Over-Hyped or Under-Hyped? Testing Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask

Team MR Summer Fridays Mask Man Repeller

Welcome to Over-Hyped or Under-Hyped, a regular column wherein a (moisturized) handful of us test cult favorite beauty products and decide, once and for all, whether we believe they’re worth the hype. This week, we explored the merits of Summer Friday’s intern-beloved Jet Lag Mask. Want to suggest something for us to try? Leave it in the comments!

In a former life (read: around five years ago), I was a beauty editor at two shiny, now-sadly-defunct Australian magazines. I understand that five years doesn’t seem like a particularly long time ago but, in the world of beauty, it feels like a lifetime. This was a time before investing in skincare was the mainstream norm, when lash extensions were rarely spotted in the wild, and Instagram was a relatively unexciting app, simply used for sharing grainy valencia-filtered photos of your breakfast and, occasionally, selfies.

Fast forward to 2019 and almost everyone is talking about skincare. Rather than hearing about products from ads or press releases, I now find out about the most-hyped beauty products on Instagram, which is exactly how I came across Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask. Though this mask first started going viral in early 2018, people still haven’t gotten over it — even Instagram Daddy Jeff Goldblum posted about it recently. (Jeff, if you’re reading this, the people demand more beauty reviews!)

This mask, which can apparently double as makeup primer, promises to “upgrade your skin to a business-class complexion” to which I thought, Big if true! In an attempt to relive my beauty editor days of the past, and celebrate the arrival of summer Fridays season, I asked around the office to see who else was dying to try Instagram’s favorite face mask. Below, the fruits of our exploratory masking.

Jasmin, Director of Partnerships

Team MR Summer Fridays Mask Man Repeller

My Skin Pre-Mask: Even though it had been a busy weekend, my skin was behaving like it’s usual combination self with no noticeable breakouts.
My Skin Post-Mask: To be completely transparent, I’m not a fan on the dewy skin look. My skin is naturally quite oily, so I personally don’t think it’s flattering on me. I’m constantly striving for a more matte look. That said, while I didn’t love that my skin looked quite greasy post-mask, I did notice that it felt very smooth and looked brighter after it fully sank in.
Big Takeaway: I’d probably use this as a night cream here and there when I feel like I need a boost, but it wasn’t a totally transformative experience for me.
Use It If…: Your skin leans on the drier side, or you need some extra hydration after a deep cleansing mask.
My Jet Lag Hot Tip: If you’re on a red-eye, make sure you sleep the whole way and then force yourself to stay awake until the evening at your final location. Melatonin helps and maybe an early workout the following morning. Also, take off all your makeup and moisturize on the plane!
Did you look more or less like Jeff Goldblum afterward? I did not look like Jeff Goldblum afterward, but also didn’t not look like him.

Elizabeth, Market Strategist

Team MR Summer Fridays Mask Man Repeller

My Skin Pre-Mask: Dry with breakouts around my chin and cheeks. I’ve never had acne but I believe a combination of stress, lack of sleep, and probably hormones have caused me some trouble lately. (I’m also tired, so please excuse my under eye bags.)
My Skin Post-Mask: I still have under-eye bags, but my skin felt fresh and less dry. I also smelled really good.
Big Takeaway: My face felt best while the mask was on — any breeze that came my way was refreshing. (I wore it while I took my dog outside. The mask isn’t colored, it just looks glossy, so was fine to wear in public!) Unlike other face masks, this one didn’t feel stiff or goopy. It felt like an unusually thick layer of non-greasy and fresh-smelling lotion. The tube says to take the mask off with a warm washcloth or leave it on if you prefer, and I’ll probably do the latter next time! Also, I used this Summer Friday’s mask on a Friday and I highly recommend you take it literally too.
Use It If…: You have dry skin! Or you feel like your skin is a bit tight. I felt so hydrated. I tend to break out the worst when my skin is dry so I imagine I could use a mask like this regularly.
My Jet Lag Hot Tip: Drink water on the hour every hour when flying! I do this so I’m hydrated when I land. This bottle helps make that easier.
Did you look more or less like Jeff Goldblum afterward? I look absolutely nothing like Jeff Goldblum and never will, sadly. If I pop the lenses out of my sunglasses and don’t shave my face, maybe?

Harling, Fashion Director and Brand Strategist

Team MR Summer Fridays Mask Man Repeller

My Skin Pre-Mask: Freshly washed and a little red because I had just worked out before showering (I also just washed my hair — hence the T-shirt wrap on my head).
My Skin Post-Mask: EXTREMELY hydrated. I ended up leaving the mask on instead of wiping it off because it sinks into your skin so nicely, like a decadent moisturizer. I think I’ll pop it in the fridge before the next time I use it. Heaven.
Big Takeaway: It’s really moisturizing and kept my skin feeling hydrated the entire day after using it. It also didn’t irritate my skin at all, which is critical since I tend to be quite sensitive.
Use It If…: You’re dry or dehydrated. I don’t think I would recommend it for super oily skin, especially in the summertime.
My Jet Lag Hot Tip: If you’re from the U.S. and traveling somewhere like Europe where the time zone is six or so hours ahead, don’t push yourself to completely eschew your home time zone. My trick is waking up kind of late, having lunch at like 3:00 p.m. and dinner at around 9:30 p.m. or even 10:00 p.m. That way you’re not too tired to actually enjoy the nightlife.
Did you look more or less like Jeff Goldblum afterward? If Jeff looks like a glowing angel baby listening to “Kumbaya” while lounging inside a human-sized bowl of marbles (which, let’s be honest, he absolutely does), then I definitely looked more like him than usual.

Gyan, Managing Editor (You may remember me from the opening of this story)

Team MR Summer Fridays Mask Man Repeller

My Skin Pre-Mask: I wasn’t having a particularly bad skin day, but it wasn’t my best skin day either. I had a bit of congestion on my nose and my complexion was a little dull — I’m blaming the change of season.
My Skin Post-Mask: My skin still wasn’t at its absolute best, but it definitely felt bright and… juicy?
Big Takeaway: Though my skin didn’t feel immediately transformed by the mask, I noticed it was more glowy than usual at the end of the day and over the rest of the weekend. I’ve since used the mask again and have found that the results are even better if you leave the product on your skin, rather than wiping it off.
Use It If…: You’re a little concerned about how wasteful (and goopy) sheet masks can be, and are looking for an alternative. Also if you’re into products with pretty, minimalist packaging.
My Jet Lag Hot Tip: Melatonin and getting as much sleep in the air as possible, but only when it’s nighttime in your destination. I also swear by this neck pillow.
Did you look more or less like Jeff Goldblum afterwards? Sadly, less.

Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is the Managing Editor at Man Repeller.

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