Summer Sales Are Dangerous. Should I Buy This?

On Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 6:48 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

I think I want to wear this bathing suit (named after me!) under overalls (I wish these came in white) with these crazy Dries sandals. Thots?

To those Dries sandals, this crop top is also giving me a great idea re: wearing a training bra over a white T-shirt. Or at least buying a lurex training bra. Last thing for this series!

And, in a strange twist of fate that has me feeling like a minimalist, or at least someone who takes the concept of investment pieces too literally, I really want these sandals.

On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 2:22 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

My thots are that you’re a narcissist with egg-cellent taste in shoes. Also Dries can do no wrong especially when Dries is on sale. You should buy all of that except those sandals. Only buy them if you plan on never wearing another toe-bearer again and want to sell all your other shoes! Otherwise you can get a quality leather pair for less. BORING PRACTICAL ANSWER. In non-boring practical news, want to go halves on these Miu Miu clip-on earrings featuring a deer standing on a snake for no reason? I can’t believe they still have these Miu Miu platforms on sale in my size, which might be a sign to get them. They look SO comfy, too. Or should I get these pink satin Rochas slides on sale instead?

…There is so much good stuff on sale I can’t even stand it. Do you think I’d wear this?

On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 1:17 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Those Miu Miu sandals are *so* you! Get them, get them, get them now. Going to say no to the Thierry Colson dress because it’s going to be very long on you and possibly look like a literal nightgown.

Can we change the subject now? I’m so bored of talking about you! Speaking of boring, is it just me or do sunglasses feel mad boring right now? I want the kind of pair that will go with everything and make me feel cool even when I am wearing the girliest dress, and also want to tap out of the micro cat-eye trend. I think we have over-indexed. Will these do the trick, do you think?

In more ways we have over-indexed: basket bags are probably going to die if they are not already dead. But I still love this little guy from Fivestory. I think Claire found a random vendor in like, the South of France and forced her to bulk produce and ship to the U.S. I appreciate the hustle. There’s so much stuff on sale there toooooo. Do you like these shoes? I think I have to have themmmmmmmmmm; I have been wearing such innocuous mid-length caftans and tea dresses lately. These offer so much jooj — but then again, when do I ever really wear heels? I feel like I am constantly falling into the Charlotte Olympia platform vortex but when push comes to wear, I am like, Where the flat sandals at? What do you think of these? I am intrigued.

And in bathing suits I would love to wear as tops, this — do you think it would work with a mandarin collar button-down underneath and a mid-length, silk, slip-style skirt over? It sounds interesting but I can’t picture it, which is probably my answer (no). Addendum: I am back in on mini cat-eyes if they are these (but too specific, gimmick-y, literal, of the moment, etc. to be everyday-ers).

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 6:10 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

I really like those sandals you asked about. They are like a Vermont hippie’s espadrille. And I’m with you. Baskets are too ubiquitous and ZERO SUNGLASSES ARE FEELING RIGHT. None. I just keep wearing my J.Crew “Sam” ones because they’re so uncool they’re cool. Just like you!  Except I like these a lot.

Attn: this Monse blazer crawled inside my brain, “got me” and then manifested itself online. I will have to wait 100 years for it to go on sale, though. Re: your shirt-under-suit thing — won’t that look all bunchy?? Or does the skirt hide it? I trust you, I guess. Those sunglasses look like spiderwebs — is that the point? MY DREAM KHAITE DRESS is now under $500 officially. Should I get it or is it still legit too much for a linen dress no matter how beautiful the buttons? Speaking of sales, now is a good time for anyone looking to update their underwear drawer. I just put these Araks briefs in my cart.

PS. I wish I were a headscarf person. I’d wear it with an elegant AF one-piece and these red slides. Those shoes are snooze, I know, I know. These are fun in a rich cat lady way.

