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Summer is a State of Mind

In partnership with AG.

I think summer could last forever if we let it. Sometimes it might look like a bikini, other times slouchy knit trousers. Or maybe, ideally, it would be both. Even then, it could still be summer if we wanted it to be.

The chilly weeks leading up to June are the seasonal equivalent of a server approaching, sizzling tray of food in tow. The moment the weather turns a sunny corner, everyone at the proverbial New York table exhales their existential dread, at least a little bit. Rooftops open. Brains flood with dopamine. Shoulders burn. Babies giggle, probably. That first hot day of summer kicks off what feels like a three-month-long holiday: one that sits, unquestioned, atop the pedestal of all things Good and Fun.

When August hits, and if you listen closely, a general sense of unease can be detected in its gentle winds. I imagine it snaking its way across the city as wine glasses clink with a little more urgency, upstate plans are made a little more hastily, and toes nestle into warm sand a little more desperately. “Just don’t let it end,” people say with the extra jump in their step and an uncharacteristic disregard for the sweat dripping down their backs.

But if Saturday can be a state of mind, then why can’t the same be said for summer?

What is it about the salty air and warm nights that inspire in us a sense of freedom? Why can’t spontaneous weekend getaways and 4 o’clock wine and easy cotton dresses and greasy finger food and unplanned weeknight dancing and the piling on of colorful accessories flourish under the cozy cover of clouds just as well as they can under the warm summer night sky?

The spirit of summer, unpacked, looks less like a person baking on the beach, and more like a group of best friends unburdened by ennui, a sense of ease passing between them, an adventure ahead of them. No temperature on our weather apps can take from us our thirst for connection and exploration and freedom. Who needs the beating sun when we can feel warm by thinking stupidly happy thoughts and pulling our sleepy heads through cozy turtleneck dresses and tending to our curious spirits?

Summer could be in us all year, if only we let it.

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Special thanks to Deno’s Wonder Wheel and our wonderful models Imena De Barros, Ksenia Malyukova and Sarah Lorenz. Styled by Leandra Medine; photographed by Krista Anna Lewis, with photography direction by Elizabeth Tamkin.


Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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