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Summer is the easiest—and arguably best—season to fall in love. Pop anthems are made to be put on repeat until positively ruined, blinding crushes seemingly spring out of nowhere, and a brand new piece of clothing can fall smack bang into seasonal staple territory in an instant. Yup, summer is for lovers, and if there’s one thing I love come June, it’s finding a new staple to call The One (at least for a few months.)

So, I asked the MR team to join me in waxing poetic about the one thing they’ll be wearing all summer long. If you haven’t found yours yet, maybe ours will spark an idea. And if you have, share it in the comments!

1. Maison La Plage robe

Picked by: Leandra, founder

I’m wearing it as a dress, but it’s actually a robe, and I’m dubbing it a summer staple because I like the idea of a robe as a dress a lot—it’s refreshing enough to make wearing one-and-done anything seem more interesting, but easy enough to accommodate the shit-I-gotta-get-out-of-bed-and-go convenience of a reliable dress. As far as state of mind, the most rewarding thing to dress for: It makes me feel like the owner of an extravagant home in a warm climate, out of bed and in pursuit of the morning paper and a cup of coffee served in a chic-ass mug while dressed in the most frivolous category of clothes: “in-between bed and morning.”
I’ll be wearing it with: Suede loafers, leather flip flops, closed toe flat mules (raffia slides).
My summer style icon: Myself, summer 2016.

2. Birkenstock x Kith Sandals

Picked by: Crystal, Manager of Production

I love a good ol’ collab, so when I saw these Birks all was right in my future summer wardrobe! What’s better than a demure hypebeast grandma? One word: NOTHING!
I’ll be wearing it with: These shoes will get to work with whatever the hell I have on. I truly don’t plan to NOT wear these.
My summer style icon: Laura Ingalls Wilder at a Migos Concert, listening to Alanis Morrisette in her airpods while she waits for the show to start.

3. Innika Choo Ramie Tiered Ruffle Mini Dress

Picked by: Elizabeth, Market Strategist

This dress is the most lovely, lightweight, carefree, swingy babydoll sleeveless dress—a style of dress I believe I’ve already professed my love for on Man Repeller. It’s the perfect beach-to-dinner dress with a quick addition of red lipstick and maybe footwear.
I’ll be wearing it with: Casually, I’ll wear with sneakers or flatform Tevas if I’m walking a lot. I’ll also wear with lace-up flat sandals like these or these for the summer stroll to the park or to lunch. If dressing it up, probably strappy sandals like these. I could even wear it to my summer beach wedding, you know, if I were having one.
My summer style icon: Honestly, probably Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island.

4. Tibi Heavy Nylon Full Skirt

Picked by: Haley, Deputy Editor

I first saw this skirt on Tibi founder Amy Smilovic and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I struggle with balancing (traditional) femininity and masculinity in my style, and the way she styled it—almost as if the skirt were a casual pair of pants—immediately spoke to me. But when I saw the price, I got a stomach ache (I have never spent even half that on a single garment). The fact that I kept thinking about it—the cut, the fabric, the length—anyway shocked me. I became fixated on the idea that this skirt alone could make me like summer. I know that’s dramatic, but being physically and emotionally comfortable during the summer was a life-changing prospect for me. And the quality of this skirt (it’s a heavy nylon that feels utterly impenetrable but also also stays cool) could promise that for years to come. I could wear it in the fall and winter too! I started doing the math, and once I figured I could easily get the cost per wear below $5, I knew I was willing to blow my annual shopping budget. Now just don’t judge me for wearing it 300 times over the next three years. It really is the perfect skirt (I wish I could express the level of quality in words). I feel like I’ve found my summer self.
I’ll be wearing it with: T-shirts (like this one) and nude lace-up sandals (like these) to work and on weekends, with oversized blouses to weddings and events, with sweaters and boots in the winter. It is ridiculously versatile.
My summer style icon is: All women over 50 who garden.

6. Ciao Lucia Ilaria Top

Picked by: Harling, Fashion Director and Brand Strategist

The moment I put on this top for the first time I knew in my marrow it was destined to be The Shirt of the Summer—at least for me. It has the kind of perfectly scooped, slightly off-the-shoulder but not too off-the-shoulder neckline that catapults your decolletage straight to the coast of Greece, whether or not you actually happen to be there. It can be dressed down (with track shorts) or up (with a leopard-print skirt). It’s lightweight and easy to pack in a weekend go-bag. Need I say more?
I’ll be wearing it with: I already told you my two best ideas. But also: high-waist bikini bottoms, like these.
My summer style icon: Jackie O on vacation meets Tracee Ellis Ross on vacation.

