MR’s Guide to the Best Summer Beach Read

If the beach isn’t your ideal spot for a page-turning sesh, cancel your Jitney ticket and bask in the introverted comfort of your very own couch. We won’t tattle.

Wouldn’t it fun if, instead of all the pressure to get “beach body ready,” we focused on getting “beach read ready”? Conversations would circle around around travel — not for the destination but because trains, planes and automobiles (if you don’t get car sick) offer blocks of uninterrupted reading time. We’d all rush to finish projects at work not so that we can make our spin class on time to sweat off that final pound, but to snag a last copy of some newly released book. We’d stress about weight in our luggage and carryons as opposed to on our bodies, because any extra room in a handbag or suitcase would be reserved for another book on our list. Also: books are heavy.

And we’d find that carbs — cheese, alcohol and sweets — came highly doctor recommended.

Can’t we make that world, though? Isn’t that what reading is so often about: the willing suspension of disbelief? Or for the non-fiction readers who prefer fact, how about this one: beach reads are simply books to devour — and they absolutely do not require a beach.

So! Here we are. Making that world, starting with a slideshow of picks from team MR detailing what we’re reading this summer and why. Add yours below because we’re constantly looking for recommendations, or engage on Instagram using the hashtag, #MRBookClub. We’re bringing that shit to life, you’ll see what we mean shortly.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; creative direction by Emily Zirimis.


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