The Most Dapper Trend to Come Out of Fashion Week

There’s a gentleman in Brooklyn who owns a rainbow of three-piece suits, which he rotates through every day. When it’s sunny, he sits under the elevated train tracks on Broadway in a folding chair with an attached umbrella, setting a snappy tone for all of Bed-Stuy. There’s something about the way he wears his colorful getups — casually, like pajamas, but with pride — that deems contentment a reasonable pursuit. It’s impossible to see him and not smile. Surely that is power.

There’s little not to love about a three-piece suit. It’s a one-step solution, most obviously: top, bottom, outerwear, all cut from the same cloth. It’s the memorable ease of head-to-toe monochrome, the delight of sartorial commitment, the esteem of knowing what you want to wear and wearing it. It’s dignified, like your 80-year-old grandfather at your graduation, or your five-year-old nephew at a wedding. But it’s also cool, like Stevie Wonder at the Grammy’s, or Diane Keaton on a Tuesday.

I’ve never worn one, but that’s just a matter of misfortune. Luckily for me, in what must have been the snappiest decision of 2019, loads of New York fashion designers — from Sies Marjan to Vaquera to Proenza Schouler — put two- and three-piece suits in their Fall/Winter 2019 shows and presentations. There were suits of neon green, electric blue, and canary yellow rendered in velvet, neoprene, leather, cotton, silk and wool. There were suits of every cut and kind, for everyone you know and their cool aunt. Enjoy a slideshow of all the ones we could find below, and meet me on Broadway in May.

Photos via Vogue Runway. 

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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