7. Staud Sea Skirt

Picked by: Gyan, Managing Editor

For a variety of space-, budget-, and sustainability-related reasons, I keep a pretty minimal wardrobe. This means I wear the clothes I own a lot and really consider how well any new wardrobe additions will go with things I already have—especially when they’re what I’d consider an investment piece. This skirt is the perfect blend of statement (big! bright!) and staple (monochromatic! flattering!) that I know I’ll be wearing it non-stop for the next few months, to work and on the weekends.
I’ll be wearing it with: This white men’s T-shirt from Uniqlo, which I bought on Haley’s recommendation. (Tbh, it will probably become my second favorite summer staple.)
My summer style icon: Suzy and Sam from Moonrise Kingdom.

8. Ganni Organza Blouse

Picked by: Amalie MacGowan, Social Media Manager

I just got this blouse, but I already can feel that it’s going to be one of those things I wear six ways ‘til Sunday. I’ve always been intrigued by sheer pieces, but deluded myself into thinking I couldn’t pull them off. That’s garbage. This blouse is for everyone and can be worn so many different ways my fingers are already tingling.
I’ll be wearing it with: Worn open over this tank with this skirt, lots of layered necklaces, these SUNGLASSES!!!
My summer style icon: 40% Bianca 60% Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You.

9. Plain Riley Pants

Picked by: Matt, Head of Business Development

These pants give everythingggg—polish, stretch, structure, and most importantly comfort. Ever since I wore out my beloved APC x OV joggers thanks to an irreparable hole, I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair of meeting-appropriate sweats that are as comfortable as they are functional. I found these pants last weekend on a trip to Amsterdam and don’t foresee taking them off much over the coming weeks/months/seasons/years.
I’ll be wearing it with: Everything from going-out tops to biz-cas button-ups.
My summer style icon: James Dean’s basics and Magda from There’s Something about Mary’s flair/tan.

10. Ajaie Alaie The Poem Jumpsuit

Picked by: Andrea, Director of Client Services and Production

I’m probably wearing a jumpsuit 65% of the time that I’m wearing clothes. The time they save me while getting dressed in the morning is worth the time they add going to the bathroom. I love this one for its oversized fit (what else is new), adjustable straps, and the buttons on the bottom that make the piece feel different whether I button them up or not.
I’ll be wearing it with: Nike Air Max or Martiniano flats or MNZ Sophie slides, a duster, REPELLER TOMATOES 🍅and other assorted Repeller charms that are coming at you (and me) v soon.
My summer style icon: Mari Giudicelli in this photo.

12. Rachel Antonoff Jack Anorak

Picked by: Emily, Visual Manager

I love how fun and colorful this jacket is! It’s also lightweight enough to wear throughout the summer with a T-shirt and jeans (without overheating).
I’ll be wearing it with: Jeans and flowy skirts!
My summer style icon: My summer style icon is a movie scene that doesn’t relate to this jacket specifically (although maybe it could relate to it depending on what you style the jacket with!) but I love this scene from Marie Antoinette where they pick strawberries and drink fresh milk — peak summer moment.

13. Mango Asymmetric Top

Picked by: Jasmin, Director of Partnerships

I bought this on Thursday last week and have already worn it three times, and have no intention of slowing down, because it’s the perfect summer basic.
I’ll be wearing it with: White linen pants and flat tan sandals.
My summer style icon: Still think about this outfit a lot.

14. Ganni Crepe Wrap Dress

Picked by: Dasha, Director of Product Development

I wear wrap dresses all summer long because I don’t wear shorts. I fell in love with this black and yellow bleeding hearts print.
I’ll be wearing it with: My Acne sneakers and Cult Gaia clear acrylic hoops.
My summer style icon: Janis Joplin forever.

15. Holiday the Label Pants

Picked by: Madeline, Freelance Jr. Graphic Designer

I’ve always been afraid of wearing patterns AND white jeans, but these pants from Holiday the Label taught me that perhaps combining the two was what was missing all along. They’re fun and celebratory, as is the summer, yes?
I’ll be wearing it with: A nice blouse I already love like this vintage Victoria’s Secret one, or a funky athletic component, like this Tory Sport Jacket. Also am considering the oversized T-shirt lewk!
My summer style icon: Michelle Li, whose hair I very much want to copy.




Photos by Madeline Montoya.

Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is the Managing Editor at Man Repeller.

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