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 10:44 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

So many things to process. No. 1, I am lol-ing thinking about you in that Missoni headscarf. I feel like it is as tall as you are. Re: the Khaite dress, it’s not actually linen, it’s silk. But if you’re looking for a linen dress, the top that Harling wrote about from the Reformation also comes in a tea-length dress. It’s kewt. And ubiquitous. I’m going to ignore everything else except your last link because I love the idea of something being fun in a “rich cat lady” way. I think my summer dressing mantra is Look Like X, Don’t Be Like X. You know? Dress like the person you want to be in an ideal way, not a literal way. Like a retired masseuse, or off-duty debutante. It makes for such a delightful tension! Sometimes when I’m wearing a caftan and stressed, I think to myself that I’m so glad I had the foresight to put on a caftan because at least now I’m not being so one-note. Look calm, act crazy. Or look crazy, act calm.

To feed into your narrative about the rich cat lady, I bring you this. I’d wear it with cutoffs and these.

I’m falling into an Off-White hole. I love this jacket too? MEANWHILE, did you notice all the Rosie on sale on Moda? I like this top — to be worn with a T-shirt or buttoned-up, lightweight cardigan underneath. These pants are perfect for my retired masseuse look. And this dress, now $602 (which feels like a steal for Rosie!) seems perfect for the country club, Muffy von Muffling persona for which you are in constant pursuit –> Am I super off?

On Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 3:52 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

OOoh, I like this game of Look X, Don’t Be Like X.

I want those mules. They’ve been in the office for shoots for so long that I keep forgetting they aren’t mine and then I get confused while getting dressed.

The Rosie sale is insane and I like that dress, but talk about taller than I am. I’m into these Topknot pants which I’ve never paid attention to until now and the Tutti Frutti top. Rosie’s names are like great packaging; I’d buy for the names alone. K, while we’re at it, I’ll take this Rosie dress, too.


OKAY, another emotional replacement for that Khaite dress is this Pixie Market one. ALSO, LOOK AT THIS DRESS FOR $55, HELLO STEAL OF THE SUMMER!

As for my Look Like X Don’t Be Like X… I want to look like a fairy godmother who works on a Montana dude ranch in her off-season.

I might not be kidding about this…but I don’t actually want to be a tooth fairy because teeth are gross u know?

On Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 10:31 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Will you believe me if I told you that I have been emailing with Emilia Wickstead for the past week, essentially threatening her life because that dress is sold out EVERYWHERE and I want it so badly? I think it will look great next fall with boots and even better this summer with like, loafers. See: these. I’m ignoring that hat and asking that you please just keep tying ribbons the fuck through your hair. I also like that skort thing you’ve been doing lately but would never be caught dead following trends that you set forth. Separately, I rly like this top.

What are your thoughts on smocking?

I’m so into it.

Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about (too much about) what comes after the slide. It started with Birkenstocks, became slippers, became slippers on steroids (ex: these), turned into Birken-slipper-sandal hybrids, now we’re wearing short-heel sandal mules and wedges are coming — but it’s only a matter of time before we overdo it. What’s the next summer shoe? Lately I’m leaning into the really old school southern Italy-style classics, like all the basic-ass K.Jacques sandals (no, the irony of citing a very French brand under an Italian-themed pretense is not getting lost on me). Particularly, too, shoes with straps that wrap around the big toe. I really like these from Laurence Dacade, and there’s a new pair from MR by Man Repeller dropping in early July!

Before I veer too far off topic, what do you think of Pixie Market, generally? They are pretty great at intellectual property theft, huh. This top is almost Chloé! Final comment: Do you feel like the big swinging dicks of the early aughts are making a comeback — see: Jill Stuart, Rebecca Taylor? I think very feminine dressing is baaaaaaaack.
Proof point 1
Proof point 2 (I actually bought this oneeeeeee)
Proof point 3
Loafers or Dr. Scholl’s = requirement.

On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 12:12 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

I’m all about smocking, especially because it sounds like you’re saying smoking but with a cool accent. This Simone Rocha one is cuteee. Probs won’t buy it though. I do have this red, smocked Rebecca Taylor top and it’s so comfy/flattering/easy to manipulate. It’s a trend for sure but a slow creeper, I think it will be a while before we get over it. At least until the end of August.

