9 p.m. it was clear: I was going to have to work hard to fill this Succession-shaped (read: Greg the MF egg-shaped) hole in my week.

During the past 10 weeks, I’ve come to realize that the best way to fall in love with a show is to ration it. Not being able to binge the second season of Succession gave me time to properly digest each episode, watch recaps, and wonder what the next week may bring. The issue with my new one-ep-per-week life hack, is that not all TV shows are of a high enough quality to be savored. As I hunt for a show to fill the Succession void, I’m looking for something that:

  • Has complex characters I’m willing to work to understand
  • Has a number of different relationships (romantic and non-romantic) I feel invested in
  • Has multiple interesting plot points and cliff-hanger episodes
  • Has at least one big and flashy slightly superficial quality that will keep my attention (like Succession’s helicopters or Euphoria’s eye makeup)

So, tell me: What did you watch last night instead of Succession? What TV show would you recommend based on the above musings? Basically, what the hell should I watch until season 3 comes out?

Feature photos via HBO.

Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is the Managing Editor at Man Repeller.

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