Speaking of Rebecca Taylor, A, yeah her stuff is really good right now!! Or it’s been good and now it just feels right. I think everyone’s sick of Instagrunge (that Kylie Jenner/cool teen and model on IG aesthetic) and this is the reverb. Also “swinging dicks of the early aughts” put so many weird visuals in my head but mostly this:

To your q, for some reason, when Pixie Market copies it feels better than when Zara copies because they do it in such limited quantities? I’m torn because it’s shitty to copy and hurts small designers. At the same time, Pixie Market allows people to participate in the fashion they see on the runway but can’t afford (like me!). But IDK. We should all just buy small amounts of good fabric, make personal tailors a thing again and stop consuming fashion as though shopping is a pie-eating contest, honestly.

Prediction to your shoe question that everyone is going to hate, including me, Paul Bunion: heels are going to come back. It’s the Yung 2000s again. But god help us that pumps + bootcut jeans don’t become a thing (VETEMENTS).

…Ignoring my whole stop-consuming thing to note there’s some good stuff on sale at Topshop:

Like this really pretty “Ditsy Ink Dress” and this colorblock midi dress that is sexy but would be cool and casual with the K. Jacques you were just proposing. Or this floral maxi for $60 that I’d hem to shin-length.

I know you’re loving that tea dress thing now, but in your mind are loafers the only way to wear them?

On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 2:18 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Instagrunge!!! Did you invent that term? It’s genius/such a satisfying way to describe the choker/cropped top/sheer-lens aviator/cleavage look.

Re: tea dresses — nah, of course loafers aren’t the only way to wear them but you know me, I love a fashion contradiction. When you think “feminine dress,” your mind doesn’t immediately go to loafers. It probably sits somewhere between the very literal antidote: like hard shoes (black-and-silver Laurence Dacade sandals) or the very literal (espadrilles, ballet flats, etc). I think I would actually rather take the very literal route. Or make sure at least that the tea dress in question is lightweight/casual enough to be mistaken for a nightgown or beach coverup.

Then pair it with overly formal but still very much on-theme shoes. I’m really into these too, actually.

And side note, this Alexa Chung pinafore, but wayyyy to early to even process the prospect that summer won’t last forever, so let’s forget about it for now.

Just so you know, the red slides from my collection are now $89. Get them! I know you liked them. I know you think heels are coming back, but my focus right now is that handbags are coming back. I know this isn’t technically considered a handbag, but you also know that I think the new basket bag is actually a dopp kit, so I’m really considering this guy. $100! What do you think of these slippers by The Row?

On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 3:18 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

With all due respect to the very chic and smart Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, those shoes are dumb. Watch me want them in two weeks because I’m a sucker. (Er, especially given that I’ve been lusting over these Row “Uggs” ever since the press preview.

Also, you really just threw me with those wedges!! Who are you?? All your points just went back up for suggesting those nightgowns to wear as day gowns, and now you’re making me want to try loafers with my Three Graces sleep shirt. I seriously never considered it before. Yes to Instagrunge! Already in my notes for our pitch meeting…

Okay. Almost done. I’m going on vacation Friday so honestly, seriously, THIS is what I’m buying:
+ A red Hunza G ribbed suit to be the adult version of my American Apparel one that officially died last summer (RIP) after I cut slits in the hips so that I’d have more room to stretch.
+ These Derek Lam 10 Crosby shorts. They are high-waist denim yet wide on the thighs.
+ And these puffy Chloé sandals that I can’t stop shooting, which means I should probably just scoop them.
…Or I could scrap it all in the name of what might be the most beautiful shirt ever — the going-out-top version (though different brand) of Beyoncé’s “Hold Up” dress.

As they say in the old country: Fuck it, I’m getting cheese fries!

Photos by Edith Young.

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